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Smith Veterinary Hospital June Pet Of the Month!

Muffin West is an adult, neutered male cat whom we have been treating off and on for urinary obstruction and constipation. Muffin was adopted as a stray cat by the West family after an unspecified trauma left him with an injured leg and nerve damage to the pelvic region. This nerve damage has led to Muffin having difficulties urinating and defecating. Muffin has been hospitalized numerous times and has had surgery to help correct the issues. Through it all, Muffin remains one of the sweetest cats ever!

Muffin and his family receive a gift certificate for services here at Smith Veterinary Hospital. 661.948.5065

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The Spring Photo Contest is in Full Swing.. Check out all the details

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Welcome to the World…

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Family Time….

More than ever, pets are part of the family. We spend as much time with our four legged family members as we do with the humans we live with.
Would you like to be rewarded for spending time with your dog?
Smith Veterinary Hospital would like to reward you for attending classes with High Desert Obedience.

1. Complete the puppy or novice obedience class.
2. Bring in your certificate of completion.
3. Receive $35.00 credit on your account good toward any service provided at Smith Veterinary Hospital.
4. Offer is limited to 2 pets per household.
5. Offer is not eligible on products.
6. Offer expires: 60 days from completion of class.


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SMITH VETERINARY HOSPITAL MOVIE TRAILER 661.948.5065 We Care About Your Pets We are a full service Veterinary Hospital facility. Our veterinary services include microchip location technology, X-ray, surgery and an in-house laboratory.

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Antelope Valley Veterinary Service from Smith Veterinary Hospital




Smith Veterinary Hospital is built on providing the best care possible with the kindest attitude.  We bring modern medicine to you and your pet with a gentle touch.


We want to provide you with a warm, comfortable atmosphere so during stressful times when your pet is ill, you know you are in place you can trust and feel at home.





Smith Veterinary is a small animal clinic providing both medical and surgical services with a personal touch.  We have a diagnostic blood analyzer, surgery suite, and radiology in-house to provide full care. We work with an off-site laboratory to provide a full range of laboratory options to aid in a complete diagnostic work-up including a board-certified radiologist. When necessary we will refer cases needed more specialized care to specialty practices in the area.


Our doctors and clinical staff are well educated and experienced. We make a conscientious effort to provide continuing education both on and off-site to all our staff to keep us on the cutting edge of medicine and service.


Veterinary Surgery


During our surgeries we monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, EKG, and body temperature with a body system monitoring machine.  We record and print a record of the patient’s stats while under anesthesia.  All surgery patients receive either IV fluids or SC fluids during the procedure as well as pain management control.




CLICK HERE for our additional veterinary services





Don’t Leave

Home Without It –


Microchip Your Pet!




We are happy to provide Home Again microchips for our patients.  It is a simple, easy procedure to inject the microchip under the skin.  We then help you fill out the paperwork and register your pet in the Home Again database.


Should your pet become lost, Home Again works with you to locate your pet, including sending LOST posters to all local veterinary clinics.






Pet Dentistry


We provide dental services using a Piezo ultrasonic scaler and complete dental machine.  We can do routine extractions with our dentals.  We scale, polish, and seal all the teeth during a dental visit and recommend OraVet tooth sealant for home care use.





When It’s Time To Say, “Goodbye”

There comes a time in all our lives when we must say goodbye to our beloved companions.  At Smith Veterinary we understand this can be one of the most difficult times of your life.  It is important to us to help you through this as easily as possible, by helping you to prepare and make the necessary decisions for the best care of your pet at the end of its life.

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Make the most of the human-pet relationship

More than ever, pets are part of the family. Whether they are the only pet in a single person’s home, the starter family of a young married couple, one of many in a house full of kids, or the constant companion to an eldery person, pets fill an important role in the American Family.

Our goal “as your other family doctor” is to ensure the happiest, healthiest, and longest life for your pet!
Our Team strives to make the most of the human-pet relationship.
Call us today to strengthen the bond.

330 West Ave. I
Lancaster, Ca. 93534

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Wellness Exams, Pet Nutrition Smith Veterinary Hospital





Wellness Examinations


We recommend bi-annual wellness exams for your companions.


We work with you to design a personalized vaccine and health care plan for your pet to provide the best care possible from their first visit as a puppy through their senior years.






Pet Nutrition


Nutrition is a vital part of proper health.  The variety of foods and supplements to provide optimum nutrition is expanding and making the right decisions is important.  We work with you to guide you in developing a balanced diet just right for your pet.


