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The City of Lancaster Pronounced a HEAL City

Lancaster, CA. August 10, 2011 – During last night’s Lancaster City Council meeting, the Council received a plaque recognizing the City of Lancaster as a HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) City. 

“The health of our community is extremely important,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Studies show that nearly 30% of the students in Lancaster are overweight, and that overweight individuals are at a much greater risk for many health problems. Being fit and healthy helps us lead and enjoy a better quality of life.”

The HEAL campaign was launched by the League of California Cities to encourage cities to embrace policies that promote healthy lifestyles both among residents and City staff. In January 2011, the Lancaster City Council voted to support the initiative. In order to do so, the Council adopted a resolution outlining the City’s health and wellness efforts including; the Master Plan for Trails and Bikeways; the City employee wellness program; the LanCoaster BLVD Bicycle Experience; Wellness Homes; Neighborhood Impact Homes; and Community Gardens. The resolution also stated the City’s commitment to further implement policies to create healthier work, school, and neighborhood environments.

Last month, the City of Lancaster was designated as a HEAL City, making the City eligible to receive public relations and marketing resources, including the use of the HEAL Cities logo.

“With all of the health initiatives the City is already involved in, it just made sense to join with the League of California Cities to further our common goal of promoting the health of local citizens and California residents,” said Mayor Parris.

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City of Lancaster Furthers Partnership with International Company, US Topco Energy, Inc.





Press Conference

 WHAT:           City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris and representatives of U.S. TopCo will sign a Memorandum of Understanding and a Master Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), to further develop this public/private partnership, allowing for the development and construction of a number of solar energy facilities.


WHERE:        Michael D. Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse

42011 4th St. West
Lancaster, CA 93534

WHEN:         Wednesday, July 20, 2011


WHO:             L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich

City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris
City of Lancaster Council Members
City of Lancaster Deputy Mayor, Kit Yee Szeto

Mr. Joshua Chang, Chairman, US Topco Energy, Inc.                                                
Mr. Chung-Chen Kung, Director General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles                                                                                                         

Mr. Charles Lee, President, Topco Scientific Co., LTD.                                                                        
Mr. Simon Chang, Chairman, PowerCom Co., LTD.                                                                             
Mr. Jackson Torng, Chairman & CEO, Ligitek Photovoltaic Co., LTD.             
Lancaster Deputy City Manager Jason Caudle   


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WHAT:        The City of Lancaster will recognize Lancaster’s Citizen of the Year, Dr. Jennifer Hill for her ongoing contributions to the community and efforts to better the lives of hundreds of people.

WHERE:       Antelope Valley Outpatient Imaging Center
Conference Room 15, Fourth Floor
44105 15th Street West (J-5 & 15th W. intersection)

WHEN:          Wednesday, July 6th, 1:30 pm

WHO:             Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris
Edward Mirzabegian, CEO, Antelope Valley Hospital
Dr. Jennifer Hill, Lancaster Citizen of the Year
Lancaster City Council Members
Lancaster City Manager Mark V. Bozigian



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R. Rex Parris City Hall to stress tom improve resident’s health

