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Exploring Your Marketing & New Business Options For 2011

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“The New Year brings fresh challenges, revised goals and renewed outlook for increased revenues. Realistic, focused expectations, plus marketing and well-defined business plans increase the likelihood of meeting or exceeding your expectations.” Susan Moses
With over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Susan Moses, has faced & met hard-hitting challenges, devised the business strategies and written and executed successful business and marketing plans for her own businesses and as a consultant for numerous third party business owners. She has raised and managed millions of investment dollars for business investments and for film production. Having been the President/CFO of a Publicly traded company she brings the unique blending of financial accountability with richly creative vision to her clients and projects.
In 2010 she hosted an event at the Artist’s Loft’s Gallery in Lancaster “Lights, Camera, Action – Hollywood Comes to the AV” – she organized the event on a very low cash budget yet thousands of people attended the sponsored event. Hollywood high profile directors, agents, managers and casting directors were there to meet the curious and the aspiring. It represented guerrilla marketing at it’s best.
Her 2011 proposed agenda for Lancaster include a unique Cell Phone Photography Show, Co-hosting Compassionate Friends Butterfly Release, bringing the award-winning composer of Pippi Longstocking to Lancaster for a family weekend event,  & a high profile interactive film festival. She recently started a FREE workshop series for writers and performers to help unite the creative community in the AV.




Initial Business Assessment

Marketing & Business Development Strategies Consultation

Marketing For Entrepreneurs Consultation

Business Plan Development Consultation





Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurs

Business & Marketing Plans 101

Cold Reading Workshops

Commercial Audition Workshops

Micro Budget Film Production 101

MIA Acting workshops




“Wow! That’s a word that describes Susan to a tee! Brilliant is another! We were connected at The Colorado Film School and have conversed on other projects since then. She is a Super Star Communicator with passion in her heart and knows the true meaning of life.” Sandra MurrayOwner, Contagious Media


“As a member of our advisory board, Susan Moses has used her talent as a producer and educator to help Studio C grow and expand. We would not be where we are today without her guidance. I have also had the pleasure to work with Susan as a producer and casting director, and she is one of those rare finds in the business – someone who is both knowledgeable and caring – who has both your interests as well as her own at heart.” Michael J. SonntagPresident, Studio C Artists, Inc.


“Susan is one of the smartest and most creative people I’ve ever met. She is an incredible writer and very very up to date on all of the hot topics of today. With in minutes she had a full understanding of my business and how to help me increase my client base three fold!!! She is not afraid to tell it like it is and handles herself extremely well in tough situations. I’d go to battle with her anywhere!!” John “Woody” Woodmansee, President of TRGear, Inc


“Susan is an exceptional individual with a results oriented approach to business and life. She is intelligent, articulate and knowledegable. I would recommend her to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.” Jeff WhitneyOwner, Berkana Resources Corporation


“Susan is well networked and informed in multiple industries. She is a highly capable and very bright business professional that likes to make good things happen. I anticipate a very productive working relationship with Susan in many areas of our and her business areas.” Vinny DiGirolamoPresident, The Steel Network, Inc.


“Susan is a highly talented film producer. Her short film,”Possibility” for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was an award winning film. Susan has both the integrity and talent that I would highly recommend.” Gary AminoffPresident, San Fernando Valley Republican Club


“Susan is the rare combination of an Extremely Creative Talent that is strongly anchored by above average business acumen..She knows how the real world operates and can work there to create unique visions and bring them to fruition.” Roger BarryCEO, SynCom, Inc. / TelePath Systems


“Susan is smart, savvy, articulate, honest, funny and an excellent writer.” Robert S. BlockOwner, 3D Business Tools




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