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Allied Arts Cedar Center

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BLVD Piano Painting Project

An upright piano was given to us by the City of Lancaster for one purpose-TO PAINT IT ! Upon completion, the piano will be put on the BLVD for anyone to play at any time ! What a fun idea for any visitor of Lancaster BLVD!!
So, we at the Graphic Experience rounded up a few of the very talented artists to do just that.
Last night, Oct.22, we all gathered to have fun watching the artists put forth their ideas & figure out where they were going to put them on this very unusual canvas! We had munchies, pizza from the Lemon Leaf, and wine that was enjoyed by all.
So far, Edwin Vasquez, Dennis Calaba, Todd Cooper, and Donna Weil have contributed their time, paints, tile, stones, creative energy and talent to this project. Other local A..V. artists will be making their contributions to this fun project soon.
Come by the store to see the various ideas this fab piano !!

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Feeling Blessed !

I haven’t written a blog for some time now and I don’t know if anyone would even be interested in reading this BUT- here goes….
My life is so rich and blessed in many ways, most of all being surrounded by talented and great people. From my family members, my artist friends, my musician friends, and just the many friends and great people that have come into my life over the years. How did I get so LUCKY ?
I am lucky to have found the right guy that I know I will be spending the rest of my life with.
I am lucky to have two great kids that have grown into wonderful people, respectful and fun loving !
I am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful art every day here in the Graphic Experience.

I am lucky to be able to go on daily sunrise hikes on the Lovejoy Buttes.
I am lucky to love the animals I have and have had in the past.
I am lucky that certain individuals (you know who are ! ) are in my daily life.

I could go on with many more, but it would get boring to you all. My main point, I guess, is this:

Chris Calaba

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