LANCASTER – Mayor R. Rex
Parris said Monday that A local schools need to improve and that a new charter school is needed to help make Lancaster more competitive.
The mayor added that bird songs will soon be run through public address systems on Lancaster Boulevard to improve the atmosphere, make the place friendlier, and make people happier.
“It will seem like a lot of birds are there   because the scientists tell us that if you use bird sounds, the cortisol level drops and your
feeling of security enhances,” the mayor said. “Just exposure to it for 15 minutes a day will lead to happier people.”
He added the city must sustain its drive to become an alternative energy capital because the people who usher in energy independence will be the ones who rule the world. If the city is going to win the
battle for jobs, it must pressure education officials to develop top-flight schools to attract top-flight
employers and employees, he said at a meeting of a service club, Lancaster Rotary West.
“We should simply face the fact that we don’t have those schools in Lancaster,” Parris said during the
meeting at the John P Eliopolus Hellenic Center To get those schools, he told the Rotarians, “You guys have got to get
more active, be a little more courageous and insist that our schools give us what we are insisting on.”
“If we do that, everyone in this room will become wildly successful, because this is where the money is going to be. This is where the people building the new manufacturing facilities will want to live. Because all the latest and greatest stuff that is going to happen is going to happen here in Lancaster:
“It is so frustrating to me to recognize the only thing stopping us from getting there is that we lack
the courage,” Parris said. Toward that end, the mayor asked the Rotary Club’s members to back plans for a new charter
school in Lancaster: , ‘ “In the next couple of months, when you start hearing about a charter school wanting to come into
the Lancaster School District, I’m going to need your help” getting it approved, Parris said.
“It’s not about the school, it’s about all of us. It’s about our community It’s about growing
Lancaster into something truly magnificent, and that’s going to be the 1st step,” he said.
Paris said he expected resistance and even auger from those hoping to maintain the status quo.
“It’s uncomfortable” for a public school district to approve a private charter school because it portends
loss of state revenue, he said. “But how many years are we going to wait? If we wait much longer; this will pass us by; and none of us are going to want to live here.” Parris reiterated many of the points he made while addressing the Antelope Valley Chamber of
Commerce two weeks ago, when he called upon them to support city efforts to improve schools, bolster
health, fight crime and attract solar-power projects. To meet those goals, those central to Lancaster’s
operations must be on board, the mayor said. ‘
Parris reiterated his goal of having Lancaster become a world-recognized source of solar electricity and “green” businesses and homes. “We are the premier location in the entire world for solar energy” he said. “What we were to aviation
30 years ago, we will be to alternative energy very soon.” To make that happen, the city is attempting to become a research- and-development location for alternative-energy projects, the mayor said.
“The people who  have the energy in the next decade are going to be the people who rule the world, and it really has to be us,” Parris
said. “ To have such an energy capital, available water will be needed, and that means xeriscaping, he said.
‘“We do have the waten It’s just that we waste 70% of it watering lawns,” Parris said.
“We’ve got to change the way we live. We’ve got to get rid of those lawns. We’ve got to stop wasting the resources we’re going to need if we’re going to grow this into a magnificent city “We really want every business in this city to succeed, and if it
makes sense and the risk is manageable, we are diving in,” he said.
“Yeah, people are going to complain and say it’s unfair and do all kinds of things, and that’s OK. I’m
used to it. And you folks have to get used to it to. Because it’s different now It’s a different model,” Parris
said. “We have ‘to start worrying about our community and what it’s going to take for our community to
be wildly successful.” “Normally what we do is we spend all of our time dealing with
the people at the fringe, the 1% or 2%. But if you start recognizing that it’s the people at the center
and how they’re connected that really make the difference, then you (have) a whole different systems approach to the Way a city is
run,” he said.
Recalling how the candle-making industry once was a primary source of indoor lighting for homes and businesses, that technology
has long since been supplanted, Parris said. “The good old days are not coming back,” he said. “We have to be more competitive, more innovative and more creative than any of us ever dreamed if we are going to see this city prosper, because there is
no longer enough to go around.” For that reason, ‘As a city we have a choice,” the mayor said. One choice is to continue doing
what was yesterday and the day before. The other choice is “We can get brutally honest with ourselves and find out what our strengths are and what weaknesses are and compete with the rest of the world in ways we never thought we’d have to,”
Parris said.
Parris encouraged his audience to become .more involved with the city and more involved with their
neighbors. . “We’re looking for ideas. We are looking for people who want to get involved. We are looking for people who want to change the place they live in,” he said. Such volunteers give the city
a way to reach residents who otherwise would never interact with local government or each other, Parris said. ‘ “How deeply you’re involved with your neighborhood has a lot to do with how happy you, your wife and your children are,” he said. “If you don’t know your neighbors kids names, you’ve deprived yourself of your well-being. And that’s what we’re trying to re-establish.”
During his presentation, Parris reviewed city efforts to establish “neighborhood impact” homes
and “wellness” homes to serve as resources and refuges for children and struggling families.
“We cannot have a sick city and that’s what we have,” Parris said, noting recent statistics on local mortality rates due to coronary
heart disease, emphysema, stroke, diabetes and other illnesses. For that reason, City Hall will be focusing on new efforts to improve
the health of Lancaster’s residents, he said.
The mayor also pointed to ongoing efforts to revitalize Lancaster’s historic downtown.
People are visiting downtown because “it’s where we see our friends. It’s where We gossip. It’s where we meet people,” Parris said.
Still to come are several new business and entertainment outlets and public-address speakers that will broadcast the birds singing.




