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Tickling the Keys

We have a fantastic piano right outside our store that is attracting a fan club. As we go about our busy day, all of a sudden, WE HEAR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC ! People, young and old, of all levels of talent, stop to play. We hear jazz, rock and roll, simple pecking, and everything in-between.

This guy was pretty great and really enjoyed himself. I did too ! The City of Lancaster had a great idea! Many others have joined the ranks of piano players on this great piano!

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BLVD Piano Painting Project -COMPLETED !!

The idea of artists coming together and contributing their time, energy, talents, materials to enhance a piano, has worked out marvelously. This piano was the City of Lancaster’s idea and a great idea it was. This was based on other similar programs in other major cities like New York. It created a real community project here in the Graphic Experience
We had fun recruiting various talented volunteers and they all had a great time painting on this unusual canvas. We want to give credit here to all thirteen people who participated: Edwin Vasquez, Todd Cooper, Dennis Calaba, Donna Weil, Susan Moses, Jennifer Petty, Autumn Petty, David Faust, Arturo & Ana Luz Castenon, Benjamin Andrews, Cheryl Jackson-Schaeffer, and Mia Badua. A total of thirteen people – how great is that ?
This piano will be put on the Lancaster Blvd. for anyone to play for everyone !!

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