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Sunday Fun

Sunday started out with a great breakfast @ Jackie’s Cafe with my family of four. Have you ever eaten there? They have a great menu with one of the BEST breakfast selections. For the first time, since my husband and I became parents, our daughters actually paid the bill for us. A monumental occasion for us! Dennis said he could get used to that very easily. They said, “Don’t, Dad!.” Ha ha…

We made our way to the Poppy Festival, got there early, and the crowds were already there. Saw Mark Bozigian and Bob Greene right away. I teased them about the piano being “stolen” from the front of the Graphic Experience, said I almost called the police. Fortunately, I found it here with some kids happily playing on it.

It’s very rare that my family of four does anything together,as we all live busy lives. It was nice to be walking around, looking at everything the Festival has to offer. Have a friend that was part of the dog sheepherding show. She is great at what she does. Saw lots of people I know, some had booths, some were enjoying the day as I was. I ended up buying a new, cool, corian cutting board and some great, exotic pastas. Do you get the idea that I love to cook?

After a few hours, one daughter said she had a headache, the other had to go to work, my husband was itching to get back to a painting he’s been working on.. My family said they were ready to leave. I wasn’t!  I told them, “so long, I’ll see ya later.” They asked what was I going to do?  Keep having fun, I said to them. They know better than to worry about me. Besides, I wanted to hear the Eagles tribute band. Off they went.

I hung out with Nick West and his museum “posse” for a little while, even sold some raffle tickets. Visited with Donna Termeer for a bit, hung out with Bob Alvis in his booth and did one of my favorite hobbies – people watching ! I also visited with Jeff as he watched over the Palmdale Learning Plaza plane. I even climbed in. Made me want to go flying in something again, whether it’s a small plane or a hot-air balloon. Even a helicopter is fun.

Then, it was time for the music to start !  Made my way over to the main stage, got a good seat, and enjoyed listening to the long list of songs by the fabulous Eagles. The band did a great job of just that – paying tribute to them. I did note that it took 6 guys to try to imitate the great original 4. It was very entertaining with some great guitar players. I never tire of good musicians.

My day there ended chatting with Dan Munz, a another great guy I’m lucky to count as a friend. What a fun day I had. It was another day that reminded me of how blessed I really am….

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Abstract Art by Michael Jones

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new artist that we now represent in our gallery- Michael Jones ! His work is exciting, innovative, and fresh !

He was born on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and realized in his youth that art was his passion. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Multimedia and  at ITT Technical Institute in Sylmar, CA. When he isn’t busy painting, or going to school, his favorite pastimes are skateboard riding, dirt-bike riding, camping, and watching sports. Inspired by his parents artistic ability, he enjoys charity events and art shows that contribute to the community.


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Tickling the Keys

We have a fantastic piano right outside our store that is attracting a fan club. As we go about our busy day, all of a sudden, WE HEAR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC ! People, young and old, of all levels of talent, stop to play. We hear jazz, rock and roll, simple pecking, and everything in-between.

This guy was pretty great and really enjoyed himself. I did too ! The City of Lancaster had a great idea!


Graphic Experience 661.945.1718 624 W. Lancaster BLVD

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I’ve come up with the most outlandish and absurd idea how to solve the reading problem to help children become better readers.  When you read what I’ve suggested you’ll realize I have too much time on my hands.  But through experience I know that a bad idea can be turned into a good one, that may set-off a spark, with proper thinking by people who are interested in helping children and themselves.

I won’t be disappointed if you delete this article shortly after you begin reading it.  I felt like doing that more than once while writing it, thinking it was total nonsense and should be trashed.  I know it’s long but I decided to keep it all together as one blog rather than in two or three parts.  The following are my ideas:

We are constantly hearing the question, “What is wrong with education?” Invariably the non-educators blame the professional educators. There might be some truth to this accusation, but during my 28 years as an educator, there were less than a handful who I considered unqualified to be teachers. Many educators feel the present teaching corps in our country is the best trained in history. The response to their critics is hardly made in an audible voice, that one of the main reasons for this problem is the negative social revolution that has taken place within the family unit.

Educators for a few decades have surrendered to useless, countless theories, pontificated by unchallenged college professors with billions of dollars having been spent on these beliefs. Almost two generations of innocent children have been used as guinea pigs, victims of these self-proclaimed “Gurus” mass educational experiments, with the last one coming from our own government with there “No Child Left Behind.”

