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Last week I was video taped describing my book, “Diary of a Young Musician, Final Days of the Big Band Era.”  I never dreamt a few months ago I’d be selling my novel and my children’s books to the world over the internet with such incredible success.


Last December, my business partner, Mario Grossi of Mario’s Music and I, had just come out of the Lancaster Performing Arts Center.  We saw a new business, Blvdtoday Café, had opened across the street in the same premise as Kings Photo Supply.  When we entered, I met my old friend Jim Greenleaf, owner of ilivetodayav, who taught Socialnomics, which is using social-networking to increase your Internet foot-print and social reach in order to drive more traffic to your website or through the front door of your business. 


I became interested in learning more about Socialnomics after Jim explained in detail what it entailed, so I immediately enrolled.  I began studying with both Jim and his brilliant Production Manager, Ben Andrews, who with their instructions enabled me to drive more traffic to my book websites in a few weeks than during the previous two years. . 


Besides the many millions who can now view my websites,, and , Jim and Ben have video-taped me describing each of my four children books, and now “Diary of a Young Musician, “ that can be seen on YouTube.  But working on a larger scale, Ben’s fine camera work also caught me talking and reading my children’s book, “Horace the Great Harmonica King,” to a third grade class at Ocotillo Elementary School in Palmdale, CA.  The three videos can be seen on YouTube, too.


I highly recommend ilivetodayav.  Jim Greenleaf can be contacted by telephone (661) 948-8442, or his email address,

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