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Wellness Examinations


We recommend bi-annual wellness exams for your companions.


We work with you to design a personalized vaccine and health care plan for your pet to provide the best care possible from their first visit as a puppy through their senior years.






Pet Nutrition


Nutrition is a vital part of proper health.  The variety of foods and supplements to provide optimum nutrition is expanding and making the right decisions is important.  We work with you to guide you in developing a balanced diet just right for your pet.


We recommend Solid Gold, Wellness, and Taste of the Wild brands of food and Animal Naturals supplements.  We will also be happy to work with you in developing a raw diet plan for your pet using the commercial raw diets available such as Primal and Bravo.





Isolation Ward


In cases where patients have highly contagious diseases such as parvo or distemper, we have an isolation ward separate from the regular hospital ward.  It has a closed circuit TV monitor installed so we may watch the patients live during the day.  We also take precautions to prevent cross-contamination and disinfect the areas regularly.


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