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How Objections to Social Media Are Killing Your Business

Came Across this fantastic article on (from American Express) read it, I’m sure it is bound to spark some questions!

How Objections to Social Media Are Killing Your Business

by Ivana Taylor Marketing Strategist, DIY Marketers

March 18, 2011

One of the most common objections to social media is that it’s a fad; here today gone tomorrow. There is truth in that the social media sites we have today grew out of other sites: LinkedIn (2003) evolved from SixDegrees (1997) and Friendster (2002), then MySpace (2006) gave way to Facebook (2004) when it opened itself up beyond college students in 2006. And this is not the end of the list by any stretch.

As long as human beings have the need to reach out and communicate, they will discover and push technologies to achieve that. I am still waiting for the technology that makes Star Trek’s transporter replace airplanes! In the meantime, the best way to do business globally is to pull together a social media strategy. Yet, a lot of business owners haven’t done so because of their objections to social media. However, these objections may be killing your ability to generate leads and new customers and ultimately, be killing your business.

1.  There’s no return on investment in social media. What is the ROI for your phone?  If you don’t have a phone or a website or a social media profile, you do not exist on the business landscape of your customer. That doesn’t mean that you just throw money at social media and hope it delivers results. Use sound business principles. Set business goals and start comparing the investment you currently have in getting and keeping customers with new social media tools.

2.  We don’t have the money or the time to waste on this new thing. This is another ROI question. If you currently make cold calls, send sales reps into the field, go to networking events, travel to trade shows, gather business cards, make sales calls, make appointments, drive to appointments and make more appointment to generate a new sale, then you might actually be saving time and money by using social media tools. I still have face-to-face meetings, but these often come AFTER a lengthy relationship building series over LinkedIn, Facebook and even Skype. I’ve just calculated my mileage for taxes and have seen a 50 percent decrease in travel miles over the last three years. The same is true for my “meals” category!

3.  We can’t control our message. Yes. Tony Hayward from BP had this same objection and we see how much good it did him. The way you control your message with social media is by putting it out there in the form of blog articles, guest articles, Twitter posts, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates, answering questions and simply being present online. Think of Google as your homepage. When people search on your name or your company name—the content that you created should overwhelm the page. On a personal note, when I searched my name back in 2005, there was a soap opera star ahead of me and (of all things) a blow up doll!  I certainly didn’t want my customers to see THAT!  Now when I search on my name—it’s only my content.

4.  We’ll lose privacy and expose ourselves to the competition. You will lose as much privacy as you would by sharing information at a networking event or a customer presentation. In fact, social media is a sales and marketing tool—the last thing you want is privacy! Worrying about privacy is like sending your sales rep to a trade show and saying, “Don’t tell anyone we’re there.” You wouldn’t do that at a trade show, why do it online?  Maybe you’re stuck on the Twitter idea that people share what they’re having for breakfast.  That might have been true in the early days, but overwhelmingly Twitter is a place where conversations happen about brand.  There are marketing research tools out there designed to pull and analyze what products and services people are talking about.  They wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t there and important.

5.  We’ll open ourselves up for legal problems. This is a valid concern, especially for companies that are in heavily regulated industries like financial services. Instead of saying that it’s too difficult, get legal advice on what is acceptable in your industry. In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission issued general guidelines for social media that will help you start thinking about what the best way is for you to address your social media strategy. I recommend coming up with objectives and plans for your social media marketing strategy and THEN consult your legal team. This way you will get them to think of ways for you to achieve your objective instead of focusing on what you cannot do.  Finally, create a social media policy that clearly states what’s acceptable and what’s not for your organization.  Create social media identities for those employees who are eager to promote your brand online and be clear about how they are to represent your brand.

Don’t let uncertainty or doubt overcome the need for your business to gain new leads, prospects and customers.  Instead of approaching the world of social media with an immediate “no” and then finding excuses as to why it’s not for you, start with “yes” and see what benefits suddenly open up for you.

Need help setting up your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

At we have the tools and resources to help you succeed. Give us a call to help you with your Socialnomic Soultions!

