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History of Rancho Raviri Almond Gifts

Rancho Raviri Almonds Gifts was established in 1952, when more than two thousand acres of almond trees were grown for commercial production in Quartz Hill, California. The first orchards were planted over one hundred and five years ago in 1890. Today almond trees still inhabit this high desert area but most grace private gardens and parks.

The name “Rancho Raviri” came from the original owners, Gael “Don” Raven and Walter Biri, who decided to purchase an almond confectionery business in Quartz Hill. The partners combined the letters “R-A-V” from Don’s name, and “I-R-I” from Walt’s name, to make the word “Raviri”. They eventually sold the business, and subsequent owners continued the almond confection tradition in the Antelope Valley.

In the 1950’s Don Raven and Walter Biri produced eight different almond confections which sold all over the world. Today, in our store on 50th Street West, through mail, phone order and website orders, we make and sell more than 33 different kinds of flavored almonds including Lemon, Raspberry, Smoked, Mesquite, and Chili-Lemon.

Through the years our product line has expanded to include Chocolate Covered Fruit including Cherries, Blueberries, Apricots, Pears, Cranberries, and Strawberries. These habit forming sweets are pieces of dried fruit coated with milk chocolate, then glazed with a flavorful fruit coating. We offer Almond Barque in three flavors: butterscotch, white (vanillin), and dark chocolate. Our Almond Barque, made in our kitchen, is similar to a semi-soft candy bar, with freshly roasted chopped almonds. Other items in our collection include malt balls, toffees, Jelly Belly™ Jelly Beans, Almond Caramel Popcorn and a variety of reduced sugar candies. The quest to present the most flavorful, finest quality confections continues every single day.

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