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Make Memorial Day Fun with Great Activities…Ideas by Aven’s!

Make Memorial Day Fun with Great Activities

Memorial Day is a time for remembrance and gratitude. It also indicates the beginning of summertime fun and vacations. Celebrate Memorial Day and the beginning of a great new season with some fun-filled activities with family and friends.

  • Grill out. Entertain family and friends at outdoor gatherings with food and festivities. Invite friends over and celebrate on your back patio with hotdogs, burgers, kabobs and chips for an easy activity.
  • Hang out. If the wind is howling…grill out in your garage and dine together in your dining room or relax in your living room and enjoy some of the days popular sporting events, like baseball, the Indianapolis 500 or the Coca-Cola 600.
  • Take a trip. Enjoy the three-day weekend and head to the beach. Mammoth Mountain will have skiing and snowboarding until July 4th! Head out to Devils Punch Bowl for some hiking in a truley remarkable area before it gets too hot out.
  • Go Shopping. You no doubt need new furniture! Stop by Aven’s for our Huge Memorial Weekend Sale.We deduct an amount equal to the sales tax Storewide on everything except Hot Buys!

Exercise your freedom from Delivery Charges by Printing out this Free Delivery Coupon from Aven’s!

  • We will be open from 10 til 4 on Memorial Day. We like to grill out with our families too!

Hurry into Aven’s to celebrate the Savings this Memorial Day weekend!

Thanks for Reading!

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Aven’s always has a better furniture sale because it’s Better Furniture!


With a 70 plus year history of selling and servicing Antelope Valley’s best furniture and accessories, you could say that we have a passion for beautiful finishes, the smell and feel of great genuine leather, and the way a room can come together with stunning fabrics and accessories.

Aven’s and La-Z-Boy have been a team since 1986. Wow…25 years. That’s a lot of La-Z-Boy. I would estimate about 26,000 units of La-Z-Boy products have moved in and out of our warehouse.

Since the beginning we have worked to always hit price levels that people like the most. The magic numbers for recliners are $299, $399, and if its a great chair $499. We struggled to hit these prices way back in 1986; and somehow we still hit them today…Over 25 years later.

What other industry can you say that about? Hot price points held stable for 25 plus years!

I can’t think of any.

Every time I need to buy recliners for inventory I start with those hot buys. Do we have enough $299 and $399 recliners. Lately it looks like $299 may actually disappear. But $399 is safe for now.

I always exclude “Hot Buys” for any additional discounts in any promotion. They aren’t subject to “No Sales Tax” or “take an extra percentage off” promotions.

There is nothing worse than saying no to a customer. I just try to explain that a $299 or $399 Hot Buy recliner was a great buy in 1986 and it’s a great buy in 2011. Sorry.

Hot Buys as a category have grown now to include nearly every type of La-Z-Boy product:

   Anderson Hot Buy Recliner $299

Laurel Hot Buy La-Z-Boy Sofa $799
Laurel Club Chair $639, ottoman $369

Motion Sectionals. Dozens of cover choices at this price!

Devon Motion Sectional $2633 as shown!

Carlyle Designers Choice Hot Buy Recliner $799 in a great selection…

All Hot Buys feature selected frame styles in selected fabrics at great prices!

We keep a huge inventory of Hot Buys so you can have it right now. If you pick a hot buy cover we don’t have in stock…delivery on special orders is about 4 weeks on recliners and 6 to 8 weeks on stationary, and motion sectionals.

Thanks for reading!


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What type of Family Room furniture is right for your Family? No more mistakes!

What will you do in your Family Room Next Time?

                                           Want some ideas?????


Over the past few years the most popular category of furniture by far has been furniture for the family room.

Its easy to put off new bedroom, new dining room, new occasional tables, etc…but family room furniture just wears out.

Most of our customers have chosen to buy better quality before they come to the store. Everyone buys the “$399 reclining leather sofa” once, but after a few months they realize that just like everything else you buy…you get what you pay for.

