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Starting within the next month, DSA Scooter accesories will begin distributing the brand new V2i decks from District. Its going to be a major change for the company. Noticibly the largest change in them is going to be the new integrated headsets, which will really raise the bar for them, putting them in ranks with such companies as Phoenix and TSI. Of course both of the decks from Phoenix and TSI are a little heavier and sturdier than the district decks, but on the other hand the district decks are lighter and less expensive if you are on a budget. Other changes include some new color choices including an army green and dark pink. The new decks will also have a little bit different of a headtube style but not by much, as well as a new logo in the form of a clown on the front of the headtube. Some of the deck graphics will be changed up too and from what I see it looks like there may be a few signature decks.

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