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BeX Comedy Night with KATO KAELIN

BeX Comedy Night with KATO KAELIN

September 22, 2010 from 8pm to 10:30pm
Location: BeX Grille
City/Town: Lancaster Ca
Website or Map:
Event Type: comedynight

Kaelin came to notice for his role as a minor witness in the trial of O. J. Simpson for the murders of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. In 1994, Kaelin was staying in a guest house on the Simpson property, and was present at the compound on the night of the murder, witnessing some of Simpson’s movements before and after the time of the murders.[citation needed] Kaelin’s story seemed to contradict Simpson’s version of the events on some key points.[citation needed] However, his rambling and inconsistent testimony[citation needed] over four days of the 1995 criminal trial made him a less-than-ideal witness for the prosecution.[citation needed] Prosecutor Marcia Clark had him declared a hostile witness. Kaelin also testified at the 1996 civil trial against Simpson.

As one of the more colorful figures in the Simpson case cast of characters, Kaelin received considerable media attention. He was the subject of jokes by TV comedians, who made fun of his spaced-out surf bum persona, lack of employment and parasitic habits. One popular joke held that he was proof that Gilligan and Ginger Grant of Gilligan’s Island had actually had children.

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