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Got Pet Video ?

Do you have an amazing video of your pet. We would love to see it. Send your video to

Maybe your video will go global on you tube.

Submit your video today.


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The Top 10 reasons to have your pet spayed.

When asked why she doesn’t have her dog spayed, the response was “It cost too much”.  This from a person living in a 5 bedroom home, with three luxury cars in the driveway.   She feels no guilt, saying she gives the puppies away posting a sign at the local grocery store.

Without even being aware, she is contributing to the overpopulation of companion animals. Only a finite number of people want pets. So every home she finds for her unwanted litter, takes away a home from a loving animal already at a shelter.

“Pet Overpopulation” refers to the large, growing number of homeless domestic animals; among them millions of cats and dogs are euthanized each year because no one volunteers to adopt them and as a result, most humane societies, animal shelters and rescue groups are urging animal caregivers to have their animals spayed or neutered.   Help “fix” the problem of unwanted and accidental litters.

Each day 10,000 humans are born in the U.S. – and each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. With these birth rates there will never be enough homes for all those pets.  As a result, every year 4 to 6 million animals are euthanized in shelters.

This above blogl was provide by paws and claws pet rescue thank Brit we will help spread the word.

The attached video is hard to watch but if saves one life it was worth it.

Stop overpopulation ..

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MY DOG HAS EAR MITES ! Maybe not ?

From the Desk of Dr. Erin.Sanders Smith Veterinary Hospital

Ear infectionsin dogs and cats can be caused by numerous agents: Bacteria, yeast, ear mites, foreign bodies (foxtails), and/or allergies. Many people tend to see an ear infection and treat for ear mites. Here is some information on ear mites and treatments.

Ear mite infections are more common in cats than in dogs. Dogs can develop ear mites, but more likely they have an ear infection due to bacteria or yeast.

Ear mites are microscopic arthropods resembling ticks. Diagnosis is made by microscopic examination of the discharge from the ear. Infections usually produced a dry black ear discharge commonly said to resemble coffee grounds. The discharge is composed of ear wax, blood, and the ear mites themselves.

The life cycle of a mite lasts 3 weeks from hatching from an egg to reproductive age.

Ear mites are passed from one animal to another through direct contact. If one cat in the household is diagnosed with mites, all cats need to be treated to prevent re-infestation. Outdoor cats are the most susceptible to infestation, followed by cats in multiple cat households. Ear mites are highly contagious from pet to pet, but not to humans.

Signs of ear mites in cats are dark, gritty debris in the ear, itchy ears, wounds from scratching at the ears, constant scratching at the ears. However, these are some of the same signs seen in dogs with bacterial, allergy, or yeast ear infections.

If you think your cat (or dog) has ear mites, please bring them in to be examined by a veterinarian. Misdiagnosis at home can lead to ear infections which are harder to treat and often over the counter medications for mite treatments are being used for infections caused by bacteria or yeast.

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Attention Pet Owners ! Summer Hazards

Take a look at these summer hazards for your pets. Being aware is being prepared.

Give Karen and Cassie a call today 661.948.5065 and let us help your pet be prepared for the summer.

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It’s time to start having some FUN!

I’ve been hosting an event called Bring Your Own Vinyl Night every Wednesday night from 7:30 to 10:30 at the BLVD Today Cafe on Lancaster BLVD for about 7 or 8 months. I had a great turnout in the beginning Winter months of 2011 especially during Winter Break. The crowd started to wane as we got further and further into the Spring Semester. However now that’s school out again we’re picking up! We’ve been enjoying some great weather for the past few weeks and a lot more people are coming out to be a part of the event! We’re actually even getting some recognition from the City of Lancaster! Our event is listed on the Destination Lancaster Events flyer and has been included in Chenin Dow’s BLVD news email!

Ages range from high schoolers to senior citizens and everyone has a good time. We’ve heard a a wide variety of different music, from classic rock to 80’s electronic and funk, big band jazz, classical musical, broadway show tunes and some modern music too! There’s always plenty to do as we have art on the walls to look at, free wi-fi if you bring your own laptop, and a great selection of board games and cards.

Many people may think Vinyl is totally dead, or say they don’t own any so they don’t feel the event is for them. I’ve got news for you! Vinyl is alive! Listening to an old record has a magical sound quality to it, and holding a 45mm record is just so much more tangible than an MP3. For those without Vinyls we’ve got a great stack of stuff to make there’s always something to enjoy. If you’re itching to get your hands on some Vinyl its actually pretty simple to get a hold of (an affordable).

Some Great places in the Antelope Valley for Vinyl Records:

Antiques on the BLVD

520 West Lancaster Boulevard, Lancaster, CA 93534-2516 

Nice Selection of Vinyls, Unsorted. All Records For Sale for only $3 a piece. Very Friendly Service!

PNS Coins & Collectibles
620 W Lancaster BlvdLancaster, CA 93534
(661) 942-3554

Fantastic Selection, Organized into genres and alphabetically, great prices at $1 – $2 per vinyl. The owner Vince is looking to get rid em all and would be willing to make a deal if you wanna by a bunch.

Full Score Music

42741 N. 45th St. West, Ste B-2 Quartz Hill, CA


Haven’t Had a chance to check the place out yet, but plan to soon. If you’ve been there let me know if it lives up to the ad 🙂

Best Buy

39330 10th St W
Palmdale, CA 93551

Not a lot here, but there are a few vinyls. Of course everything is a reprint, new vinyl mostly just classic rock stuff. The Record will be fresh and clean, true to the original artwork but it’s also gonna cost you $20 or more.

Thrift Stores

Many of my Vinyl finds have been at second hand stores throughout the AV. The selection is never consistent, but hunting for a special find is always fun and you can score many records for less than a dollar. Happy Hunting!

Palmdale Thrift Stores

Goodwill – Palmdale

 2140 East Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale –

Super Value Thrift Shop

38458 Sierra Highway, Palmdale –

Valley Oasis Shelter Thrft Shop

3030 East Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale –

 38442 20th Street East, Palmdale –
Lancaster Thrift Stores

44247 10th Street West, Lancaster –


44245 10th St W # 104, Lancaster –

329 West Avenue I, Lancaster –

A To Z Thrift Shop

1213 West Avenue I, Lancaster –

2043 W. Ave J, Lancaster –
SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR VINYL NIGHT! Download our Flyer and print it our to pass around town 🙂 VinylNight-1.pdf

You Still Can’t get enough Vinyl? Our Event Photojournalist Ali Rae Pursley is Selling VINYL BOWLS for only $10!

Oh yeah and be sure to check out these great videos from VINYL NIGHT:

If you’re still not ready to come out and enjoy vinyl night with us, or stumbled upon this blog from somewhere else in the world other than the Antelope Valley, you can still be a part of the fun even if you can’t show up in person. We Stream the evening’s festivities LIVE on Ustream, Tune in Here:

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