When I was a classroom teacher, I found weaker students always improved when there were kids in class who learned faster.  I’ve always felt that slow learners were just as smart, only that they were slower learners.  I fell into that category as a child but worked myself out of it. A pleasant learning environment, beginning with a sharp teacher, also invariably leads to a self-disciplined class. If you don’t have discipline, you won’t have order. If you don’t have order, you won’t have learning.

Education has had problems for years, but teachers were able to hold their own. With the advent of mothers going to work, welfare rolls growing, illegitimate pregnancy rates rising, children without fathers, family values eroded.  Loss of respect for all authority soon followed.  With these difficult problems good teaching became impossible! The final outcome of this loss of values in many cases has seen an increase in serious crime

With mothers at work, a corresponding number of good students declined in classrooms. Those mothers who traditionally helped their children with homework, now had no time or were too tired. The fathers, who also worked, found themselves in the same predicament.

We know the schools have problems, but the root cause of these difficulties begin at home. What do we do? Hopefully a few of the following suggestions will begin to solve this overwhelming erosion of our lives.

A possible solution is having volunteers help students with their homework, with reading at the core, at the students’ homes, schools, churches and community centers after school or at night. We can use high school and college students, parents, retired teachers or senior citizens as tutors. In essence, everyone.  This would be ideal for many high school students doing their senior projects.

This concept, right from its inception as you probably realized, has as many holes as Swiss cheese and fraught with hazards. But sometimes the impossible can be the answer. The whole idea and solution will require tremendous sacrifice and time on the part of those involved.

There are so many intangibles with the ideas I’m going to present, you’ll understand what I meant in the previous paragraph.

THE PROGRAM: First, we’ll begin with a neighborhood concept. Why? The child will feel more comfortable with someone who lives close by, possibly in the same apartment complex or house on the block. This will help create a closer, neighborly feeling. Hopefully, others will get involved when they see what their neighbors are doing. We can use the child’s home, neighborhood schools, churches or community centers, all possibly within walking distance of their homes. Of course this project will involve all groups regardless of race or religion.

Who will be used in teaching the children? When I taught 4th grade, I held four different reading levels at the same time in my class. These four levels were taught by each of my top students, as I supervised them, moving from group to group. I taught the top students at a different time. The advances made by all groups were incredible. The point I’m making is that children can be taught by anyone who is truly interested in helping and can read and write. Of course, children will not be used to teach in this project.

As I mentioned before, people from high school age and up will be used to implement the program. This could be a wonderful opportunity for senior citizens to participate and work with young people.

The initial thrust will probably be successful, but will it still be working 6 months later? The most difficult part will be to sustain and continue the program. Maybe we can try it for six months, and then evaluate its progress.

This next idea is actually impossible, really absurd! But as I said, the impossible is the very thing that might work. Try getting black and Hispanic gang members involved in the program as tutors. Why? Many are capable of teaching, even though they do poorly in school. Just because they don’t do well in school doesn’t mean they’re not smart or can’t teach!  The idea is to try to motivate them and give their own education a boost. This might earn them respect from the neighbors. This new-found respect might turn them around and lead them down a new path. I consider saving even one young person a success!

Many parents might be afraid to let gang members into their homes. Gang members themselves will have brothers and sisters who will need assistance. Maybe they can start there.

Getting the gang members into the tutoring program might be an insurmountable task, but we can try. How? We’ll speak to black ministers who know many of the families; get other ministers and churches involved where Hispanics are parishioners; get advise from former gang members who are now teachers or work for the schools as gang consultants. All these people can be a part of the organizing and idea committee. In lieu of sentencing gang members to a correctional facility, have the judges order them to be a part of this program to teach members of their own families or others in need. This activity might keep them both out of trouble (This idea could be a little risky but worth a thought).

 A pilot program could be set up in a small neighborhood. Newspapers, schools and churches could notify all parents about the idea, or flyers could be distributed in those neighborhoods. The school district could also have a representative on the committee, but neighborhood people must run the group.

At the beginning, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade children could be the primary beneficiaries of this program. This is where homework and study habits begin. The volunteer homework helpers can assist 2 or 3 times during the school week for approximately 1/2 hour per session (the time allotted could be flexible). The child’s parents or responsible guardian must always be present on the premise. This is something the ground rules committee can decide.

If money is needed, funding for the program could be requested from fraternal organizations in the community, plus local businesses. Presently both groups are being exploited for donations and are moneyed out, but this must be a total community effort.

