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Destination Lancaster July

Enjoy Destination Lancaster and the Events of the Antelope valley!

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On the Road Picking Cherries in Leona Valley

888.948.6006 This is the first episode of ,”ON THE ROAD” join Host JIM GREENLEAF and his Co-host CHRIS SPICHER as they explore the Cherry fields of Leona Valley, Ca. Sponsored by Antelope Valley Florist send flowers all over the U.S. call today

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Real Estate Short Sales in The AV

Welcome to avred.COM/ the Antelope Valley’s premier real estate service designed for the home selling and buying needs of people like you. Our team of real estate professionals will be able to guide you through the entire process from the decision to buy or sell your home through to the close of escrow and beyond. We can also help if you are looking to relocate, anywhere in the United States. Government launches HAFA program to provide a viable alternative for homeowners to avoid foreclosure. Some of the benefits in this new program are; Less negative impact on homeowners credit compared to a foreclosure, Homeowner can stay in the home while it is sold, Bank pays customary fees related to the sale of the home(Homeowner pays $0.00), If you qualify some banks are paying up to $5000 in relocation assistance. Call for details. Antelope Valle   y Real Estate Direct is here to serve all your Real Estate needs. Go to to get more information or for immediate assistance give us a call at 661-209-7937 and a certified shortsale specialist will assist you.

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Jack Seefus Celebrates 75 Birthday

Jack Seefus Celebrates 75 Birthday

Welcome to Antelope Valley Bank,
a Division of California Bank & Trust

When the bank opened in February 1981 in Lancaster, California, its primary purpose was to establish a locally based financial institution that would understand and serve the community’s needs. This vision was set by Jack Seefus, the bank’s original president and CEO, and its leader to this day. In its efforts to best serve the community, the bank pioneered some of banking’s modern concepts, such as weekend business hours, the Valley’s first ATM to accommodate commuters who work in the Los Angeles area, and branch offices in supermarkets – long before major banks decided to follow suit. All Branches in the Antelope Valley Region are open from Monday through Saturday.

Jack Seefus, President
Jack Seefus, President
Lancaster Main branch
At Antelope Valley Bank, courtesy and personal service have been raised to new levels. Customers enjoy sit-down teller stations, where they can relax in comfortable chairs while conducting banking transactions.Antelope Valley Bank operates branches in the communities of Lancaster, Acton, Frazier Park, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond and Wrightwood.

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Mothers Day in the Antelope Valley

Mothers Day in the Antelope Valley is a special time…

First.. nothing shows Mom more you care then that delivered  bouquet of carnations from Antelope Valley Florist call today for that special Mother in your life…

888.948.6006 anywhere in the country for only $34.99 plus delivery you can warm Moms heart.

Next a trip to the…

Decadence Day Spa

Time: April 28, 2010 at 6pm to May 31, 2010 at 4pm
Location: Decadence Day Spa
Street: 41973 50th Street west
City/Town: Quartz Hill
Website or Map:
Phone: 661-943-7550
Event Type: pamper mom
Organized By: Decadence Day

Mother’s Day Special!
It’s that time of year once again to show our moms how much we love them and what better way than to give them the gift of relaxation! Buy a Chocolate and Roses Decadence Facial and receive a free Bright Eyes Tretment. $15.00 value! The facial utilizes rich hungarian cocoa and nourishing sweet red roses to firm, hydrate and soothe the skin. To include a relaxing hand, arm, neck, shoulder and face massage. Approximately one and a half hours of bliss!
Expires May 15th 2010

And then something sweet for the sweet…. surprise Mom with this Cupcake delight from….

Double D Cupcakes

Don’t forget to order your Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet from Double D Cupcakes! 661-510-0480

What a great offering from our friends ilivetodayav… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL

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ilivetodayav PODCAST 04.20 BUTLERS COFFEE

ilivetodayav PODCAST 04.20 BUTLERS COFFEE

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ACADEMY OF STYLE 661-951-7727

(661) 951-7727 or E-mail Tonia:

Yes, it’s THAT easy!

New classes began in twice per year, in Lancaster. Classes are on-going, and can be joined at any time, provided there is space available. We are currently accepting new students for modeling, tv commercials, music videos/ singing, show hosting, and sword fighting in action films. No experience is neccessary, and training is available to perfect audition techniques.

Our affiliates in the industry are recording producers, musicians, fight choreographers, photographers, and television producers. We are currently producing two projects in the Antelope Valley area, for television and film. We frequently help with casting on projects in Hollywood with our affiliate agencies through S.A.G. (screen actors guild), and local non-union productions. If producing, directing, writing, or casting is on your list of jobs in the future, you cannot miss our valuable training programs. Those with experience may join our database of available talent in the AV by registering for FREE with Thompson Talent Mangement. Also accepting stunt day players, hair/ makeup artists, stylists, and directors. Meet us at the Met! (Metropolitan business center is located in Lancaster, on Avenue L, between Sierra Hwy and 10th Street west.) See link for directions and photos:

Academy of Style walks-ins are welcome Saturdays at noon, appointments are weekdays after 6.

