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Meet at Lancaster City Park – Park & Ride on the South/West corner of 10th Street West & K-8 @ 7:00pm.

Start pedaling promptly At 7:30pm.

Average ride speed is 12 mph for a 20 to 25 mile street lit route that takes a little over 2 hours. The ride is designed to be social and efficient. Fixed, Mountain and Road Bikes make up the majority – with an occasional Cruiser and Comfort Bike making the journey.

Tour Lancaster with us!

Helmets, headlights, and tail lights are strongly recommended.

 Block Bikes

604 west Ave. L

Lancaster, Ca 93539



 The Lancaster Ride is designed for a group of cyclists to ride socially and safely around Lancaster. It is not a race although we have been known to stop and throw events in the middle of the ride. It is designed as a no drop ride meaning that if you have a problem the entire group stops and waits. We advise all riders to show up with their bikes in good working order (meaning tuned up) so as to know disrupt the progress of the group. We also ask every rider to carry a spare tube, inflation device and tools in order to handle problems as the arise. The most common problem is flat tires. Even if you cannot change a flat tire yourself there will be someone in the group to assist you quickly and efficiently. It is not the groups responsibility to provide you with a spare tube so be prepared. If you elect not to bring a tube – bring a cell phone for your ride home.

We ask that everyone who shows up for the ride to be experienced in the ability to ride 20 miles. The group is slow and social but it is not designed to be your Everest. If the furthest you have ridden a bike is 5 miles than this is probably not the ride you are looking for. The wind can make sections seem miserable for a few minutes then we turn and the ride becomes effortless – that is the AV… We do the best we can with what we’ve got. All in all CYCOLOGY – The Lancaster Ride is the most fun cycling event in the valley. Come join us it promises to be a good time!!!

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The CYCOLOGY ride originates from the Lancaster City Park and Ride on the south west corner of 10th Street West and Ave K-8. We gather at 7:00pm and depart promptly at 7:30pm. Helmets and lights are strongly recommended and it is a good idea to carry a spare tube and toolkit in case of unexpected happenings. With over 50 riders there is always someone to lend a hand when needed.

This year we also have incorporated The LanCoaster BLVD Experience into the CYCOLOGY ride. What this means is that on the second Wednesday Night of the month we will meet at 6:30 at Lancaster City Hall (44933 Fern Ave Lancaster – just off of Lancaster BLVD). We will start riding promptly at 7:00 and head over to the Lancaster City Park & Ride to pick up the CYCOLOGY group at 7:30. The ride will continue for a total of 15 miles and end back at Lancaster City Hall. This ride is Police Escorted and will be a slow (10mph average) social pace. This is the safest and most accountable ride that you can do. The CYCOLOGY ride will continue on to finish it’s typical 20+ mile route.

The LanCoaster BLVD Bicycle Experience will happen the second Wednesday night of every month from May until October. It is totally organized with set routes, police escort from the front and chase vehicles behind. Everyone is invited and we hope you’ll comer out and join us!!!

For more info on either of these two rides call Block Bikes @ 661 729 2800 or got to our website:

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