We recommend Solid Gold, Wellness, and Taste of the Wild brands of food and Animal Naturals supplements.  We will also be happy to work with you in developing a raw diet plan for your pet using the commercial raw diets available such as Primal and Bravo.





Isolation Ward


In cases where patients have highly contagious diseases such as parvo or distemper, we have an isolation ward separate from the regular hospital ward.  It has a closed circuit TV monitor installed so we may watch the patients live during the day.  We also take precautions to prevent cross-contamination and disinfect the areas regularly.


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Shelley Flynn, DVM


Dr. Shelley Flynn is a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. She is originally from Southwest Washington and has recently moved to the Antelope Valley.


She joined our staff in May 2008. Dr. Flynn enjoys spending time outdoors, participating in many activities including horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing, and scuba diving. She shares her home with her husband, 3 dogs (Ruby, Stella, and Gillie), and one cat (Simon).

Erin Sanders, DVM


Dr. Erin Sanders graduated from the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2007.  She is originally from the Bay Area in northern California, and moved to Lancaster after graduating veterinary school to live with her husband.


She joined out staff in 2010.  Dr. Sanders enjoys traveling (her goal is to attend all major league baseball parks), photography, camping, and fishing.  When she is not busy with her work and outside activities, she tends to her “herd” of rescued cats ranging from 16-2 years old.




Dawn, Practice Manager


Dawn Lane is the Practice Manager and has been a part of the Smith Veterinary Hospital Team since 1999.


Although Smith Veterinary Hospital was not the first veterinary hospital she has worked with it is truly one she has put her heart and soul into.  The other joy comes from her loving husband of 23 years and her 4 awesome children.

Dawn spends her spare time volunteering with the Jr. High School Marching Band where her youngest son attends. Dawn also devotes time with her local church in the youth department as a teacher.

Kelly, Veterinary Technician

& Back Office Supervisor


Kelly has always been involved with animal in some way.  Kelly joined the Smith Team in 2000 and has been here ever since.  Kelly has many duties at Smith’s including being highly trained in dental procedures, and animal nutrition.  She has a variety of animals, including 3 teenagers, and a husband. Kelly is active in the local 4-H community and enjoys many outdoor activities when time permits.


Paisley, Kelly and Lexie



Exam Room Veterinary Assistant


Kathy joined your team in February of 2009 after spending 12 years in the emergency veterinary field.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, three children, one grandchild 3 dogs and a cat.



Kathy with “Lucy”, “Timmy Joe”

& “Annabel Lee”


Karen, Receptionist


Karen joined our team in the summer of 2008. She is married and has 4 children. She raises and shows Beagles.


At home she has a collection of animal from birds to snakes inside and from geese to pigs outside. She loves all creatures with the exception of spiders!



Cheryl, Veterinary Assistant


Cheryl joined our team in August of 2009 with 5 years experience in veterinary medicine. She enjoys going to the park with her dogs.  Cheryl is a Lakers Fan and loves to play paint ball in her spare time.


Bugsy, Dillinger, Cheryl and Roxie

Tyler, Kennel Assistant


Tyler was born and raised in the Antelope Valley. He is a recent graduate from Little Rock High School.


Tyler joined our team full time in 2010. Tyler is interested in attending welding school next year. He currently lives with friends in Palmdale.


Tyler and Toast


Cassie with Kane


Schmidty, Hospital Mascot


Schmidty joined our family in the fall of 2010.


He enjoys helping educate owners about wellness in their pets of shapes and sizes.

He enjoys belly rubs, high fives, and hugs.


Schmidty can be seen waving to people outside of our hospital. He’ll being making trips to local schools and city events to promote the human-animal bond.

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Smith Veterinary Hospital Mission Statement

Smith Veterinary Hospital

Mission Statement



Our team is committed to providing you, your companion, and our community the quality compassionate care and attention you expect and deserve.


We accomplish this through a high standard of medicine, dedication, and integrity.


Our Core Values:


Compassion – Our compassion is infused into every interaction with our clients, patients, and fellow staff.


Quality – We aspire to provide your companion animal quality care and service through our dedication to a high standard of medicine.


Integrity – Through trust, honesty, and communication, our team is dedicated to building client relationships based on integrity.


Commitment – Our dedication to strive towards excellence with responsibility and a positive attitude.


Attentiveness – Our care is tailored to create a bond with our clients and their companions to meet their individual needs through observation, communication, and cooperation.



~Core Values and Mission Statement developed August 27, 2009~

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