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What a great time I had today.  It’s moments like this that makes life worth living.  I read to a wonderful third class at Ocotillo School in the Palmdale School District in Palmdale CA, where the teacher, Lyn Jacobson, made it so easy for me.  The educational atmosphere was obvious the instant I walked in, and was sustained the entire time I was there.  This was obviously a highly motivated group

It was Dr. Seuss Day at Ocotillo School where I had been invited to read.  All the adult readers met in the auditorium a half hour before we began, where a child from each class was there to welcome and escort us to their respective classrooms.  Already seated at the table in the auditorium munching on breakfast when I arrived, was my 21-year-old instructor, Ben Andrews, who’s been instilling in me in the secrets of promoting my books on the internet, called ilivetoday Antelope Valley.  He was there to video my class reading so it would be on YouTube in the near future.

I spent a few minutes telling the young people about my three careers, professional trombonist, school band director and an author. I particularly stressed my last one as an author that began when I was 60 years old after I retired.  I spoke about the importance of writing and how it would improve their performance as students.  I didn’t want to get too heavy with them so at that point I began my book, “Horace the Great, Harmonica King.”  I introduced the book by speaking about John MacFarlane, my illustrator, an animator by trade, who had recently worked with Disney on his movie, “The Princes and the Frog.”  He also had done “Curious George,” for Stephen Spielberg.

As I began reading and Ben Andrews was shooting my performance, Lyn Jacobson, the teacher, came up front and held a copy of my book in the air showing the children the illustrations as I read the story.  I stopped once and while to emphasize something in the story, and the kids volunteered their own comments making them participants in my reading.

When I finished, a few of the children asked questions but it wasn’t until Ms. Jacobson made a couple of brilliant suggestions that immediately inspired many of the children to raise their hands.  After a spirited session, I thanked them all before departing.  Needless to say I left on a high.  Can you think of a better way to start a day?

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Dog Days of Summer

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