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Citizen’s are Invited to Join in the City of Lancaster’s Mayor’s Walk at Lancaster City Park


Citizen’s are Invited to Join in the City of Lancaster’s 
Mayor’s Walk at Lancaster City Park

Lancaster, CA. September 16, 2011– The Mayor’s Walk will take place on Wednesday, September 21stfrom 8:00am to 9:00am at Lancaster City Park, located at 10th Street West and Avenue K-8. Participants should arrive in front of the Stanley Kleiner Activity Center at least five minutes prior to the walk to ensure they are on task with the group.

The Mayor’s Walk program provides ongoing public access to City officials and community leaders, offering an informal opportunity for residents to learn what is going on in their community, as well as discuss various issues which affect them.  Concurrently, this activity reinforces the City’s stance on building a healthy community by actively engaging City representatives with participants who are working to improve their physical fitness and overall health.

Residents of all ages are encouraged to participate.  The Mayor’s Walk occurs every first and third Wednesday of the month. For more information regarding this program, contact Lancaster Recreation Supervisor Angela Riley at (661) 723-6074.

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The City of Lancaster Pronounced a HEAL City

Lancaster, CA. August 10, 2011 – During last night’s Lancaster City Council meeting, the Council received a plaque recognizing the City of Lancaster as a HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) City. 

“The health of our community is extremely important,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Studies show that nearly 30% of the students in Lancaster are overweight, and that overweight individuals are at a much greater risk for many health problems. Being fit and healthy helps us lead and enjoy a better quality of life.”

The HEAL campaign was launched by the League of California Cities to encourage cities to embrace policies that promote healthy lifestyles both among residents and City staff. In January 2011, the Lancaster City Council voted to support the initiative. In order to do so, the Council adopted a resolution outlining the City’s health and wellness efforts including; the Master Plan for Trails and Bikeways; the City employee wellness program; the LanCoaster BLVD Bicycle Experience; Wellness Homes; Neighborhood Impact Homes; and Community Gardens. The resolution also stated the City’s commitment to further implement policies to create healthier work, school, and neighborhood environments.

Last month, the City of Lancaster was designated as a HEAL City, making the City eligible to receive public relations and marketing resources, including the use of the HEAL Cities logo.

“With all of the health initiatives the City is already involved in, it just made sense to join with the League of California Cities to further our common goal of promoting the health of local citizens and California residents,” said Mayor Parris.

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R. Rex Parris New Season at Lancaster Performance Arts Center

The City of Lancaster has navigated the turbulent waters of a struggling economy and, in the process, continued to advance the Arts in the Antelope Valley. We have grown and flourished as a community with deep-seeded respect for our history and our culture. This is evidenced by the multitude of performances drawing crowds to the Antelope Valley’s entertainment Mecca, theLancaster Performing Arts Center (LPAC). Our City is committed to further enhance the livability and quality of the community by providing a level of arts and entertainment which engages, uplifts and inspires us all.

Cultivation of the arts is an essential element in the vibrancy of our community, one which is key to residents from all walks of life. As such, the arts must be vehemently supported and sustained. The City of Lancaster is working hand-in-hand with the LPAC Foundation as an unyielding cohesive force driven to expose the Valley’s youth to the performing arts.Thousands of youth are impacted annually through the Arts for Youth Program, which provides for scholarships, bus funds, school shows, and various outreach projects that make reaching our City’s most precious citizens possible.

I am deeply appreciative of all the efforts and contributions of our patrons, sponsors, Foundation members, and staff, which enable us to continue to flourish as a progressive City centered on the betterment of lives through the appreciation of the Arts. I especially wish to thank Ralph Bozigian, Lou Bozigian and Scott Ehrlich for their tireless dedication to the Arts in the City of Lancaster.
R. Rex Parris, Mayor

Great New Things coming to the BLVD!

New Independent Film Theatre!

New Lancaster Museum / Art Gallery!

New Micro Brewery!

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Making A Difference

I received this message on Facebook earlier last week and wanted to share it with everyone:

“Mayor Parris,
I just wanted to thank you for ALL that you are doing for our community. My wife and I teach ESL (English as a Second Language) at AVC, but, partially due to the budget cuts at AVC, we have just recently begun teaching FreeESL! within the Community Homes on Kingtree… and beginning next week (because we are growing) on Desert Sage. As Palmdale residents ourselves, we were disappointed that we have found no opportunities like this in our city… yet.
Keep up the great work! You are making so many more differences than you will ever know!
Scott (and Priscilla) Jenison.”

