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Thank You For Making RE/MAX All-Pro #1

Thank You For Making RE/MAX All-Pro #1

Keny and Cheyanne Terracciano take the time to thank all of our RE/MAX All-Pro customer’s, who voted us #1 in customer satisfaction for home buying and home selling in 2011. The award is presented by JD Power and Associates, who take customer surveys based on the customer’s review and rank multiple companies accordingly. RE/MAX All-Pro not only won, but we dominated both categories. Thank you to ALL of our customers for helping us become #1. We believe our first responsibility is to our clients. To meet their need, everything we do must be of the highest quality. From marketing and advertising to closing an escrow. If you or someone you know is buy or sell a home, RE/MAX All-Pro is the best option. Call us today at (661)945-9461 OR visit us online at


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Let Us Help You Achieve The American Dream

Rent vs. Own



I am currently renting a home in east Lancaster for $1300 per month. I am considering buying a home but I don’t know where to start.




Many families who are currently renting have made the decision and taken the steps to become homeowners.


The Savvy renter understands that they can pay much less per month to own their own home in than to continue renting.


RE/MAX All-Pro listed this home in East Lancaster for $103,900, and I think it’s a great example of what we are talking about today. We have Gabby- Godde with Mountain West Financial here within the Re/Max All Pro office to talk about the financial aspects of purchasing a home like this with you.



So with average rents in East Lancaster ranging from $1200-$1400 per month, we are talking about a savings between $200-300 per month


Current housing market conditions in Lancaster and Palmdale makes for a strong and compelling case for homeownership. With prices still well below the historic highs of just a few years ago and attractive mortgage rates, qualified buyers have a unique opportunity to own their own home.

It is important to consider all aspects of purchasing a home. There are costs of homeownership that are not included in this breakdown such as the maintenance and utilities of a home; however, there are also some compelling reasons to strive for the “American Dream.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in buying or selling a home, Re/Max All-Pro can help! Call us today for all your Palmdale Real Estate needs at (661)945-9461 OR visit our website at


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ReMax Voted #1 for Home Selling and Home Buying in 2011


Results are based on measures of customer satisfaction and quality by consumers that are proprietary to J.D. Power and Associates. Awards and performance ranking are based on numerical scores, and not necessarily on statistical significance. Our experience indicates that even when small differences occur in the scores of those being measured, these small perceived differences help drive competition in the marketplace, thereby improving product and service quality and driving increases in overall customer satisfaction. What sets ReMax agents apart from any other Real Estate company? We have the most college graduates and higher credential agents who specialize in reaching their customer’s goals and allows ReMax AllPro to continue receiving these prestigious awards!

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Antelope Valley Real Estate Experts

Introducing the RE/MAX All-Pro Minute

A panel of experts answering questions 
from home-owners, home-buyers, and investers

Have a question? CLICK HERE to contact us for an answer >

Your question may be posted in our next video to help others get the answers they need!



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9 Reasons To Buy A House Now Palmdale / Lancaster


At RE/MAX All-Pro we pride our selves on being Real Estate experts and are always researching the current housing market. Below is an article from Forbes with some important information we’d like to share with you. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call at 661.945.9461or visit our website REMAXALLPRO.COM

9 Reasons To Buy A House Now

Image by AFP/Getty Images via @daylife

If you’re planning to buy a house right now, the next few months may be the best time to buy. Waiting for both housing prices and interest rates to fall may not be a good strategy for potential homebuyers since analysts don’t expect any significant declines in these two most important home-buying factors. Here’s nine real estate trends that suggest you should get into the housing market sooner than later. (To learn more, check out 5 Sunny Real Estate Markets To Watch In 2011)

TUTORIAL: How to Buy Your First Home

1. Lowest Housing Prices in Years
Nobody knows when the housing market will hit bottom, but prices are at their lowest in several years and may soon start inching back up again. So buying now or in the near future may be the right time. An abundance of bargain-priced housing is now available because of foreclosures and falling prices.

2. Interest Rates at a 50-Year Low
Interest rates are near a 50-year low, according to housing analysts. By the second week of May, 2011, 30-year fixed mortgage rates had fallen to their lowest rates of the year at 4.63%. Although mortgage rates vary from day to day, the 30-year rate at this level is an attractive inducement to first-time buyers, or buyers who want to either move up to larger residences, or others, including many empty-nesters wanting to sell and move to smaller houses or condos.


3. Interest Rates Expected to Go Up
As the economic recovery gains momentum, interest rates are expected to increase, making mortgages more expensive. Even a half-percent increase in mortgage interest can add a hundred dollars or more to your monthly payments, depending on the amount of your loan. (To learn more about interest rates, read Forces Behind Interest Rates.)