I’m happy to say that the entire staff at Aven’s is intimately familiar with the what makes the products we carry a value, and a good choice for your family.

So its out with the old and in with the new. But what to buy?? Fabric or leather, stationary or motion?

Her are some thought that may help you make that decision.

Stationary Upholstery is non reclining furniture. It doesn’t move. Stationary sofas are more comfortable to sit in, and lay on. You can lounge across the length of the sofa and not feel the framework of the individual reclining pieces in your back. We often see people use a chaise lounge on the end for the ultimate lounging position.

Thomasville Metro Chaise Sectional. In-stock at Thomasville. Allow 3 Weeks for delivery.Stationary Sofas with a matching or correlating Club Chair and Ottoman and the coolest way to decorate a family room. Nothing slouches like a good fitting club chair. The ottoman just gives your feet somewhere to go.

Flexsteel Market Street Club Chair and Ottoman. Over 1500 fabrics and about 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Sectionals are also a good choice…lot of room for lounging. Sectionals can take the same space as a sofa and loveseat, but will give you more seating. Most sectionals are so modular you can find pieces to fit any room.

La-Z-Boy Laurel Sectional. Custom order in you choice of hundreds of Durability Tested La-Z-Boy covers in about 8 weeks.

Another idea for comfortable slouching on a stationary sofa is a cool upholstered cocktail ottoman in front of the sofa. It doubles as a cocktail table, and an ottoman for you to put your feet up on.

Motion Upholstery reclines. Its a great choice for watching movies, reclining for a nap, or just to put your feet up. Some sectional come with sleeper components to pull out when aunt Edna comes to visit.

La-Z-Boy Devon Motion Sectional has a sleeper option!

Companies we carry like La-Z-Boy and Flexsteel offer lengthy warranties on their mechanisms. You need a good factory warranty on motion upholstery. You use it everyday. The mechanism in that Reclining Sectional,Chair, Sofa, or Loveseat is going to need service sometime during its life. You need a retailer like Aven’s and manufacturers like La-Z-Boy and Flexsteel to provide service.

Flexsteel Crosstown Full Reclining Sofa

Fabric or leather???

More on that choice later.

Thanks for reading,


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Springtacular with Disabled Sports Easter Sierra (DSES) April 2011

After the Star Spangled Banner and a few words of encouragement from director Kathy Copeland, all the special athletes start towards the snow. When they first get on skis some are barely able to stand up; then with the help of one… or several volunteers, they are soon feeling the wind in their faces and the terrain flow under their skis.

Brian has been skiing since he was 8. He was on a 30 foot fenced in area with almost no slope for only the first few hours of the first day. He was so insistent on being allowed to ride the chair lift that he conned a Mammoth Mountain Ski Instructor to take him on the chair.

We rigged up an elastic brace that kept his ski tip together and he went right down the hill. When he would fall we would just grab the back of his jacket and stand him back up again. We found out early on that he had no injury at all to his sence of balance.


Flash forward to 2011 and Brian is 25 years old and weighs in at 170 and is 5’10” tall. He remains non-verbal although there should be no doubt that he communicates his every desire and need in his own way, but in a way that you are sure to grasp, even if you are meeting him for the first time. He still likes to ride on the chair lift. He still like to play with boxes. He still like to play with balloons.

And…Brian can ski.

Now we fasten his ski tips together with a special ski brace made of stainless steel. We control his decent speed with tethers clipped to the ski tips. We stear him down the hill. Brian has been on the same two runs for the past 17 years. The big smile on his face tells us he he likes it!

Over the years some of our families best friends have come from this event. Some are employees of Mammoth Mountain and some are volunteers with Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra. I cannot tell you how good it feels to think of you all as friends. Every year we greet each other with hugs on the first day. Wondering what new achievement we will witness on the snow this year. Every year we end the 4 day event with more hugs, sorry the event is over, and that it will be another year before we have a chance to see it happen again.

