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Creating a Human Bridge From The AV to Japan

Chasing the Why with Andrew Pari, LCSW On 1380am Mondays

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has practiced in and around Southern California for over twenty years. I’m very excited to have the A.V.’s only psychotherapy radio show whose purpose is to help and support my community. 

The title of the show, Chasing the Why, refers to the journey all of us have to find and create meaning in our lives.

From broken-hearted teens to emergency responses with celebrities, I have provided psychotherapy in a caring and supportive way to thousands of people. Now I’m thrilled to be here in the Antelope Valley responding to the calls and needs of the community.

Are you who you set out to be? Understand the choices you’ve made in relationships, work, friends, fun and life.

Well, the show didn’t go exactly as planned. The fun of juggling multiple time zones and tech in other countries. Two of my interviews were trying to call the studio an hour before the show started thinking that’s when they were on.  I had to wing the first 1/2 hour based on the info they had already given and prior interviews I had done.  It smoothed out after that, except for the continual dropped connection on my side.  Phone service from a hotel in Indonesia can be a tricky thing.

Thanks those of you who gave feedback, I’m always open to your thoughts. I’ll be rebroadcasting first Japan crisis show next Monday. If you didn’t hear, tune in, it was very informative with a good discussion on crisis response work and how different it is in the case of Japan right now.  On April 11th I’ll be back on home ground for new shows.  I plan to have some of the folks who didn’t make it on in the next few weeks, plus some fascinating people I met in Indonesia doing addiction recovery work out here.

Raining very hard here in Bali now. Just came in from a 4-hr walk around Sanur, last hour in the rain. Drenched and happy. Going to see a friend in the hospital. Sidenote: if I ever get really sick, I want my medical care in Indonesia; surprisingly good.


Good morning all.  Reporting on 4 hours sleep.  Trying to catch up to various organizations around the world given the time difference can be a bear or, given that I’m now in Bali, a fighting monkey.

Writing from Ubud in the midst of the monkey forest though I’ve yet to see any monkeys.  I got excited yesterday when I thought I saw one jumping into a tree and back down and up another tree, until one of my traveling companions pointed out that, perhaps I should put on my glasses, as I was calling him to look at one of the thousands of feral cats that populate the island.

Taking a break of sorts to tour through the jungles around Bali and onto an active volcano.  I’ll be back later in the day, while you’re all sleeping, to gather our things and move to another part of the island where I’ll begin setting up for the show.  Broadcasting at 2 a.m. my time for the 11 a.m. show back home.

Still have multiple people to connect with who have either just gotten back from or are still working with victims in Japan.  Wish me luck as I continue to bridge the distance between the people of Japan and my listeners and friends back home.



I flew into Jakarta, Indonesia late last night.  Up til 3am…again.  Visiting with the friend of a friend who runs a group of drug and alcohol rehab centers here.  Began them 15 years ago while also being one of the first in this country to address the dawning AIDS crisis, when the government here refused to listen to him.

Beautiful country, tremendous poverty and lots of good works being done.

I’m working on putting together the next broadcast on helping organizations outside of Red Cross that are working for the people in Japan while the crisis there continues.  Right now, I don’t know if I’ll be broadcasting from here or Bali.  It’s been an exciting ride!

If any of you are affiliated with or know someone who would be a good contact, let me know.

Signing off from somewhere in Jakarta,


03.21.2011 Notes Before the Live Radio Broadcast

This is Andrew Pari, LCSW, of Chasing the Why, doing a remote broadcast of the show to bring the AV together with what is happening in Japan.  Given my own background in disaster response together with hosting a radio show, it is an opportunity for me to create a human bridge from the AV to Japan.

The level of devastation is hard to put into words.  Imagine the AV being completely leveled and 1/2 the people missing, likely dead, hospitals without power to provide basic services.  I’ll try to have the Red Cross people talk to that.

And then beyond the AV, just knowing that the same thing is happening throughout all of CA…and there’s no neighboring states to respond.

My guests are Monica Diaz, Red Cross Communications, discussing the physical impact in Japan along with a psychologist on their team discussing the psychosocial impact. I’m also having on Joanne Caye, co-author of When Their World Falls Apart, a book on disaster response and its effects on families and children.

A number of people have expressed concern about my safety.  I’ll mention it on the show, but I am very safe; hundreds of miles from the affected areas. My concern is more on the brave men and women or are literally a few feet from the Fukushima.

Dai-ichi nuclear plant who are desperately pumping water to cool it down. Those people will likely die to save their people from a potential nuclear meltdown.

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