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Hearing Test Results

After your hearing test assessment and evaluation, your Beltone hearing care professional records the results of your hearing evaluation on an audiogram. He or she will then share the results with you to show you what you’re hearing and what you are missing.

On the right is a sample hearing test audiogram. The letters represent the frequency of common speech sounds in the English language. Clicking on theSpeech Banana check box on the lower right of the audiogram shows where these sounds fall within an audiogram.

The age drop down box on the right hand side of the audiogram allows you to select an age range to see where an average hearing person would fall within the audiogram and which sounds they may be missing.

Each individual‘s hearing is different. Call our office at 661-948-4573 to schedule a FREE hearing evaluation and explanation of your results. Once you and your Beltone hearing care professional have discussed your individual audiogram results and lifestyle needs, he or she will be able to provide you with an in-office hearing aid demonstration of appropriate hearing aids.


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3 Things to Keep an Ear Out for if You Suspect Your Hearing Might be Diminishing

3 Things to Keep an Ear Out for if You Suspect Your Hearing Might be Diminishing

Hearing loss can be gradual and difficult to detect when it occurs over an extended period of time. Below are when you suspect you may be suffering from hearing loss.

1. Difficulty Hearing

The most obvious tip-off is a noticeable decline in the level of hearing. Sound may be muffled and it may sound like people are mumbling when they are really not. After hearing loss, because of the higher frequency of their voices. You may ask people to repeat themselves frequently and having a conversation with more than one person will become difficult.

2. Tinnitus

Sometimes a side effect of hearing loss is not the absence of sound, but hearing sounds that are really not there. You may begin to hear a ringing, roaring, buzzing, or hissing.These are sounds that can often follow loud concerts, but in the case of tinnitus, do not go away and can result in permanent hearing loss.

3. Non-Hearing-related Side Effects

Due to the difficulty of detecting hearing loss, you may suffer emotional side effectsbefore realizing the possibility for hearing loss. Often, sufferers of hearing loss . Additionally, because of the vital role the ear plays in balance, hearing loss can cause vertigo or difficulty balancing.

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