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Brittany Troffer a gem in the AV

An ilivetodayav exclusive…

I had the opportunity to be the first to interview Brittany on camera just after she was crowned Miss Palmdale for 2010. Not only is she quick witted and beautiful, but, she has a clear understanding that she will effect girls growing-up in the Antelope Valley.

Brittany recently penned this on her FaceBook page…

I’ve gained a new understanding of life’s unpredictability, its is a twisting country road weaving through the mountains of time with turns so sharp and sudden that it feels as though your tires are clinging to the pavement for life.

Beyond each turn  faces a new challenge or boundary & they are never few are far between.We begin our life breaking at each curve and hesitating before preceding through, not knowing quite whats on the other side. As life progresses we learn to ease of the breaks and become smoother at navigating and, more confident in our abilities. I’m proud to say day by day I’m realizing my pressure on the breaks a little quicker than usual lately….

On her profile page on ilivetodayav she was asked…

The Antelope Valley is not only the back drop to some of my favorite memories but, also is a gem in the desert. Our population grows by the day but, somehow we still keep a hometown feel with local owned business’s and festivals as well as our amazing AV fair. We are a loving and diverse community I couldn’t be prouder to call home.

Brittany truly is the Gem in the Antelope Valley.

Jim greenleaf CEO of ilivetodayav

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