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New Acoustic Show Place at Perk Place

Acoustic musicians are not hard to find in the Antelope Valley, but finding talented acoustic musicians is another thing all together, now imagine putting all that talent found in the Antelope Valley into one room, for  three hours. Your mind will be blown.

The one I will be focusing on today is the FIRST EVER Acoustic Show at Perk Place Coffee House that took place on Wednesday June 8th.  Located at 560 W. Milling St.(which is adjacent to Downtown Lancaster Blvd) Perk Place has been thriving for ten years now. Artists that performed were among the regulars such as Michael Hagen and El Javi, as well as few new fresh faces.

     Brittany Harris is no stranger of the local music scene. She puts on mulitple music shows weekly, bi-weekly and monthy. A majority of those being Open Mic Nights; including the bi-weekly shows played at The Rock Inn in Lake Hughes and The Bandstand Coffee House on Lancaster Blvd, put on by Brittany and Chase Wells of “Alas! The Revolution” Productions. Monthly events include the Open Mic Night inside of BLVDtoday Cafe located at 749 W. Lancater BLVD.  Show times vary from week to week, so be sure to check out their events page or contact Brittany Harris for more info:



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