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Smith Veterinary Hospital June Pet Of the Month!

Muffin West is an adult, neutered male cat whom we have been treating off and on for urinary obstruction and constipation. Muffin was adopted as a stray cat by the West family after an unspecified trauma left him with an injured leg and nerve damage to the pelvic region. This nerve damage has led to Muffin having difficulties urinating and defecating. Muffin has been hospitalized numerous times and has had surgery to help correct the issues. Through it all, Muffin remains one of the sweetest cats ever!

Muffin and his family receive a gift certificate for services here at Smith Veterinary Hospital. 661.948.5065

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Dental Disease? Not My Cat


Dental disease topped the list of the most common medical conditions for dogs and cats. 

Current data shows that 78 percent of dogs and 68 percent of cats over the age 3 have some form of dental disease. 

Symptoms of pets with dental disease include. 

1. Doggie Breath

2. Difficulty eating – maybe only likes wet food.

3. Drooling 

4. Pawing at mouth. 

If your is experiencing any of the above symptoms have your local veterinary office take a look at those teeth. 




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Gordon,  is an Orange tabby that has no teeth, green eyes, no collar, is AVID microchiped #101596086, he is very friendly. Last seen 5/13/11 on Avenue H4 in  Lancaster.  PLEASE CONTACT SMITH VETERINARY HOSPITAL IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION, we would love to see Gordon reunited with his family.

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Foxtail !! Not your dogs best friend.

With the summer fast approaching pet owners are battling the dreaded foxtails.

 This pest of a weed that grows all over the Antelope Valley finds its home in your pets ears, feet, underarms, vaginal opening, and a few other odd spots. Pets that are caught shaking their heads or chewing at their feet may very well be dealing with the dreaded Foxtail.

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