About Ben Andrews

People call me a Young Punk Social Media Whiz Kid, But really I just Love Teaching People to Make Social Media Work… oh yeah and I’m Production MGR. of ilivetodayav 661.948.8442 

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MTB Ride from: The Block Shop (Block Bikes) 604 West Ave L Unit 101 Lancaster, CA 93534.

FINALLY a mountain bike group ride that EVERYONE is invited to ride!!! A mile square flat area provides the perfect setting for pros to train and beginners to learn. Singletrack trails weave through the desert from a main hub. Riders of all levels can ride together and challenge themselves or just simply have fun. The best part is that you are never more than a mile away from the Block Shop for security and accountability. The Block Jr Development Mountain Bike Team has been training for almost a year together and now you can join us. We work on simple skills, turning, shifting as well as fitness and training. Every week is a learning process as well as a solid training foundation. The ride starts at 5:00pm from the Block Shop. Showing up late is not a problem as we are always less that a mile away and easy to locate. It is easy to take the dirt roads and take short cuts to catch up to the group. The trail system is starting off a little primitive but will improve week to week and become more detailed as the weeks go on. From beginner level to pro – everyone will have a good time – TOGETHER!!!

The all new Block Bikes location @ 604 West Ave L Unit 101 Lancaster, CA 93534 provides the perfect location for a mtb group ride. For any questions feel free to call us at 661.729.2800

The group will leave together from the Block Shop at 5:00pm and take the trail on the east side of the shop, next to the sand wash, heading south out to the trails. If you miss the start time don’t worry – you can follow the same road and once you cross the watch the group will be easy to find!!!

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Meet at Lancaster City Park – Park & Ride on the South/West corner of 10th Street West & K-8 @ 7:00pm.

Start pedaling promptly At 7:30pm.

Average ride speed is 12 mph for a 20 to 25 mile street lit route that takes a little over 2 hours. The ride is designed to be social and efficient. Fixed, Mountain and Road Bikes make up the majority – with an occasional Cruiser and Comfort Bike making the journey.

Tour Lancaster with us!

Helmets, headlights, and tail lights are strongly recommended.

 Block Bikes

604 west Ave. L

Lancaster, Ca 93539



 The Lancaster Ride is designed for a group of cyclists to ride socially and safely around Lancaster. It is not a race although we have been known to stop and throw events in the middle of the ride. It is designed as a no drop ride meaning that if you have a problem the entire group stops and waits. We advise all riders to show up with their bikes in good working order (meaning tuned up) so as to know disrupt the progress of the group. We also ask every rider to carry a spare tube, inflation device and tools in order to handle problems as the arise. The most common problem is flat tires. Even if you cannot change a flat tire yourself there will be someone in the group to assist you quickly and efficiently. It is not the groups responsibility to provide you with a spare tube so be prepared. If you elect not to bring a tube – bring a cell phone for your ride home.

We ask that everyone who shows up for the ride to be experienced in the ability to ride 20 miles. The group is slow and social but it is not designed to be your Everest. If the furthest you have ridden a bike is 5 miles than this is probably not the ride you are looking for. The wind can make sections seem miserable for a few minutes then we turn and the ride becomes effortless – that is the AV… We do the best we can with what we’ve got. All in all CYCOLOGY – The Lancaster Ride is the most fun cycling event in the valley. Come join us it promises to be a good time!!!

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Meet Jacob Alexzander Daniels Lancaster

Meet Jacob Alexzander Daniels 

Today his family showed him how much they love him. 

He received his pet identification chip in the event he is lost he has a better chance off being reunited with the family that loves him. 

Meet Jacob Alexzander Daniels – Micro chipped for safety.

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Gordon,  is an Orange tabby that has no teeth, green eyes, no collar, is AVID microchiped #101596086, he is very friendly. Last seen 5/13/11 on Avenue H4 in  Lancaster.  PLEASE CONTACT SMITH VETERINARY HOSPITAL IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION, we would love to see Gordon reunited with his family.

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Armed Forces Day Antelope Valley

**Saturday May 21 is Armed Forces Day **

Four-Legged Forces Fight Terrorism – information provided by – Defense department.

