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Lancaster Youth Take Over City Hall through Youth In Government Program

Lancaster Youth Take Over City Hall through Youth In Government Program

Lancaster, CA. February 23, 2011 – The City of Lancaster hosted its 23rd annual Youth in Government Day on Thursday, February 17th. The Youth in Government Program educates and empowers local teens by providing a means for students to learn how City government works through a hands-on activity and direct involvement with City incumbents.

To participate in the Youth in Government Program, students are selected through an application process. Once selected, they begin attending meetings where they learn about City government structure; gain an understanding of how departments work individually and collectively; and discover the responsibilities the City Council and staff have to their constituents. Each student is given a City government position and “shadows” their City counterpart on Youth in Government Day.


“Each year, we as a City Council look forward to finding out what these wonderful students have come up with. Last year, we incorporated quite a few of their innovative ideas,” said City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we once again incorporate a number of their ideas this year.”

Youth in Government Day began with a breakfast at Lancaster City Hall. Next, students participated in a City planning charette, where they created two different designs for the 20-acres of land west of the University of Antelope Valley’s Arena. Students used design principles learned through a presentation facilitated by Brian Ludicke, the City’s Planning Director, to create two designs: one which would appeal to college students and another tailored for families and retirees.


After land designs were completed, students worked with their adult counterparts to create a list of pros and cons based on the department they represented.  Students playing the part of Council discussed the project and met with concerned citizen-students. All students assumed a role in either getting the projects adopted or sharing information to help Council make the best decision. This year’s Youth in Government Program will conclude with a Mock Council Meeting facilitated by students on Thursday, February 24th at 4pm in the City Council Chambers, 44933 Fern Avenue in Lancaster.

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