There is never any doubt as we leave the Mountain that we were part of a life changing experience for the Special Athletes…and for ourselves.


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661.942.1103 Buying Furniture for a living…Its harder than you think!

There is nothing more fun; or challenging, in my job than selecting new product. Since the time I was 15 and cleaning toilets I would watch the buyers prepare for the semi annual trip to the “Market”.

Market is “Furniture Market“.

This is where all new product is introduced. It’s a perfect envirnment for imagination and ideas. Long before Mrs. Consumer rejects your latest idea in great product. Long before the freight companies can destroy your lastest great idea for your store. No phones, no distractions. Perfect.

Markets have been in various locations throughout the years. There have been regional Markets in San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tupelo, Chicago, and a few others I can’t remember. High Point North Carolina has always been the really big deal; although Las Vegas is now trying to dethrone High Point. High Point is the big time because all product was made within 15 miles of downtown High Point

Market locations come and go because the ambitious developer will build a new “Market Center” and set up low leases for the furniture manufacturers to get in on. Then as the years go by and the rents go up the factories simply move on to the next low rent site. It’s hard to justify paying a lot for a permanent showroom space you occupy, and do business in 2 weeks a year. There just is not enough money in furniture at any level to cover the costs.

Anyway… High Point is the big deal and I try to attend twice a year.  I have missed very few markets since 1991.

Mostly I go for the inspiration. New product, fresh opportunities, and to spend time with people I do business with. If a decision on distribution is to be made, putting a face to a company name is always a good thing.

It’s not by chance that Aven’s in Lancaster California is the only store on the west coast that represents Thomasville, La-Z-Boy, Flexsteel, Hooker, Stanley and Canadel all under one roof. I hone these relationships and work hard to justify their business.

That bit of horn blowing having been said…

The economic collapse has changed the way I need to buy for the store. Upholstery is all people are buying today.

I spent all day Saturday with Thomasville, La-Z-Boy and Flexsteel designers selecting new upholstered product for the floor to cover the next 6 months. Did I get it right…who knows? There is no shortage of effort trying. As I tell people who wonder why I would buy goods that don’t sell…”It took Ford 25 years to get the Mustang right again, despite years of trying”.

Trends in upholstery are going blue and teal this year. Grey is still the new black, and silver is very strong in finishes and in fabrics. It all follows women’s ready to wear.

Traditional is also making a comeback. I bought some skirted upholstery frames from La-Z-Boy and Flexsteel, and one very nice traditional bedroom from Thomasville, and 2 from Magnussen.

Casual upholstery is still most popular with color coming back. We won’t just have a floor of brown anymore…thank God.

Casual is the key to all our sales right now. Casual dining, casual occasional tables, casual upholstery. It’s just how we live.

All 3 upholstery factories we deal with produce all their fabric products here in the US with some leather now being more competitively priced here as well.

Thomasville is also expanding Casegoods production in North Carolina as well. Nice to see!

Wood product is far more difficult to buy than upholstery. Casegoods as we call them need to reek of value today in-order to sell in my store.

I visited Thomasville, Stanley, Hooker, Magnussen, and Howard Miller and only bought 3 curio cabinets, 3 bedroom, and 4 table groups among them all. In fact 2 bedrooms and all 4 table groups are all on order from Magnussen.  The third bedroom is from Thomasville.

I ordered nothing from several of our traditional suppliers. One of the Reps; and my friend, told me that he was “very disappointed…very disappointed”.

I was disappointed also. I didn’t fly all the way to NC only to spend 6 hours hours going thru showrooms only to find nothing I thought we could sell.

After so many years of bad business…why are these big importers so out of touch with what people will buy?

At Aven’s we did $280,000 with Hooker in 2009. We did $100,000 in 2010, and this year so far we have done about $15000. Pretty disappointing I would have to say. All the volume sold at levels of profit below what I need to stay open.

