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Home Winterization Tips for the High Desert! From Goodwill Plumbing

No doubt about it, as much as I love fall it is one of our shortest seasons here in Central Oregon. I can’t remember more than one Halloween where my daughter’s costume wasn’t buried under a parka. (At least the fairy wings fit outside one year!) So, before it get’s too cold to care, here are a few things to do to winterize your home in the High Desert.

If you have gutters, clean out any debris and clear the downspouts.Where necessary seal corner joints to prevent unnecessary damage to the fascia board and trim. In this climate clogged gutters can lead to ice buildup and eventually ice damns if we get enough snow. Not only is this bad for the roof it’s not so hot for the inside of your home when the ice starts to thaw!
Blow out your in-ground sprinkler lines and insulate the valve box. This is a cheap fix with most landscaping companies charging $35-40 to do this for you.
Remove hoses attached from outdoor spigots. The Frost Free Feature does not work if there is a hose attached! Insulate spigots that are not frost free!
Clean and seal deck surfaces. Pressure wash or clean the surface with a good deck cleaner andseal with a reliable product. (Ask your local hardware guy what he recommends.) A little effort here goes a long way in preventing costly refurbishing later!
Caulk exposed joint corners and openings at exterior beams and windows; when re-touching these areas with paint don’t forget to touch up any other areas that may have missing paint or exposed wood. Cracks at joints and seams as well as exposed wood eventually can allow moisture to accumulate under the surface leading to an eventual breakdown of the product through dry rot or mold. Also, if moisture does get trapped in these openings and freezes it can cause expansion which is usually not good.

Have a licensed professional service your heating system to be sure it is running optimally, and don’t forget to change the filter. With energy costs on the rise this is one place where an ounce of prevention is well worth it!
Close foundation vents when it gets cold. Keep the wind and damp out from under your home and decrease energy costs by closing the ventilation to your foundation.
If you have perennials, now is a good time to add an extra dose of winter fertilizer and mulch. This should protect the roots from freezing and give them an added boost of nutrients for the winter.
This is the “short list” and I’m sure there is more that I’ve left out! Please feel free to add your comments and to-do lists here and I’ll update the list!Need help locating a contractor? Call your local Realtor, they’re happy to help and generally have a list of icensed professionals in their community!

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