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Thank God for good doctors, modern medicine, and all my friends who prayed for me!  My cataract procedures the past two weeks have been a wondrous success.  For the first time in over a quarter of a century, I was able to read words clearly on my computer without the use of glasses.  I still have astigmatism but that will be taken care of in a few weeks.  I’ll be using eye drops the next three weeks, and then they’ll test me for new glasses.  That was the “Good!”


Now for the “Bad!”  During the past two weeks I caught a nose, throat, and chest cold, something I haven’t had in over 40 years.  Help!!!  I had forgotten how bad it was to be ill, a rarity for me.  For medical reasons I stopped practicing my harmonica so as not to put too much pressure on my eyes, and of course the cold, where I had no desire to serenade myself.  It was a good thing as I needed a rest from practicing.  From experience I know I’ll be a better player because of it.  For being such a good boy, I’ve rewarded myself with an upgraded Hohner harmonica, one recommended by one of the salesmen at the Music Merchants convention I attended in Anaheim a few weeks ago.  I’m looking forward to attacking it unmercifully in a few days.  I’ll be unrelenting until I’m content with my progress.


Here’s the “Worst!”  To make my week a little more interesting, the third grade boy across the street solicited me into buying Easter candy his school was selling.  I was an easy touch, and through experience he knew he would be the final recipient of the candy, as I don’t eat sweets.   When I went to his house with a check, I didn’t see his pit bull in the yard who proceeded to have desert at my expense.  He bit me on the lower leg.  Luckily, I had on heavy Levis or it would have been worse.  The mother told me the dog recently had rabies shots, but I wasn’t sure I could believe her.  I called up Animal Control to see what I needed to do for myself.  They said only a tetanus shot was required.  I called my doctor and within the hour a nurse proceeded to administer the shot.  It was a lot easier than the same shot I received in the service during the Korean War.


Meanwhile, through my operations, fever, and a dog bite, I conducted business as usual, promoting my children’s books the entire time.







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