What I’m basically recommending is a return to “old values.” The total cooperation of the community is an absolute necessity. Everyone is exhausted and tired at the end of the day, but we must get off our sofas and recliners if our children are to survive. If we want a peaceful community rather than a jungle, we must all do our part, now!

Our biggest competitors and enemies are the Internet, cell phones, computer games, and TV.  Dragging our mesmerized minds and bodies from the tube or computer will be a major obstacle. A substantial effort will be required to obtain equal time for our children’s lives and minds. We must convince people of the importance of this issue and that our survival depends upon it.

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The Right People…Key to Aven’s 75 year history!

There are dozens of people that go into the success of any small business.

There are probably no more than 10 that have been the key to this small business success since 1937.

There is only 1 that has proved to be completely indispensable to our survival.

Is that person me??      Nope…not even a close 10th.

That person is Bud Kelly.

It will no doubt shock the reading public to learn that everything you buy does NOT come out of the box just like a new cell phone or Flat Panel TV. That is to say…perfect, pristine, and ready for use.

Furniture comes out of the box in varying condition. Every piece we un-carton requires at least the touch up of packing rubs, leveling of doors, and general cleaning. When I see furniture delivery trucks in my neighborhood (imagine the shock) un-cartoning goods in the consumers driveway, it always makes me wonder how ignorant of consumer expectations those dealers could possibly be.

I actually think those dealers are idiots…is that too harsh??

Bud Kelly worked with Kelly Johnson of Lockheed SR-71 fame. Yep. He is that good. He solves problems…period.

He can make products better than the factory did in the first place.

You are probably wondering if you have received any of his repaired furniture over the years. Hopefully you have. If Bud Kelly worked on it, he improved it.

Consumers have amazed me over the years. The slightest imperfection…real or imagined…leads to this statement, “I want a new one, I didn’t pay for repaired furniture”.

The truth is that regardless of price…the next “new one” we order for you will have it’s own set of issues.

Furniture is made of wood and wood products. It grows from the ground. It is all imperfect!

Bud Kelly makes the imperfect…perfect!

Regardless of the problem…nothing goes back to a furniture factory. Stores all over America have failed over the past few years for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is that they die of ordering more and more goods to replace imperfect goods un-cartoned in a consumers driveway.

They don’t have Bud Kelly.

I do.

Thanks for a career Bud. We all love you.



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On the BLVD, Sinbad, Business Bootcamp, Art, Live Music and More

This Week on the BLVD




Tuesday April 19th


Goodmorning Antelope Valley

WhenTue, April 19, 8:30am – 10:30am
Where749 West lancaster BLVD, Lancaster, CA (map)
Description Weekly podcast / talk show highlighting events, businesses and community in the Antelope Valley. Come be a part of the live show! Hosted by Ben Andrews and Jim Greenleaf. 661.948.8442

Toddler Storytime

WhenTue, April 19, 11:30am – 12:00pm
Where601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
DescriptionDrop in and join us for stories, songs, rhythms & movement for children ages 2-3 years old.

Pajama Storytime

WhenTue, April 19, 6:00pm – 6:45pm
Where601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
DescriptionStorytime introduces children to stories, music, fingerplays and art activities.For children Up to 2nd grade. Pre-Registration is Required. Please register at the children’s information desk or call (661) 948-5029.

Warhammer 40K @ Battlegrounds

WhenTue, April 19, 6pm – 9pm
Where755 W Lancaster Blvd Lancaster, CA (map)
DescriptionRound 3 of 3 rounds 1500 point Army Battlegrounds
Wednesday April 20th

Preschool Storytime

Preschool Storytime

When Wed, April 20, 11:30am – 12:15pm
Where 601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
Description Storytime introduces children to stories, music, flannel boards, fingerplays and art activities.For children 3-5. Pre-Registration is Required. Please register at the children’s information desk or call (661) 948-5029.

Lancaster Library Writers’ Group
When Wed, April 20, 12pm – 2pm
Where 601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
Description Do you write essays, poetry, short stories, whole novels, or even technical reports? If you do, come share your work and receive helpful suggestions from fellow writers. All skill levels welcome, just bring up to three double-spaced pages to the library’s Literacy Center.

