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Undignified Elections

A few days ago I had the temerity, nay the nerve, to write in less than 140 characters, my opinion of a favorite site ( descending into the insufferable mire of the current California elections. This seems to have awoken the sleepy residents ofAntelope Valley and I was asked to elaborate on my views. So here we go.

Firstly, my comments were in retaliation for a video piece in which a local Sports journo was interviewed on the occasion of his visit to the BLVD Today Cafe. He felt it necessary to prefix his remarks by rubbishing the President of the United States of America and at least one US Senator. Therein lies my problem. I really do not care what his political views are or how he chooses to express them. What I care about is the disrespect for the single most important office in the world today. Like it or not, Barack Obama won the last Presidential election and is the President of the United States for a total of 4 years. You do not like the result? That is OK, change it with your vote next time. but GET OVER IT! You do not like what Senator Boxer has done while in office? Now is your chance to vote her out.

Some weeks ago I was inspired to write of the Class shown by the United States Ryder Cup Team in defeat, I referred to the skill and dignity of Phil Mickelson in rescuing a distressed team member from the clutches of an idiot journalist. I believe that class has always been in Mickelson but I also believe that being aware that when abroad, YOU REPRESENT YOUR COUNTRY had a lot to do with it too. Well, folks a Video that is available 24/7 in the USA on the Internet is also available anywhere in the universe and rubbishing the leader of your country is thus seen everywhere as well. This particular video and almost every single commercial made by the contenders for Senate and the Governors Mansion have let this country down. Can you remember a positive one? One that said what the candidate will do if elected rather than what a disaster it will be if the other candidate is elected. Meg Whitman/Carly Fiorina/Jerry Brown/Barbara Boxer have shown us that they are not on speaking terms with facts and truth. Sadly, the AV Press Sports Journalist showed us exactly to whom their views appeal.

Unlike so many of you who were fortunate enough to be born American, I have chosen to become one. One of the many things I admired from afar over a lifetime was your ability to respect the Office regardless of who won the election. In the UK we continued to bicker and bitch about the Prime Minister of the day. Other admirable things included such items as a Bill of Rights, The Constitution, The System of Government, The Republic, none of which were available to us.

People! This is the greatest Country in the World bar none! Whoever won the last Presidential Election would have been in the same mess now, in fact the same mess that the rest of the Planet is in. We will recover and all will be well again. In the meantime, let us remember to represent our country in the best possible way. Oops back to Mickelson again.

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