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Valley Oasis Amigos’ Spurs & Sparkles 27th Annual Basket Auction

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GracefestAV Interview With Yvette Emard

Friday night presents the new Prayer Rally from 6pm to 8pm. Local pastors are scheduled to speak, along with special periods of prayer and soft music to fill the air. No vendors, live bands, kid’s activities and concessionaires will be open during the Prayer Rally. Come one come all, invite your friends, this event is FREE!

See Events Schedule for more details. 

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ReMax Voted #1 for Home Selling and Home Buying in 2011

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Living Local-Arbor Days

by Shawn Avalos

  As for my first official article for “ILIVE TODAY AV. I wanna take a

few moments too recognize the Arbor Community Theater. I was

introduced to the Arbor through a friend, who had a few parts in their

rendition of “GREASE”. The young actors we’re full of energy and very

crowd pleasing. They sang, they danced, they added a few catchy

one-liners. After that nights performance, I was hooked. From “Pride &

Prejudice”, “Hansel & Gretal”, too “James And The Giant Peach”.

The young actors volunteer their time too participate; too bring these

beloved plays too the AV. Through the remainder of August, The Arbor

will bring “Bashing The Bard” To the Antelope Valley. I’ve seen this

show, this play consists of two different satires. “The Suesssification

Of Romeo & Juliet” & “Hamlet, Or Does Father Really Know Best.”


Yes, if you’re thinking about Doctor Suess. You’re right, the play

has a mixture of rythym, joke, gesture, and laughs.The narrators, with

the catchy names “Thing 1” & “Thing 2”. Tell a story of a pretty boy

Romeo who suffers from heart break, while a ditzy Juliet worries over

an apending marriage. After a battle in time square, Romeo and his

few Montagues. Decide too crash a party thrown by the capulets.

Sound familiar? But this is were the story gets funny. With Romeo

complimenting himself, and Juliet laugh like a cheerleader, the two

kiss on the dance floor and are suddenly struck by cupid’s arrow. From

a ladder brought on stage, Juliet calls out through her bull horn “Oh

Romeo? Oh Romeo? Where Fort Are Thou Romeo?. And from behind

a potted plant, Romeo calls out. Fear of devulging too much, I will

say. the cast of young actors had it made. They added catchy spins

and changed a tragic story, too a comedy.


  Now, onto HAMLET. This one was more serious, than it was funny.

Though it had its own trio of narrators, the puns and jokes fit where

they fell, on cue. Hamlet as we all know, is about a young man who

returns home from school after hearing the news of his fathers death

and his mothers sudden marriage to his fathers brother. With some

humorous mudslinging from are narrators the audience can also

participate. With Hamlets father giving advice and revealing his

brothers scam too take his crown, the story points out that Hamlets

father might be leading him down the path of self destruction, with the

advice poisoning all around him. Its not much too say, but for those

who don’t know the story. Hamlet, Or Does Father Knows Best stays

a shaksperean tragedy, but with the new outlook, what if Hamlet didnt

follow his fathers advice? He would have probably made it too the end,

not a poor soul, but a married man and a father of many.

  Lastly, the combination of the two are a must see for those who

wanna see something more then a beer pong table, and the same old

night club on a thursday, friday, and saturday night. The Arbor brings

many different renditions, and audiences should attend not only for

themselves, but too pay respect to the young actors that participate

and volunteer their time for the craft that they love, acting.

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