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What’s All This ‘Babble’ about The Great Tortilla Heist?

Natives to the Antelope Valley, in terms of music, The Great Tortilla Heist have been shaking up the earth for many many years, from early days of slappy ska punk, to the progression of their new ska inspired sound, along with new members, these boys are quickly becoming a legend in the making. Fronted by William Giaquinto who is also a professional trumpet player, this nine-piece progressive ska band gone regional has developed and evolved greatly through out the years.

Although the members have changed though out the years, the current line up they have is surely the greatest part of their progression. Other members include, Danny Harris on lead guitar and some trombone, Kory Adams who rocks on rhythm guitar, Alex Cook who slaps the bass and also does a little backing vocals, Josh Weiss is their percussionist, making those beats all align perfectly in time.  Nigel Yancey is on Tenor sax and flute while Julian Jenkins plays the alto sax, and a little keyboard here and there. Wyatt Garrett leads on the trombone, with Mike King on Bass Trombone.

Together all nine of these talented young men make an amazing harmonious sound that could never be duplicated.

They just recently released their new LP titled Tower of Babel which  is being sold now through any show or member.

For more information on booking The Great Tortilla Heist for a show near you, you may contact them through their facebook page at this link  HERE

And on Reverbnation, which you can find here :

The “Hesit” are currently in the running for Battle of the Bands 15 hosted by Ernie Ball, to play at this years WARPED TOUR: If you would like to vote for them, check out this link below!

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