USAIC Public Affairs Office – Military working dogs have been used by the U.S. armed forces since World War I.

In World War II, 436 scout dogs walked combat patrols overseas, often detecting the enemy at a 1,000 yards, long before men became aware of them.

Dogs continued to serve with distinction in other conflicts. In Korea, the Army used about 1,500 dogs, primarily for guard duty.

During the Vietnam War, nearly 4,000 dogs were employed and, officially, 281 were killed in action.

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Foxtail !! Not your dogs best friend.

With the summer fast approaching pet owners are battling the dreaded foxtails.

 This pest of a weed that grows all over the Antelope Valley finds its home in your pets ears, feet, underarms, vaginal opening, and a few other odd spots. Pets that are caught shaking their heads or chewing at their feet may very well be dealing with the dreaded Foxtail.

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Where to go on the BLVD this week


749 W. Lancaster BLVD 661.948.8442

The BLVD Today Cafe / Ecellar Ebay Store Hosts events four times a week.

Community Yard Sale

8am-12pm. Don’t want to have a garage sale @ your home? Every Sunday we’ll be having our Community Yard Sale. Anyone is welcome to bring their stuff to our back parking lot to sell their stuff. Come one, come all, bring your stuff to sell @ our back parking lot. Yard sale ends @ noon! Bring your own tables or tarps.
Ecellar will be offering items left over from King Photo and other items.

“Good Morning Antelope Valley”

Weekly podcast / talk show highlighting events, businesses and community in the Antelope Valley. Come be a part of the live show! Hosted by Ben Andrews and Jim Greenleaf. 661.948.8442

“Bring your own Vinyl Night”

Come for a night of classic rock music, free wifi, and $1 gourmet coffee.Enjoy our records or bring your own LP’s and we’ll play some of your favorite tracks! Every Wednesday Night 7:30 to 10:30pm!

First 5 people to dress like the era their record is from get a free cup of coffee!

P.S. Need help with Vintage Clothes? Vintage Styles Now is only 2 doors down!


755 W Lancaster Blvd 661.951.3839

Battlegrounds is an incredible gaming, comic and hobby store which has games and tournaments almost every night of the week! Whether its Warhammer 40K, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft or Open Board Game Night Battlegrounds has something for every player!


601 W. Lancaster Blvd 661.948.5029

Lancaster Library Writers’ Group

Anime Club

40th International Children’s Art Exhibition

Checkmate Chess Club

Subscribe to events at this location

 CEDAR PERF ORMIN G ARTS CENTER 44851 Cedar Ave 661.268.4300 

The Cedar Center is home to an incredible amount of talent in the Antelope Valley

Cedar Open Mic

Every thursday night at the Cedar Center, starting at 7:30pm (more like 8om most weeks, haha) and going until we feel like going home! Available to ALL AGES without censorship. We encourage poets, musicians, actors, dancers, spoken word artists… anyone who wants to take the stage to do so!

 The Great Tortilla Heist Cedar Centre Cd release show

Saturday, May 28 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

The time has come for The Great Tortilla Heist to release Tower of Babel on their unsuspecting victims and for open mike to celebrate their three year anniversary

The Show is $5

THE BANDSTAND COFFEE AND TEA 706 W. Lancaster Blvd 661.723.9697

The building is enclosed by glass walls that make it an ideal spot to grab a drink and people watch in Downtown Lancaster.

Bandstand has great tasting coffee and tons of unique drink options so if you’re not a true coffee drinker you’ll have plenty of choices.

“Acoustic Show”

Fri, May 27, 6pm – 8pm

All Acoustic Showcase of amazing local talent brought to you by the Cedar Center. Happens every other Friday Night at the Bandstand.


750 West Lancaster Blvd 661.723.5950

It’s Only Tuesday Productions presents Celebrate America

An Evening of Patriotic music and dance celebrating the American Spirit. “God Bless America,” “God Bless the USA,” and “America The Beautiful” highlight 90 minutes of performances presented by It’s Only Tuesday Productions and some of the finest singers and dancers in the Antelope Valley.

May 27, 28 and 29.


Didn’t see your event on here? Email details to and we’d be happy to add it to the calendar.

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