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R. Rex Parris and City of Lancaster Invites Antelope Valley Residents to Serve During Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

R. Rex Parris and City of Lancaster Invites Antelope Valley Residents
to Serve During Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service R. Rex Parris and the City of Lancaster issued a call to action for all Antelope Valley citizens to serve during the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service on Saturday, January 15, 2011.

“This is an opportunity for our residents to come together, in the spirit of Dr. King’s legacy, to help shape and transform this City through service,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “I invite all Antelope Valley residents to join us in rolling up our sleeves and working together to tackle some tough projects throughout the City.” Last year, the mayor demonstrated his commitment to service by signing on as a member of the Cities of Service coalition.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service is led by the Corporation for National and Community Service. The effort to make the King Holiday a “day on, not a day off” focuses on engaging Americans in service to honor Dr. King’s legacy. More than 1.5 million volunteers served in 13,000 projects spanning all 50 states last year, including the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Founded in New York City on September 10, 2009, Cities of Service is a bipartisan coalition of mayors who have answered the historic Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act’s call to action. Cities – often the front lines of our nation’s most pressing challenges – are positioned to work together to engage millions of volunteers in service and develop strategies to increase the amount and impact of local service efforts. Coalition members sign a Declaration of Service agreeing to work together in a multi-year effort to expand community service and volunteerism in cities across the nation.

Residents can visit to view the list of projects slated as Day of Service opportunities this year.  Groups and individuals are encouraged to sign up to volunteer.  Businesses are being asked to donate supplies to established service projects.  Non-profit and service organizations may contact the City at 661-723-6077 to register additional projects and recruit volunteers.


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What people are saying about a Magical BLVD Christmas!

Mayor R Rex Parris Rex – Very Excited about a Magical BLVD Christmas Saturday! The BLVD is a wonderful and safe place for families to enjoy the Holidays : )

Lisa Christensen and Vickie Pompa-Speed like this.

Shawn Holzberger We will be there! Thank you for taking our city back from the thugs and returning it to the people.

Lisa Christensen Yay! We get to take the kids for a little while before we head off to a Christmas party. Looking forward to it

Jim Fields We love it Rex, we will be there for sure.

Connect with me and share your thoughts!





– Rex

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Clear Channel Stadium Becomes the California League’s First Solar Powered Stadium

Lancaster’s Clear Channel Stadium, home of the Lancaster JetHawks California League baseball team, becomes the first of many City facilities to install solar energy.

Clear Channel Stadium is the first California League Stadium to become virtually completely powered by solar energy. Join the City of Lancaster and its partners as they discuss the City’s many ongoing efforts to become the Alternative Energy Capital of the World.

Press Conference

WHAT:           Lancaster’s Clear Channel Stadium, home of the Lancaster JetHawks California League baseball team, becomes the first of many City facilities to install solar energy.

Clear Channel Stadium is the first California League Stadium to become virtually completely powered by solar energy. Join the City of Lancaster and its partners as they discuss the City’s many ongoing efforts to become the Alternative Energy Capital of the World.

WHERE:        Clear Channel Stadium

45116 Valley Central Way

Lancaster, CA 93536

WHEN: Thursday, December 16, 2010


WHO: Mayor R. Rex Parris

Lancaster City Council Members

City Manager Mark V. Bozigian

Lyndon Rive, CEO, Solar City

Matt Blaney, Director of Operations, California League



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Lancaster City Hall Tree Lighting Ceremony

The City of Lancaster will host its annual tree lighting ceremony prior to the start of its regular City Council meeting. Festivities will include a choir, professional singers, hot chocolate and cookies.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010 4:30pm



Mayor R. Rex Parris


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