I think its obvious the Scott and Priscilla are the ones that really deserve our thanks for going out and making a difference in the community. It’s great to see the people of the Antelope Valley coming up with creative solutions to the challenges facing our community. 


P.S. I’d love to hear your ideas and feedback –

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Mayor R. Rex Parris to Join Top Scholars and Leaders at “Leading to Well-Being” Conference

Mayor R. Rex Parris to Join Top Scholars and Leaders
at “Leading to Well-Being” Conference

Lancaster Mayor to Participate in Conference to Study Community Health
and Happiness through the Latest Research and Applications of Leadership
and Positive Psychology

Lancaster, CA. 4/6/2011 – This week, Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris will attend one of the most progressive health and wellness conferences available in the nation, The Leading to Well-Being Conference hosted by George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, VA.  The conference is a collaborative effort sponsored by George Mason University’s Center for Consciousness and Transformation and the GMU MasonLEADS website. Notable authors, scholars and industry leaders will address innovations in leadership and well-being via keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops.

“This conference will provide a unique opportunity to further expand our understanding and knowledge-base regarding the use of positive psychology in improving the overall well-being of a community,” stated Mayor Parris.  “I am very excited about what I hope to take away from this experience and bring back to our community.”

Mayor Parris was personally invited to Leading to Well-Being by the conference’s featured keynote speaker, Dr. Martin Seligman; a world-renowned positive psychology researcher, scholar, best-selling author, and Director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Among his more than 20 books is Dr. Seligman’s newest acclaimed work, “Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being.” Published just this month, Flourish is already receiving five-star customer ratings on online retail sites.  Dr. Seligman’s bibliography, extensive life’s work, engagement schedule and multitude of resources can be found on Penn State’s Positive Psychology website (, as well as the university’s Authentic Happiness website (

Seligman is one of a number of experts and community leaders sharing their wealth of research and knowledge at the conference, which is designed to provide participants with the tools to go out and jumpstart well-being practices in their own organizations and communities.


“I am honored to be personally invited to this gathering of innovative and esteemed individuals who are as passionate as I am about advancing our world and our communities through new ways of thinking,” added Mayor Parris. “I didn’t think twice about attending this prestigious conference which specifically deals with how to better our cities.”

Mayor Parris is personally paying for his travel and attendance costs associated with this trip.  For more information regarding the Leading to Well-Being Conference, call (703) 993-6090 or visit

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Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education

Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education

Every school board member in the Antelope Valley should see this presentation. It is will change the world and could change the Antelope Valley tomorrow.

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Calming the Streets of Lancaster With Music

Birds chirp through downtown Lancaster, as water laps gently in the background and a soft piano melody encompasses the area.

But the birds aren’t real, and neither is the water. Even the piano music is computer-generated.

In fact, all the noises are coming from the same place-small, indiscreet green speakers that line the main street of downtown Lancaster known as The BLVD.

It might sound like another generic background track, but each of the three components has a specific goal designed to decrease the listeners’ stress, and along with it, crime rates, said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.

The piano beat is half the speed of the human heart, which has a calming effect. The birds are supposed to evoke a feeling of security, since apparently birds used only to chirp when predators weren’t around. The water is supposed to add to both the security and the calmness.

In six months, Parris said he hopes to see an increase in sales and a decrease in traffic counts and aggressive crimes, especially the latter.

Parris came up with the idea as a result of his interest in cognitive science, and contributed a few thousand dollars of his own to develop the soundscape for downtown Lancaster, he said.

“I’m absolutely convinced that because of cognitive science, we have the ability to solve most social problems in society today,” Parris said.

The only problem Parris can see is that since it’s outside, the wind and other natural elements might interfere with the water and birds people are supposed to hear.

