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Thank You For Making RE/MAX All-Pro #1

Thank You For Making RE/MAX All-Pro #1

Keny and Cheyanne Terracciano take the time to thank all of our RE/MAX All-Pro customer’s, who voted us #1 in customer satisfaction for home buying and home selling in 2011. The award is presented by JD Power and Associates, who take customer surveys based on the customer’s review and rank multiple companies accordingly. RE/MAX All-Pro not only won, but we dominated both categories. Thank you to ALL of our customers for helping us become #1. We believe our first responsibility is to our clients. To meet their need, everything we do must be of the highest quality. From marketing and advertising to closing an escrow. If you or someone you know is buy or sell a home, RE/MAX All-Pro is the best option. Call us today at (661)945-9461 OR visit us online at


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Let Us Help You Achieve The American Dream

Rent vs. Own



I am currently renting a home in east Lancaster for $1300 per month. I am considering buying a home but I don’t know where to start.




Many families who are currently renting have made the decision and taken the steps to become homeowners.


The Savvy renter understands that they can pay much less per month to own their own home in than to continue renting.


RE/MAX All-Pro listed this home in East Lancaster for $103,900, and I think it’s a great example of what we are talking about today. We have Gabby- Godde with Mountain West Financial here within the Re/Max All Pro office to talk about the financial aspects of purchasing a home like this with you.



So with average rents in East Lancaster ranging from $1200-$1400 per month, we are talking about a savings between $200-300 per month


Current housing market conditions in Lancaster and Palmdale makes for a strong and compelling case for homeownership. With prices still well below the historic highs of just a few years ago and attractive mortgage rates, qualified buyers have a unique opportunity to own their own home.

It is important to consider all aspects of purchasing a home. There are costs of homeownership that are not included in this breakdown such as the maintenance and utilities of a home; however, there are also some compelling reasons to strive for the “American Dream.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in buying or selling a home, Re/Max All-Pro can help! Call us today for all your Palmdale Real Estate needs at (661)945-9461 OR visit our website at


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ReMax Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfation

RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly talks about results of the 2011 J. D. Power and Associates Home Buyer/Seller Study(SM), which recognizes RE/MAX for providing the highest overall consumer satisfaction in both categories.

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Buying Homes in Antelope Valley





Have you noticed how some “housing experts” say that demand is “overwhelmed by supply” while others throw out estimates of an “excess supply” of over three million homes? Yet, buyers keep saying how there‟s nothing to choose from? Worse yet, when they do finally find a home they want, they often submit an offer only to find that theirs is one of multiple offers the seller‟s received! Do you have a bidding war and multiple offers in your market on any listings? What‟s going on? How can in- ventory be high with slim pickings and multiple offers? According to one study, although listings may be up from January-which is true every year due to the annual winter hibernation of the housing market-on-market inventory and new listings, are

actually down from this same time last year. The study continues, “every „major market‟ except Las Vegas has less listings than this time in 2010”! Moreover, new listings of non-distressed homes, which are more frequently well-kept and owner-occupied (i.e. the kind of home that most non-investor buyers are interested in), are falling over twice as fast as bank-owned (REO) listings. Where all the listings are hiding? -Jack

From the study, “If we don‟t start to see more listings from owners who have the equity to put their homes on the market, prices of increasingly rare non-distressed listings seem likely to stop falling soon, just due to basic supply and demand. Of course, that claim leads to the big ques- tion: how soon?” Although supply and demand are the primary drivers of the real estate market, prices seem to react to these inputs with ice-age speed. When the bubble was inflating, it took over a year of declining sales and increasing inventory before prices peaked and began to fall, and although on-market inven- tory has been declining since mid-2008, the slow recovery of sales along with a shift in psychology away from home ownership has delayed the turnaround of prices (and this isn‟t even considering all the government intervention!) As Calculated Risk recently pointed out, home prices are not far above their historic lows, although it‟s a pretty safe bet that we‟ll have a bit of an overshoot on the downside, followed by at least a few years of flat prices (which is down when inflation is factored in). Foreclosures are still quite high and will likely take three to five years to work through, but growth in both the beginning and the end of the foreclosure pipeline seem to be backing off their 2010 peaks. The worst seems to be behind us on that front. Every region has different dynamics, but with generally lousy selection, slowly recovering sales, and year‟s worth of foreclosures to work through, where does that put us today, and through the end of this year? Barring some unforeseen economic events, some believe that home prices will likely stop falling by this time next year, while others expect prices to end the year higher than where they are today. Sales will continue their slow increases, foreclosures will be slowly but surely absorbed (many by all-cash investors), and hopefully, non- distressed sellers will begin to return to the market. In the end, nobody is able to perfectly time the market, and no matter where anyone thinks the bottom is, they‟re probably wrong. Is buying a home today less risky than it was five years ago? Absolutely. Will buying a home ever be a risk-free proposition? Unfortunately, no.

Did You Know………that while gloom and doom about the

housing market dominate the news, it may be overlooked that it might be a great time to buy! In a recent survey, 64% of respondents say that they think it‟s a good time to buy a house. We all know the average median house price is down almost 10% from its peak in 2007, take a closer look at the attachments to this week‟s Newsletter at when homes have been at their cheapest.



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Keny Terracciano named RE/MAX All-Pro CEO

LANCASTER – At the 20th anniversary of the RE/MAX All-Pro real-estate sales firm, Peter J. Terracciano announced the promotion of his son Keny Terracciano to president and chief executive officer.

Peter Terracciano, who has led RE/MAX All-Pro since taking over the company in 1991, said he will assume a supporting role in the firm’s management, and shift his focus to the management and development of their escrow company, EscrowOne Inc.

“Keny and I have been planning this transition for a few years now as Keny has developed his own unique leadership style and a keen understanding of the technology and marketing evolution within the real estate marketplace,” said Peter Terracciano, who had been the firm’s broker-owner, president and CEO. “Not only has Keny distinguished himself as a top producing broker/Realtor he is an exceptional business executive with a deep understanding of real estate in the Antelope Valley.”

Keny Terracciano, the firm’s broker-manager for six years, has worked in the firm since earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of San Diego in 2000. Keny Terracciano got his real estate license at age 18, went to work selling real estate with his father after graduating from college and obtained his broker’s license in 2001.

He was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame at age 28.

“My vision is to provide our agents with tools, education, and resources to enhance their professional business and better assist their clients,” Keny Terracciano said. “I am optimistic about our future and remain focused on creating value for our customers, agents, employees and the communities we serve.”

An independently owned and operated franchise, RE/MAX All-Pro has been recognized by RIS media and Real Trends magazine as one of the Top 500 companies in the country and was named by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the top 25 real estate firms in Los Angeles County. RE/MAX is a global network of nearly 100,000 sales associates in more than 75 countries.

The Terraccianos said their company has succeeded because of the education and experience of their Realtor associates.

“I have no doubts that the next 20 years will be even better than the last,” Peter Terracciano said.




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