Bring a snapshot or school photo and get a FREE evaluation of your potential, on the spot!

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‘FEARLESS FELIX’ – Felix Baumgartner, in his pressurized spacesuit, falls to earth from above California City in preparation for his record-setting skydiving attempt from 120,000 feet later this year.

Red Bull Stratos

LANCASTER – At 120,000 feet above the Earth, the atmosphere that protects life below becomes a very unforgiving place. In the stratosphere, the oxygen we breathe is scarce, and even the air pressure we count on to keep our biological functions humming decreases to dangerous levels.

AN Austrian daredevil with a penchant for jumping off buildings is gearing up for an even more nerve-racking escapade: he plans to fall to Earth from a helium-filled balloon on the edge of space, dropping faster and further than any parachutist before.

Felix Baumgartner, 40, will have to live up to the “Fearless Felix” nickname that fans have given him. He wants to become the first freefalling human to break the sound barrier.

“When I jump, I’ll be going on a journey that no one has ever done,” said Baumgartner, a former member of Austria’s special forces, in an interview with The Sunday Times. “But you absolutely can’t let fear take a hold of you.”

He is not the only one dicing with death in the stratosphere. Michel Fournier, a former French paratrooper, has spent years — and most of his savings — trying to surpass the record set by Joe Kittinger, a US air force pilot, who jumped from a balloon 20 miles above the New Mexico desert in 1960.


“I’m not giving up,” said Fournier last week, describing an intense physical training progamme of parachute jumps, jogging and yoga. “I plan to raise enough funds to make another attempt in May.”

Baumgartner has secured the backing of Red Bull, the energy drink manufacturer, to gather around him an array of aerospace veterans, including Kittinger, whom he describes as his “mentor”.

“He’s the only person who has experienced anything quite like what I am going to encounter,” said Baumgartner, a professional helicopter pilot.

There is certainly no more accomplished — or daring — parachutist than the Austrian adventurer: he has thrown himself off some of the world’s highest buildings, including Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers. Sometimes he has had to disguise himself to outfox security guards trying to intercept him.

He has leapt from the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, plunged into a 600ft-deep cave and sky-dived over the Channel. His planned jump from 120,000ft, or 23 miles, later this year — the exact date is a secret because of the competition — is “the biggest goal I can dream of”, he said.

It is also a leap into the unknown: nobody knows much about the effect on the human body of passing through the sound barrier.

“It’s a challenge,” said Baumgartner. “But it’s not my style to embark upon a project unless I’m 100% confident that I can achieve my goal.”

A team of engineers, including former Nasa scientists, is building a balloon and pressurised capsule to carry him into the stratosphere. This will involve breaking a record for the highest balloon flight. He also hopes to break the records for the longest and fastest freefall as well as the highest parachute jump.

He will wear an astronaut’s suit to protect him from perils such as oxygen deprivation, boiling body fluids, solar radiation and temperatures as low as minus 100C. The suit will also guard his ears against the sonic boom he is expected to create when passing the sound barrier at 768mph.

The biggest danger is of going into a spin and blacking out. This almost killed Kittinger in training in 1959 when a small parachute that was meant to stabilise him as he fell failed to open.

Baumgartner, a veteran of 2,500 jumps, plans to use slight body movements rather than a stabilising parachute to prevent himself losing control. Even in a bulky pressurised suit this technique worked in trials in a wind tunnel in California.

The tests were conducted at speeds well below those Baumgartner expects to reach in the near vacuum of the stratosphere. Experts are divided about whether the same technique will work when he reaches the sound barrier.

“Felix could slip right through it,” said one of the engineers, “but if half of the suit is [going at] supersonic [speed] and the other half isn’t, there could be turbulence that knocks him out of control.” There was the possibility of “flutter waves pulling back and forth among the surfaces”.

The bookies will no doubt have their say. At 64, Fournier may seem a long shot, despite his perseverance: he has sold his furniture, stamp collection and a set of vintage weapons to raise money for various attempts that have ended in failure, the last when his balloon soared into space over Alaska without him after the moorings broke loose.

Another contender is Steve Truglia, a 49-year-old British stuntman, though he seems to face similar fundraising problems, judging by an appeal for help last week on his website. Unlike Fournier he has not yet made it to the jump site.

There have been numerous other attempts to beat Kittinger’s record: one amateur skydiver tried three times in the 1960s but did not survive the third attempt. His visor opened at 57,000ft. He fell into a coma and died four months later.

“The edge of space is an incredibly hostile environment which takes no prisoners,” said Baumgartner.

Although not one to flinch at danger, Baumgartner may find that rising in the balloon may is more gut-wrenching than shooting to Earth like a comet.

“As I rise I’ll be acutely aware that I’m moving further away from my loved ones,” he said. “When I descend, I’ll know that I’m travelling towards safety.”

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@ join Jim Greenleaf as he is on the road in the Antelope Vallley at the Poppy Fields. Join him

Liz Moffett Breault is a treasure to the AV. Nobody works as hard at photo as an art form than Liz. join her on FB at @

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