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Cleaning Up the Desert

Every morning when I go for my early hike with my canine buddy, I take a bag to pick up the never-ending blowing trash. I truly value this wonderful vista that I get from my front yard, the fantastic geography all around and wide open spaces and buttes right across the road. It spoils it to see even the smallest scrap of paper, a blowing plastic bag, or worse, some broken glass. I have become a “conservancy group” of one member when it comes to keeping my three- square- mile area clean. I have cleaned this area many,many,many times but the winds (like this morning’s 40 mph winds!) keep the trash coming and I keep picking it up. I also pick up pieces of tires and broken parts that have fallen off of the ATV’s and dirt bikes that occasionally whip through here.
I also find interesting things too, like whole snake skins that have been shed, many cool rocks ( tons of quartz, O.K. maybe not tons, but lots!), petrified wood, and beer cans from the 60’s, It is a never ending surprise what I find out there.
If everyone became a “conservancy group” of one member,take a little time out of your busy day to pick up a scrap or two and enjoy this beautiful desert, think of how clean this whole Antelope Valley could become !

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