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Liniger: ‘Short Sales are Getting Easier’ in the Antelope Valley

RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Liniger shares his insights on how innovative changes are improving the success of short sales in a column for the September edition of DS News magazine, a premier trade publication for the default-servicing industry. 

The essay, headlined “A Short-Sale Shopping List,” looks at the ways servicers, homeowners and professionally trained real estate agents have worked together to produce successful results, making short sales a more efficient process.

Here’s an excerpt:


The key to [closing short sales] is having three components in place: first, a servicer with a true interest in short sales and an empowered staff that can handle the work flow; second, prescreened homeowners who can’t be helped with a loan modification and carry mortgages, often portfolio loans, with no or few encumbrances; and third, a network of real estate agents with high levels of training, skill, and experience. 

When these elements come together, aided by a spirit of cooperation and a shared commitment to the goal—a closing—it changes the game. We’re seeing it firsthand at RE/MAX. We’re engaged with several major national servicers to educate struggling borrowers about foreclosure alternatives and, if conditions are right, guide them to a successful short sale closing. 

The fact is, these programs did not exist a year ago. Servicers were reluctant or still ramping up, delays were measured in months, and consumers and agents alike were experiencing a terrible lack of results. Within the new framework, however, things are better—not perfect by any stretch, but much better.

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