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This is 16mm color (not “colorized”) footage, that you may not have seen, of carrier action in the Pacific.

There wasn’t much color shot in the ’40s – extremely expensive then, with a complicated and exacting processing process. Enjoy…

B-29 & P-51 Actual WWII Footage, worth the watch. great history lesson

Great footage of a WWII Pacific operation.

This is live footage of the 3,000 round trip mile air assault upon the Japanese mainland, with 3 bomber wings and a host of P-51’s. No matter what war footage you ever saw before, this is the real deal and will keep your undivided attention. The P-51 & B29 footage is remarkable. The strafing runs by the P-51 drivers were incredible.

(View Full Screen/Sound On)

B-29/P-51 Actual WWII Footage

A great compilation of combat footage from WWII.  It is 36 minutes long,   The beginning is the planning and preparation for the bombing raids on Tokyo.  At about 15-16 minutes they are running into flak as they prepare to hit the targets.  Some great P-51 combat footage and then very good footage of the bombers in action.  Recovery back at the take-off bases is excellent footage also.  It is obvious when you see our stockpiles on the islands that our industrial production sealed the fate of our enemies.  We don’t send a lot of our officers to ICAF, but that course might be as valuable as AWC to the successful prosecution of a war effort. Good way to spend some quality time  .A 36 minute gem for those who at this time of year would like to trace the dots from Pearl Harbor in 1941 back to Japan in 1945 — the Last Bomb. This is amazing footage.  Notice the actual photos of the spent shell casings streaming out of the bottom of the P51s.

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