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Bex Grill Lancaster Restaurant [Review]

Bex Grill Lancaster [Review]

We decided, based on a recommendation by my In-Laws, to try this place for lunch today. Boy, what a treat! In the newly-still-being-redeveloped downtown Lancaster, there is a restaurant called BEX, and it looks more like either a modern art museum or even a metal-shop. But the food is awesome!

You walk in the door, and you are stunned by the decor – raw, unfinished steel i-beams make up the framing structure of the roof and supports. It looks kind of like the inside of a barn at first, but then you look up above the maitre d’ station and there is a huge chandelier and to the right is a very large fish tank that almost resembles a gigantic HDTV, but rest assured, it’s real. There is a bar which is separate from the restaurant, and apparently there is also a lounge (which we didn’t see).

You place your food order at the maitre d’ station and then they seat you. There are both booths and tables, all with very plush seats, and the tables have high backs, making them very comfortable. After being shown to your seat, you are free to roam and get your own soda/tea or what have you, as it’s all self-serve. Here’s where the cool starts. The soda vending machine is basically shaped like an ATM machine, with a touch screen that presents you with nearly 100 different options. This is VERY cool.

Bex has 2 of these puppies and they were very popular attractions I must say..and quite fun to play with. You can pick virtually any combination of Coca Cola product you can think of. Alone, these were well worth the trip if you are a soda drinker.

The menu is pretty vast in selection – from whole chickens to a whole tri-tip roast, to burgers, pastas, soups, chili and salads. We chose the MOAB (Mother Of All Burgers) which is a 3lb hamburger that can feed 2 to 4 people (shared it of course) and had an order of Garlic-Parmesan fries. The food is served up like you’d see on television, in a fancy restaurant. I tell ya, it’s like we were in the middle of downtown Hollywood eating in a fancy bistro – except we are in Lancaster!

The food was excellent, and we had to have dessert too. We had the “Monkey Balls” which although the name doesn’t sound appealing, they were quite tasty! It’s usually called “Monkey Bread”.

The waitress will ala-cart add any item you want at any time by taking your additional orders via a handheld PDA looking device, complete with mobile printer. The PDA device will swipe your credit card right there and then print out the receipt for you to sign. Very cool.

All in all, I highly recommend Bex for the food and the atmosphere, believe me you have not had an experience like this before.

Bex Restaurant / Bar / Lounge

706 W. Lancaster Blvd.


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