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Life Insurance Benefits Before Death

Most people aren’t aware that certain life insurance policies can be used as part of a retirement plan. Life insurance policies may even be used as part of a “Long Term Care” plan. In today’s world, people spend $50 to $100 on cell phone service charges every month. Others spend even more than that on a single sushi dinner. Think about shifting that money into a life policy and you can start saving money for your retirement while protecting your family at the same time.
Having the right life policy now can ensure that you are likely to continue to enjoy the lifestyle you are accustomed to when you are ready to retire. This same policy will also ensure the well being and future of your loved ones in the event you are no longer here to provide for them.

Next time you are in our office ask us about Life Insurance!!!

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Court Reviews Health Challenge

An Atlanta federal appeals court questioned Wednesday whether upholding the health-care overhaul law could lead to Congress adopting other broad economic mandates.

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The court’s three-judge 11th Circuit panel heard arguments in the 26-state challenge to the law, as it reviewed the January decision by Judge Roger Vinson in Pensacola, Fla., finding the law unconstitutional. (Please see “Judge Rejects Health Law.”)

During almost three hours of oral arguments, the judges asked pointed questions about the law’s individual mandate, which the federal government says is needed to expand coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans, according to an article in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. The court did not indicate when it would rule.

Small-business proponents, including the National Federation of Independent Business and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have voiced opposition to the health law, arguing that it costs too much for small companies.

“Today is a great day for small-business owners and for all Americans who believe in the individual right to determine the time and circumstances under which they will enter the health insurance marketplace,” said Karen Harned, executive director for the NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center, in a statement.

Separately, today’s WSJ highlights a study predicting that 30% of U.S. employers will drop their healt… once the overhaul takes effect. In surveying 1,300 employers earlier this year, McKinsey & Co. found that at least 30% would gain economically from dropping coverage even if they completely compensated employees through other benefits or higher salaries. Further, nearly half said they would consider alternatives to their current plans after 2014, such as dropping coverage and switching to a defined-contribution plan, thereby offering coverage only to certain employees.

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Insure It! Lancaster / Palmdale


We can insure you home, car, business and more, call us you will love  our friendly staff

661.726.1337 or email:

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Homes in Brush Area ie: Juniper Hills, Ca

Bob Finberg will be speaking at the Juniper Hills Town Council Meeting Wednesday April 6th, at 7:00pm the public is invited,  go to the Juniper Hills Community Center on 106th Street East in Littlerock/Juniper Hills

The topic is home insurance in brushy areas in California. Phone: 661-726-1337 or 866-610-7895 • Fax: (661) 726-5846 CREATING SECURITY FOR YOUR LIFE
Our agency financial services are offered by Bob Finberg. Bob has more than thirty years experience as a licensed insurance agent.

Our concept for financial planning is based on “your values.”

Bob Finberg of Lancaster Insurance has a team of experts in life insurance, pensions and savings plans.


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