Our Thomasville volume and profitability is equally bad. From $350000 in 2009 to, $150000 in 2010.

The big old time factories in the east have been dictating what is offered to the consumer because they have controlled what is produced…shown at market…and therefore shown on furniture floors across America.

Now these old time decision controllers are just importers like thousands of others. They are frustrated by the fact that Mrs. America no longer sees value in what they offer. They are also frustrated by more efficient importers providing new opportunities to retailers across the county savvy enough to see the difference.

Given the thousands of choices now made available…consumers now buy what they want, and spend only as much money on it as seems a value.

We need to show value. And show products people actually want to buy.

There are still quality differences between varying price levels. The saying that you get what you pay for is still valid. There will always be consumers at every price level. Now however the bulk of America can choose reasonable quality at a reasonable price. The better quality goods simply are more stylish, better made and better finished. We will continue to show some of those higher quality products, just in a more sensible way.  The question is whether or not the consumer cares enough about her bedroom set, formal dining set, or occasional tables to pay the extra money to have it.

For me the days of recreational buying are over. For me to order it for my floor I need to be very sure it will sell…and sell at a price that defines me as a business and not a garage sale. The consumer needs to feel the value.

So how do I make up all that lost volume? I need to find something we can sell. Not continue to order goods at Market to make the big importers happy with me.

Lately we have been making up for it with more upholstery, casual dining, and TV console sales.

I am always looking for the next buying opportunity!

In the meantime I will “disappoint” whoever I need to, in-order to stock my store with products people actually want to buy.

Sounds easy…thanks for reading.


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The Right People…Key to Aven’s 75 year history!

There are dozens of people that go into the success of any small business.

There are probably no more than 10 that have been the key to this small business success since 1937.

There is only 1 that has proved to be completely indispensable to our survival.

Is that person me??      Nope…not even a close 10th.

That person is Bud Kelly.

It will no doubt shock the reading public to learn that everything you buy does NOT come out of the box just like a new cell phone or Flat Panel TV. That is to say…perfect, pristine, and ready for use.

Furniture comes out of the box in varying condition. Every piece we un-carton requires at least the touch up of packing rubs, leveling of doors, and general cleaning. When I see furniture delivery trucks in my neighborhood (imagine the shock) un-cartoning goods in the consumers driveway, it always makes me wonder how ignorant of consumer expectations those dealers could possibly be.

I actually think those dealers are idiots…is that too harsh??

Bud Kelly worked with Kelly Johnson of Lockheed SR-71 fame. Yep. He is that good. He solves problems…period.

He can make products better than the factory did in the first place.

You are probably wondering if you have received any of his repaired furniture over the years. Hopefully you have. If Bud Kelly worked on it, he improved it.

Consumers have amazed me over the years. The slightest imperfection…real or imagined…leads to this statement, “I want a new one, I didn’t pay for repaired furniture”.

The truth is that regardless of price…the next “new one” we order for you will have it’s own set of issues.

Furniture is made of wood and wood products. It grows from the ground. It is all imperfect!

Bud Kelly makes the imperfect…perfect!

Regardless of the problem…nothing goes back to a furniture factory. Stores all over America have failed over the past few years for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is that they die of ordering more and more goods to replace imperfect goods un-cartoned in a consumers driveway.

They don’t have Bud Kelly.

I do.

Thanks for a career Bud. We all love you.



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Antelope Valley Hurry To Aven’s Furniture to see the ART before its gone!

Aven's Furniture Company

“Look Here” the LM/AG 26th Annual Juried Art Exhibition has wonderful Art on display in Aven’s furniture, corner of 10th street and the BLVD, but it’s only here unitl March 27th! So Hurry for your chance to see this incredible work.


With a 70 plus year history of selling and servicing Antelope Valley’s best furniture and accessories, you could say that we have a passion for beautiful finishes, the smell and feel of great genuine leather, and the way a room can come together with stunning fabrics and accessories.

