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Barbara Coates Instructor @ AV’s Best Dance Studio

AV Dance Studio 81 is Proud to be on the BLVD!  AV Dance Studio 81

Barbara Coates
Barbara, who celebrates her birthday on November 15th, began her dance studies at the age of six in a town called Little Silver, New Jersey. Barbara shares her memories:
“My teacher wore a stiff tutu and carried a long pointer.  There                                                   was a gallery where the parents sat to watch the class. If you didn’t point your toes, the teacher would zap you on your foot with her                                    pointer!  It didn’t take too many of those “zaps” to remember to point                  your toes.  How times have changed!”
Barbara has always loved to dance, but admits she is not much of a sports person.  She recalls that while playing dodge ball, she was usually not hit by the ball, but instead would run into it!  So, after her two sons grew past their years of sports, Barbara enrolled in dance class for exercise…and the rest is history!
In addition to dance, Barbara also has a passion for Theatre.  She works mainly with Cedar Street Theatre, as both a director and actress. Barbara recently won a Shining Star award for her directing skills in the play “Doubt”. Barbara enjoys watching and performing musicals, and loves to go to the theatre.
Barbara’s other interests include gardening, decorating and shopping. Barbara claims to be a world class shopper and can have fun in any store; grocery, hardware, clothing…you name it!

Video With Barbara at the Opening of AV Dance Studio 81

About AV Dance Studio 81 –  It is our mission not only to give you an understanding of dance techinique, but also to give you gifts that will last a lifetime: good posture, grace, self-esteem, and body awareness. 661.942.4953 AV Dance Studio 81‘ Join the Dance Craze!

AV Dance Studio 81 is Proud to be on the BLVD!  AV Dance Studio 81

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