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R. Rex Parris Interactive Recycling Kiosk on the BLVD

Waste Management Greenopolis Kiosk Arrives on The BLVD

Lancaster Performing Arts Center Hosts Interactive Recycling Kiosk

Lancaster, CA. 3/14/2011 – The first Waste Management Greenopolis Kiosk in the Antelope Valley arrived today at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center. The Greenopolis community, sponsored by Waste Management, aims to make recycling easy and rewarding through their online and on the street programming.  On the street, the Greenopolis Kiosk is an interactive recycling station where the public can bring their recyclable containers, receive points redeemable for discounts on tickets to LPAC shows, and, ultimately, donate to the LPAC Arts for Youth program.  Online, recyclers can track their points, play recycling games and interact with other online community members to learn more about conservation and how to keep their communities clean.

“The City of Lancaster is always looking for ways to improve the community and benefit our citizens,” stated Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.  “The addition of Greenopolis to The BLVD is not only a ‘green’ advantage for our city, but also a resource for increasing exposure to the arts for both recyclers and community youth.”

“The new Greenopolis Kiosk is a great way to get Lancaster residents excited about recycling,” explains Sandra Pursley, Community Relations Manager with WM.  “You can win amazing prizes, support a great local community organization and help the environment at the same time, just by recycling!”

The WM Greenopolis Kiosk arrived in celebration of The Aluminum Show, sponsored by Waste Management, showing Tuesday, March 15th and Wednesday, March 16th at 7:00pm, at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center.

The Aluminum Show, a unique and energetic experience for the entire family, is a stimulating tour de force which combines movement, dance, visual theater and plenty of humor. In the show, talented dancers and actors breathe life into recycled aluminum-tone industrial materials to tell the story of a young machine determined to reunite with its long lost parents. During its travels through a futuristic world ruled by bizarre technology, it finds adventure, excitement and even a human friend, who does whatever it takes to get it back home in one piece.

The Aluminum Show uses recovered materials from industrial factories that are re-used to build the set, dress the cast and interact with the audience. As industrial materials are given new and surprising contexts, then combined with visual effects, lighting manipulations and enchanting music, all senses are on high alert. With sights and sounds universal to all, this is visual entertainment at its best.

In partnership with Waste Management, the Lancaster Performing Arts Center has pledged to recycle all of the recyclables collected through the concession recycling bins and contribute their proceeds in the name of Waste Management to the Arts for Youth program. Patrons who attend the public performances of The Aluminum Show will have the chance to sign their own recycling pledge at the Waste Management booth in the LPAC lobby before or after the show. All patrons who sign their own pledge to recycle at home will be entered to win six-months of FREE residential trash service from Waste Management. One patron from each public performance will be chosen to win.

For more information or to purchase tickets
Call, Click or Visit the Lancaster Performing Arts Center Box Office:

(661) 723 – 5950 / / 750 W. Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster, CA 93534


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I’m Social Networking – A special Message from R. Rex Parris














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Lancaster Youth Take Over City Hall through Youth In Government Program

Lancaster Youth Take Over City Hall through Youth In Government Program

Lancaster, CA. February 23, 2011 – The City of Lancaster hosted its 23rd annual Youth in Government Day on Thursday, February 17th. The Youth in Government Program educates and empowers local teens by providing a means for students to learn how City government works through a hands-on activity and direct involvement with City incumbents.

To participate in the Youth in Government Program, students are selected through an application process. Once selected, they begin attending meetings where they learn about City government structure; gain an understanding of how departments work individually and collectively; and discover the responsibilities the City Council and staff have to their constituents. Each student is given a City government position and “shadows” their City counterpart on Youth in Government Day.


“Each year, we as a City Council look forward to finding out what these wonderful students have come up with. Last year, we incorporated quite a few of their innovative ideas,” said City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we once again incorporate a number of their ideas this year.”

Youth in Government Day began with a breakfast at Lancaster City Hall. Next, students participated in a City planning charette, where they created two different designs for the 20-acres of land west of the University of Antelope Valley’s Arena. Students used design principles learned through a presentation facilitated by Brian Ludicke, the City’s Planning Director, to create two designs: one which would appeal to college students and another tailored for families and retirees.


After land designs were completed, students worked with their adult counterparts to create a list of pros and cons based on the department they represented.  Students playing the part of Council discussed the project and met with concerned citizen-students. All students assumed a role in either getting the projects adopted or sharing information to help Council make the best decision. This year’s Youth in Government Program will conclude with a Mock Council Meeting facilitated by students on Thursday, February 24th at 4pm in the City Council Chambers, 44933 Fern Avenue in Lancaster.

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