4. Adjustable Rate Mortgages at Record Lows
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) are also lower now, although there are risks that interest rates may increase over the life of the mortgage and the balloon payment due at the end of the mortgage life, usually three or five years, could be substantial. Nevertheless, for new buyers who are sure they’ll have enough income to meet payment obligations, an ARM may be the best way to buy a house. Keep in mind that payments may increase on a monthly basis. For a full explanation of advantages and risks in an ARM, visit the

5. Low Down Payment Mortgages Available
Low-down-payment financing through Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgages is available as an additional inducement to buy a house now. Down payment minimum requirements also fluctuate and may increase as the market heats up, so potential buyers with less cash to consummate a deal may be well-advised to buy now. 

6. Easy to Qualify, Easy to Borrow
Lending standards have become less rigid recently, so qualifying for a mortgage may be easier. Experts advise that a potential buyer become pre-approved for a loan by a lending institution – meaning that a lender guarantees to make the loan contingent on an appraisal of the property. But the good news in seeking pre-approval is that lenders are now willing to let a potential buyer take on more debt than the previous formula allowed – a percentage of monthly income. (For more on getting a cost effective mortgage, see Score A Cheap Mortgage.)

7. Lenders Offer No-Fee Mortgages
Many banks and other lending institutions are waiving mortgage loan generation and other fees and points (each point represents 1% of the loan amount), thereby reducing the cost of buying.

8. Home Builders Eager to Sell, Offer Incentives
Home builders, competing with the resale market, are offering incentives to potential buyers to reduce their inventory of unsold new homes. Incentives may include cash for furniture or free refrigerators, washers and dryers. In Seattle, for example, builders have offered opportunities to win iPads or Smart phones, and $3,000 buyer bonuses. Specific demographic groups, including military personnel, police, firefighters and health-care workers, have been targeted by builders for special offers. But virtually anyone who can qualify for a mortgage is likely to get a good deal from a homebuilder who is eager to sell.  

9. Motivated Home Owners Desperate to Sell
Desperate sellers of existing homes have also been offering attractive inducements to potential home buyers, including warranties on appliances, air conditioners and furnaces. Some sellers are even offering cash or have included furnishings, refrigerators, washers and dryers as a bonus to potential buyers. With so many existing homes in foreclosure or underwater – bargain prices are abound in this depressed market. (For help on buying a house, read Top Tips For First-Time Home Buyers.)

The Bottom Line
With a convergence of the factors above, all of which are favorable to the prospective home buyer, there may not be a better time to buy than right now. It’s a buyer’s market, but like everything else in life, the bargain deals won’t last. (To help determine if it is the right time to buy, read Are You Ready To Buy A House?)


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Keny Terracciano named RE/MAX All-Pro CEO

LANCASTER – At the 20th anniversary of the RE/MAX All-Pro real-estate sales firm, Peter J. Terracciano announced the promotion of his son Keny Terracciano to president and chief executive officer.

Peter Terracciano, who has led RE/MAX All-Pro since taking over the company in 1991, said he will assume a supporting role in the firm’s management, and shift his focus to the management and development of their escrow company, EscrowOne Inc.

“Keny and I have been planning this transition for a few years now as Keny has developed his own unique leadership style and a keen understanding of the technology and marketing evolution within the real estate marketplace,” said Peter Terracciano, who had been the firm’s broker-owner, president and CEO. “Not only has Keny distinguished himself as a top producing broker/Realtor he is an exceptional business executive with a deep understanding of real estate in the Antelope Valley.”

Keny Terracciano, the firm’s broker-manager for six years, has worked in the firm since earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of San Diego in 2000. Keny Terracciano got his real estate license at age 18, went to work selling real estate with his father after graduating from college and obtained his broker’s license in 2001.

He was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame at age 28.

“My vision is to provide our agents with tools, education, and resources to enhance their professional business and better assist their clients,” Keny Terracciano said. “I am optimistic about our future and remain focused on creating value for our customers, agents, employees and the communities we serve.”

An independently owned and operated franchise, RE/MAX All-Pro has been recognized by RIS media and Real Trends magazine as one of the Top 500 companies in the country and was named by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the top 25 real estate firms in Los Angeles County. RE/MAX is a global network of nearly 100,000 sales associates in more than 75 countries.

The Terraccianos said their company has succeeded because of the education and experience of their Realtor associates.

“I have no doubts that the next 20 years will be even better than the last,” Peter Terracciano said.




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