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Sunday Morning Valentine

Jim Greenleaf says, “I’m setting out on the Blvdtoday Cafe when a lady rides up on a bike. She say’s, “Internet Guru, can you share this poem about Valentines with the world?’ Undaunted  by a challenge I replied, “Of, Course, Lady on a bike, it would be my pleasure.”


Sunday Morning Valentine

I think I’ll have a cup of coffee, Or maybe I’ll have two. No, wait, don’t you remember, It is not so good for you.

It gives you headaches; It burns holes throughout your gut. It irritates your sinuses. Why do you drink it, You knuckleheaded nut?

So, have a cup of green tea, It will give you gentler pee. It will be better for your kidneys, And liver, don’t you see?

I know you kids like caffeine. Have you tried Tai Chi instead? It’s wonderful for balance, And better for your head.

However you get your antioxidants, Get lots and lots, and eat some nuts.

Do aerobics! Get a bike! Have you ever had a bike ride you didn’t like?

Or, go for a walk, Get your vitamin D. Sunshine’s better than pills That end up in your pee.

Drink plenty of water. Watch and listen to Dr. Oz. You tell him your problems, He’ll tell you the cause.

I’ll tell it to you simply,I’ll tell you what to do. Here are the steps To a healthier, happier you:

From your diet, Cut out fast food and saturated fats. Exercise with free weights, Work biceps, deltoids and lats.

Weight bearing exercise will give you strong bones and thighs. Supplement with calcium and you’ll be fighting off the guys.

Because that calcium will also improve your smile. And, while we’re on it, have you flossed lately, or has it been awhile?

Get your regular check ups, The dental and the docs. Let’s see, what have I forgotten? I’ve already said a lot.

Oh, yeah, back to diet, Who me, have ADD? Oh, I remember now why I began this poetry.

I blame it all on coffee. Think we’d all do better with less. Eliminate empty calories from our diets. You know what they are, you don’t have to guess.

Eat the healthy foods you like. Just eat smaller portions. It’s not about deprivation; It’s about being able to stand up without gymnastic contortions.

Hug your friends and family.

Have a belly laugh a day.

Meditate, pray, enunciate,

So people will have a better chance

Of understanding what you say.

Treat your fellow peeps gently; They might have had a bad day too. Remember the old saying about walking in another’s shoes.

Be in the now. Be in the present.

Recognize each day as a gift.

Dwelling on the glass half empty,

Isn’t what will give you a lift.

Be grateful for what you’ve got.

Don’t mourn for the things you have not.

An attitude of greed,

Will help no one to succeed.

We must learn to share the planet, Set our differences aside, Appreciate diversity, Discuss things face to face and side by side.

Get your sleep.

Get your rest.

6 or 7 hours are good,

But you know what’s best.

Dream your dreams. Let your worries go.

Things always seem better in the morning. Haven’t you found it so?

I guess I’ll shut up now.

I guess I’ve had my say.

Believe it or not, I have other things

I need to do today.

But because I’m channeling Grandma,

Who drank coffee and wrote poetry too,

I’ ll close with a Valentine message

From her and me to you.


Treat it well.

Use it for what it does best.


Grandma died at 94, on Valentine’s Day.

XO, Grandma

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