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Flexsteel Gallery Set to Open at Aven’s Fine Home Furnishings


Great Looking New Style!

Aven’s has represented Flexsteel Upholstery for the past 2 years. Next week we take that representation to a whole new level. Flexsteel will now be the featured upholstery in the main part of our showroom. Over 10,000 square feet!


Looking for a custom sofa at a great price…Start Here!

We have made a commitment to Flexsteel in terms of display that will truly give the consumer dozens of styles to choose from; but also over 1500 fabric choices.


Great Styles in todays hottest fabrics


You can see how this is made…

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Canadel Available at Aven’s Furniture on Lancaster BLVD

Aven's Furniture Company


Champlain Dining Room Group


Champlain Dining Room Group


SKU: 90-2009

Customer Rating:

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Item Information

Solid Birch catalyzed lacquer finish.
Champlain 5pc dining sets start at $2095

Inspired by early colonial craft techniques, the Champlain Collection features straight forward, unadorned furniture marked by time, with simple lines and natural colors that lend rustic charm to any dining room. The chairs represented in the Champlain Collection have been selected because of their historical style and signifiance.

Bellagio Dining Room Group


Bellagio Dining Room Group


SKU: 90-01

Customer Rating:

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Item Information

Solid Birch catalyzed lacquer finish.
Belagio 5pc dining sets start at $2695

Inspired by the prettiest town in Europe, the Bellagio Dining Room Group features regal elegance, smooth flowing lines, high quality solid wood craftsmanship and some of the most beautiful, hand worked finishes ever created. Each and every piece is one-of-a-kind and worked by hand to resemble a timeworn heirloom. This group draws on the history of the beautiful lakeside retreat as well as its rich heritage for food, wine and entertaining. Bring the romance of the Bellagio Collection to your home and enjoy living with one of highest quality, most original and beautiful dining sets in the world.

About Us

About Us 

The Aven Furniture Co. was founded by the Aven family in 1937 in the Antelope Valley. Ever since, Aven’s has always been the place where people have shopped for Antelope Valley’s best furniture and accessories.


If you’ve been furniture shopping then you know there are dozens of stores all carrying very similar pieces, fabrics and styles.

We try to be different.

From the moment you walk into our gorgeous showroom in Lancaster, California, we hope you will notice the difference. The finishes are a little clearer and deeper, the scale of our dresser or armoire is a little more substantial, our fabric is definitely unique, and the fantastic smell and feel of a pure aniline leather defines quality.


These are just some of the things that make furniture worth buying in the first place. Pieces that stimulate your senses, give your room the feeling of balance you seek … it’s just comfortable to be around!

We like to think accessories are jewelry for your home and we work hard to bring you the most unique accessories on the market. In fact, accessories are where 10% of the effort makes 90% of the difference in your room. The accessories bring the room together … and we can help you do it. And believe it or not … after you’ve accessorized a 22,000 square-foot furniture store a few dozen times, it gets really easy to tie a room together!

Our knowledgeable and reliable sales, delivery and office staff are all dedicated to providing you with a simple and trouble shopping experience.

We deal with some of the finest companies in the business. Famous name brands like La-Z-Boy, Thomasville, Stanley, Canadel, Hooker and Bradington Young. Feel free to browse through our great online catalog to discover our amazing products from each of these brands.

Here in our local Lancaster store, you’ll find as many Thomasville and La-Z-Boy products as you would in any of the other dedicated brand stores. Plus, we’re always competitive with our delivery times and prices. We all buy from the same place at the same price.

We hope you’ll come visit our store. I know you’ll find it to be one of the most beautiful furniture stores in Southern California.

We are at the corner of 10th Street West at Lancaster Blvd. in Lancaster.


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Presidents Day Sale at AVEN’S Fine Home Furnishings

Aven's Furniture Company

Current Offer




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