Checkmate Chess Club

When Wed, April 20, 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Where 601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
Description  Join chess coach, Ms. Daa(pronounced ‘day’) for our weekly chess club!All ages and skill-levels are welcome to learn and play the wonderful game in a supportive atmosphere. Beginner and intermediate lessons offered weekly.In conjunction with the Checkmate Chess Club, The AV Chess House is sponsoring a Chess Essay Contest open to any K-8 student who resides in Antelope Va…

Full Description available at:

Dungeons and Dragons Encounters @ Battlegrounds

When Wed, April 20, 5pm – 9pm
Where 755 W Lancaster Blvd Lancaster, CA (map)
Description Sessions are at 5:00pm and 7:00pm each session lasts about 2 hours. Currently looking for Dungeon Masters for additional sessions Battlegrounds

Big Screen Movies Series – Free Willy

When  Wed, April 20, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Where  601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
Description  Come enjoy free popcorn and a movie on the library’s big screen. In celebration of Earth Day, the library will feature Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove, the story of a baby orca that gets stranded in a lagoon until a girl leads him back to safety.

Pretty Ricky – Friendship Unity Tour @LPAC

When  Wed, April 20, 6pm – 9pm
Where  750 West Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
Description  Bigg Whale Distribution Presents: Friendship & Unity Tour Featuring Pretty Ricky, One2Much, Rome and T dot First 300 people will receive $30.00 tickets. Then, tickets will go up to $45.00.

Bring Your Own Vinyl Night!
When Wed, April 20, 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Where 749 West Lancaster BLVD (map)
Description Come for a night of classic rock music, free wifi, and $1 gourmet coffee.Enjoy our records or bring your own LP’s and we’ll play some of your favorite tracks! Every Wednesday Night!

<img title=””src”:”…,”wmode”:”opaque”,”allowfullscreen”:”true”” src=”; height=”329″ alt=”” width=”530″ style=”background-color: #ffffcc; background-image: ; background-position: 50% 50%; border: 1px dotted #cc0000;” />

Thursday April 21th

Kids Bingo

When   Thu, April 21, 4pm – 5pm
Where  601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
Description  Children ages 5-12 drop in on April 21st for bingo, books and fun!

Adult Reader’s Club

When  Thu, April 21, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Where  601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
Description  Be part of a fun group and make friends. Join the library’s Adult Reader’s Club. Simply share and discuss the latest book you’ve read or audio-book you’ve listened to.

Country Night

When  Thu, April 21, 7pm – Fri, April 22, 12am
Where  BeX Roshambo Lounge 706 W. Lancaster Blvd (map)

Cedar Center Open MIc Night

When   Thu, April 21, 7:30pm – Fri, April 22, 12:00am
Where  44851 Cedar Ave Lancaster, CA (map)
Description Cedar Open Mic! Thursday nights at the Cedar Center, starting at 7:30pm (more like 8om most weeks, haha) and going until we feel like going home! Available to ALL AGES without censorship. We encourage poets, musicians, actors, dancers, spoken word artists… anyone who wants to take the stage to do so!
<img title=””src”:”…,”wmode”:”opaque”,”allowfullscreen”:”true”” src=”; height=”329″ alt=”” width=”530″ style=”background-color: #ffffcc; background-image: ; background-position: 50% 50%; border: 1px dotted #cc0000;” />


When  Thu, April 21, 8pm – 11pm
Where  750 West Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
DescriptionLancaster Performing Arts Center has made a legendary addition to its 2010/2011 season! American stand-up comedian and actor Sinbad will be returning to the LPAC on Thursday, April 21st at 8:00pm. Sinbad, whose last Comedy Central Special beat out both Larry the Cable Guy’s last special & Jim Gaffigan’s last special will also be starring in his very own tv show, SINBAD’S FAMILY AFFAIR, for the WE Network to air in April! Sinbad is a legendary comedian not because he tells jokes – “I don’t know any,” he admits – instead, he stalks the stage, telling real-life stories. He doesn’t deliver payoff lines, he slam-dunks them! His comedy is large, physical, and impetuous. His clean, homegrown humor, family-friendly persona and animated antics have earned him dedicated fans of all ages since the 1980s. Sinbad began his career appearing on Star Search, where he won his round against fellow comedian Dennis Miller. Since this modest beginning, Sinbad has gone on to become one of America’s best-loved and funniest comedians to national stardom on television and movies. He made his big screen debut in the 1991 gridiron comedy “Necessary Roughness.” His other motion picture credits include starring roles in “Houseguest,” “First Kid” and “Jingle All the Way” and a cameo in “Coneheads.” He was the voice of the canine Riley in “Homeward Bound II.”
Friday April 22th
Business Boot Camp

