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Hanging in the Sun

Hanging? In the sun? Not talking about laying on the beach, or at a secluded sunny area. Not talking about plants. Not talking about a trip to Hawaii.

I’m talking of the joy of hanging clothes on the clothesline !  Hanging sheets, towels, and blankets on the clothesline!  Another thing of the past, but my present. An activity I actually enjoy.

Fortunately, I have a huge yard with a huge custom welded clothesline that I love.    “How trashy” , some people say. It’s “trashy” when you see clothes that are strung on fences, trees, and whatever. My clothesline is the absolute best. It’s really long, over 20 ft., has just the right spacing between rows.  Why not use solar power to create great-smelling clothes, towels, and sheets? Forget the chemical smell of dryer sheets to make fabric smell “fresh.” Besides, we live in the desert.  In the hot summer months, we would hang up one load and those would already be dry when we hung up the next load !

I grew up hanging clothes outdoors. All our older generations did the same. How did it become “low-brow”, “no-class”, and an “embarrassment?”

I had some long periods of not having the luxury of outdoor fabric hanging. Some periods were years long. I dried my things in a dryer, like everyone else. I know not everyone can or even would, hang in the sun. I’m glad I had the opportunity to raise my kids using the clothesline, from their babyhood ( nothing beats the sun for those cotton diapers)  all the way up to their teen-age jeans. As soon as they could reach the clothesline, they helped out too. I have a dryer that I bought second-hand, from friends, in 1975.  It gets used when wanted or needed.  Amazingly enough, my dryer still works just fine…

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Cleaning Up the Desert

Every morning when I go for my early hike with my canine buddy, I take a bag to pick up the never-ending blowing trash. I truly value this wonderful vista that I get from my front yard, the fantastic geography all around and wide open spaces and buttes right across the road. It spoils it to see even the smallest scrap of paper, a blowing plastic bag, or worse, some broken glass. I have become a “conservancy group” of one member when it comes to keeping my three- square- mile area clean. I have cleaned this area many,many,many times but the winds keep the trash coming and I keep picking it up. I also pick up pieces of tires and broken parts that have fallen off of the ATV’s and dirt bikes that occasionally whip through here.
I also find interesting things too, like whole snake skins that have been shed, many cool rocks (lots of quartz), petrified wood, and beer cans from the 60’s, It is a never ending surprise what I find out there.
If everyone became a “conservancy group” of one member, take a little time out of your busy day to pick up a scrap or two and enjoy this beautiful desert, think of how clean the whole Antelope Valley could become !

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