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Consumer Reports: Kia Sedan Tops Honda Accord

Consumer Reports ranks the Kia Optima midsize sedan ahead of big seller Honda Accord.

By Jerry Edgerton | CBS MoneyWatch – Wed, May 11, 2011 5:25 PM EDT


2011 Kia Optima

Until recently, Kia was known chiefly as the automaker with the funny commercials featuring hip-hop hamsters.

But now, with its sales surging (up 56% in April), Kia has taken another step toward serious consideration by shoppers: Consumer Reports, after a comparison test, ranks the Kia Optima midsize sedan ahead of big seller Honda Accord.

Consumer Reports test drivers gave the Optima the edge over the Accord for its superior handling, although the magazine kept Accord on its Recommended list. They cited these additional attributes for the 2011 Optima (list price $21,885 in the test model), which has had a complete redesign:

  • The 200-horsepower four-cylinder engine, which delivers strong performance
  • Good fuel economy, with an EPA ratings of 24 mpg in city driving, 35 mpg highway
  • Smooth shifting by the six-speed automatic transmission
  • An attractive interior and plenty of trunk space
  • Crash test performance – the Optima garnered a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

But it was the quick steering and crisp handling that gave Optima the edge over the Accord, long among the top-selling midsize sedans. CR test drivers said the Accord handling was “sloppy with notable body lean” when it was pushed on the magazine’s test track.

Optima ranks sixth overall among four-cylinder family sedans. The top five are Nissan AltimaHyundai Sonata,Toyota CamrySubaru Legacy and Suzuki Kizashi. The Accord came in at No. 7. The review is in the June issue or available on the CR website if you are a subscriber.

Both Kia and its Korean corporate stablemate, Hyundai,  already sell well,  but the two have benefited further  from tight supplies of Japanese cars and parts after the recent earthquake and tsunami.

In addition to the Optima, sales have been strong for Kia vehicles like the midsize Sorento SUV and the small, boxy Soul (promoted by the hip-hop hamsters). At the recent New York Auto Show, Kia introduced the 2012 subcompact Rio, which is rated for 40 mpg in highway driving.

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Having an open mind and positive expectations help the over 50 crowd stay youthful. While most of us know this, why is it still so difficult to try new things? And why is it so important to make the effort regardless of our natural inclinations?

A couple of weeks ago, I watched the movie, “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey. The crux of the plot is that Jim Carrey’s character has made a habit of saying “No” and creating all sorts of obstacles in his life. When he attends a self-help meeting with a friend, he is challenged to say “Yes” to everything. In the process of fulfilling his commitment, he opens himself up to a variety of situations he would normally avoid at any cost—giving a homeless man a ride, partying around the clock with his buddies AND picking up the tab, approving loans for everyone who walks into his office, and agreeing to plan the bridal shower for his friend’s fiancé. Of course, in typical Hollywood fashion, all of these uncomfortable situations transform his life, showering him in success…almost. (no spoiler here; you’ll have to watch the movie!)

In his blog, “The Power of Yes: A Simple Way to Get More Out of Life,” financial expert J.D. Roth talks about how forcing himself to say “Yes” changed his life, primarily for the better. “I’ve had some failures too,” he admits. “Surprisingly, I’ve learned more from the bad experiences than I have from the good..”

And Saturday Night Live comedienne, Amy Poehler, talked about her improvisational comedy training when she was on the Actor’s Studio in 2009. She explained how whenever a fellow comedian passes information in improv, the recipient is taught to accept and build on it. She credited this accepting mindset with not only helping her succeed in comedy but, more importantly, helping her take on new challenges in life in general.

Brain fitness experts also attest to the fact that trying new things is crucial to developing new brain pathways, leading to brain fitness and continuing mental acuity as we age. Yet, most people tend to become set in their ways as they get older. They know what they like, so why try something that makes them uncomfortable? They’ve earned their right to have a preference, right?

I couldn’t agree more; they have every right to stick to what they know. Unfortunately, doing so or buying into the fiction that they are too old to learn something new are earned perspectives that will comfort them right into an early grave. Additionally, what chance do any of us have of experiencing the blush of a new positive experience if we never break out of our molds?

Now I’m not suggesting that any of you take this concept of saying “Yes” as far as Jim Carrey did in the movie. A modicum of common sense should still be utilized, i.e., I still recommend saying “No” when someone asks you for your clothes in the middle of a snow storm (unless you’re trying out for the Polar Bear Club of course). However, the real point here is to keep open to new experiences that force us out of our comfort zones, particularly as we get a little older. Sometimes it’s too easy to say “No” or “Maybe,” when “Yes” could make for a more interesting year. Try it the next time someone suggests something you’re not too sure about.

And of course, we’d love to hear about a time when you said “Yes” and did something you typically wouldn’t have, and it changed you for the better. Perhaps commenting here is one of those things. Go ahead. Just say “Yes.” I promise it won’t be as uncomfortable as an Arctic skinny dip!

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