When  Fri, April 22, 8:15am – 2:00pm
Where  44933 Fern Avenue, Lancaster, CA (map)
Description  The City of Lancaster, The BLVD Association and the Small Business Development Center are teaming up to offer a brand-new training program for local businesses. The event, dubbed “Business Boot Camp,” will provide hands-on training and expert advice on a variety of business essentials for new and existing businesses alike. Small local businesses located throughout the community are encouraged to attend. “The City of Lancaster has a vested interest in seeing small business succeed,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “We are proud to offer local businesses direct access to a variety of experts who are ready to help them find new ways to maximize their profitability and help their businesses thrive.” The event will take place on Friday, April 22 from 8:15 am – 2:00 pm at Lancaster City Hall. Attendees will hear from specialists on a variety of topics, including creating/updating a business plan; new marketing techniques; the secrets of social networking; and more. Participants will also have an opportunity to network with other local merchants over lunch catered by BLVD restaurants. As The BLVD Association is a co-sponsor of the event, the final segment of the day will feature a question-and-answer session with key strategists from other Southern California downtown business improvement districts. “These experienced professionals know what it takes for a business to succeed,” said Myrle McLernon, president of The BLVD Association. “This event has incredible potential to benefit the bottom lines of all those who participate. I strongly encourage not just BLVD businesses, but all local businesses to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.” Owners and representatives of all local businesses are encouraged to attend, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for information on how to jump-start their new business ventures. To register, please send an e-mail with the subject line “Boot Camp Registration” to Redevelopment Assistant Chenin Dow by Wednesday, April 20. Please include your name, the business you are associated with and its address (if applicable), as well as a contact phone number. You may also register by phone at (661) 723-6165.


The Spencers: Theatre of Illusion

When  Fri, April 22, 8pm – 11pm
Where  750 West Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster CA 93534 (map)
Description  This magical husband and wife team are already known for their flair for the dramatic and dangerous. In Theatre of Illusion the Spencers present a spectacular production filled with never-before-seen illusions. And be prepared to experience the magic yourself because the Spencers don’t want you to just sit in your seat and watch, they want you to participate! In one magical experiment, the entire audience is asked to get involved in a stunning, interactive mind

Saturday April 23th
Socialnomics 101 on the BLVD

Socialnomics 101 on the BLVD

When Sat, April 23, 10am – 12pm
Where BLVD Today Cafe 749 West Lancaster BLVD (map)
Description Jim Greenleaf and Adam Chant host a Live broadcast over from the BLVD Today Cafe discussing social media and local news.

Streaming on the BLVD

When  Sat, April 23, 7pm – 9pm
Where  BLVD Today Cafe 749 West Lancaster BLVD (map)
Description Open Mic Night and Musical Showcase highlighting various musical entertainment, stand-up comedy and spoken word brought to you by Brittany Harris of the Cedar Center Performing Arts Center. You don’t want to miss this incredible event! EVERY Saturday Night, in person and online!
<img title=””src”:”…,”wmode”:”opaque”,”allowfullscreen”:”true”” src=”; height=”329″ alt=”” width=”530″ style=”background-color: #ffffcc; background-image: ; background-position: 50% 50%; border: 1px dotted #cc0000;” />

Antelope Valley Jazz Ensemble presents Latin Spring Fling

When  Sat, April 23, 8pm – 11pm
Where  750 West Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster CA 9353 (map)
Description  This showcase of talented AV musicians will carry us away from Lancaster through Latin jazz complimented by festive dancers. Come spend the evening in South America!

The Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery’s “26thAntelope Valley Union High School District Student Art Exhibition” will be on view April 9–May 8, 2011 at Lancaster City Hall. Featuring 94 pieces of artwork from 80 students within the school district, the exhibitors were selected by 26 participating art instructors from Antelope Valley, Eastside, Highland, Lancaster, Littlerock, Palmdale, Pete Knight, and Quartz Hill High Schools. The exhibition includes a wide variety of media such as oil, ceramic, watercolor, photography, acrylic, sculpture, charcoal, pencil, scratchboard, color pencil, pastel and mixed media.


Chimera Body Art Grand Opening
April 30th

Connect with the BLVD’s SOCIAL MEDIA


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