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Tracy Newman / Katy Moffatt Rock the Full-moon

Palmdale, CA 06.26.2010 JG – As I cruised down the 14 Freeway at dust the Full-moon spotted me. The cool blue globe smiled at me and winked in the warm summer eve. I knew tonight would be something special. I had no idea how special, but, the closer I got to Butler’s Coffee house the more I sensed I better make the most out of this experience.

Walking into the local beanery the smell of freshly drew java and the sound of a band in the midst of a sound check transported me into the past. It was a much simpler time, at least in my world, I found myself wrapped in the innocence of a dive coffee house of the 1960’s.

I heard her say, “Where’s my drummer?” Looking to the stage wearing a guitar like a best friend wasTracy Newman. The glow around her emanated a comfort that she was in her world, no longer a high powered Emmy Award winning Producer for the last 20 years, rather a young soul eager to share her written word through music with the help of her band The Reinforcements.

Pam, the owner of this wonderful venue known as Butler’s Coffee House, had given a heads up to Tracy that I wanted to interview her for our local social network ilivetodayav. Armed with only my MacBook Pro I walked over to Tracy. “Tracy, I’m Jim Greenleaf…” before I could say anything else she reached and grabbed my hand, and with a warm smile she offered “Hi, Jim where do you want to do the interview?” I instantly felt a connection with this true spirit of a person and my job was to find it.

Tracy got a cup of coffee and we sat down at a small table in the middle of the room and I fired up my laptop . My MacBook Pro has become my plait. Not only will I capture the interview but also her performance will be itched into it’s memory. In the midst of this interview Katy Moffatt walked back into Tracy’s life and into mine for the first time.

This is what followed:

I left this nights sojourn with tears in my heart. Tracy and Katy gave this old man a renewed spirit for the cause for which they live each day creating art where ever they trek. In honor  of what they shared so freely I am bound to spread this to those that will listen .

Combining the old with the new creating a time capsule  that will live forever on this highway we call the Internet. I hope this Cloud goes viral and touches many hearts as it did mine.

Thank you Tracy Newman and Katy Moffatt

Jim Greenleaf

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