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Hanging in the Sun

Hanging? In the sun? Not talking about laying on the beach, or at a secluded sunny area. Not talking about plants. Not talking about a trip to Hawaii.

I’m talking of the joy of hanging clothes on the clothesline !  Hanging sheets, towels, and blankets on the clothesline!  Another thing of the past, but my present. An activity I actually enjoy.

Fortunately, I have a huge yard with a huge custom welded clothesline that I love.    “How trashy” , some people say. It’s “trashy” when you see clothes that are strung on fences, trees, and whatever. My clothesline is the absolute best. It’s really long, over 20 ft., has just the right spacing between rows.  Why not use solar power to create great-smelling clothes, towels, and sheets? Forget the chemical smell of dryer sheets to make fabric smell “fresh.” Besides, we live in the desert.  In the hot summer months, we would hang up one load and those would already be dry when we hung up the next load !

I grew up hanging clothes outdoors. All our older generations did the same. How did it become “low-brow”, “no-class”, and an “embarrassment?”

I had some long periods of not having the luxury of outdoor fabric hanging. Some periods were years long. I dried my things in a dryer, like everyone else. I know not everyone can or even would, hang in the sun. I’m glad I had the opportunity to raise my kids using the clothesline, from their babyhood ( nothing beats the sun for those cotton diapers)  all the way up to their teen-age jeans. As soon as they could reach the clothesline, they helped out too. I have a dryer that I bought second-hand, from friends, in 1975.  It gets used when wanted or needed.  Amazingly enough, my dryer still works just fine…

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Cleaning Up the Desert

Every morning when I go for my early hike with my canine buddy, I take a bag to pick up the never-ending blowing trash. I truly value this wonderful vista that I get from my front yard, the fantastic geography all around and wide open spaces and buttes right across the road. It spoils it to see even the smallest scrap of paper, a blowing plastic bag, or worse, some broken glass. I have become a “conservancy group” of one member when it comes to keeping my three- square- mile area clean. I have cleaned this area many,many,many times but the winds keep the trash coming and I keep picking it up. I also pick up pieces of tires and broken parts that have fallen off of the ATV’s and dirt bikes that occasionally whip through here.
I also find interesting things too, like whole snake skins that have been shed, many cool rocks (lots of quartz), petrified wood, and beer cans from the 60’s, It is a never ending surprise what I find out there.
If everyone became a “conservancy group” of one member, take a little time out of your busy day to pick up a scrap or two and enjoy this beautiful desert, think of how clean the whole Antelope Valley could become !

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Dream a little Dream

I, Chris Calaba, received this book from my sister titled Cooking with Hot Flashes And Other Ways to Make Middle Age Profitable by Martha Bolton. I first thought it would be another silly and humorous book about the never-ending jokes about the aging of women. My sister loves to laugh, she knows I love to laugh and we have had many years of laughing together over family, friends, people, animals, events. You name it, we’ve laughed about it.
But this book took me by surprise and is so well-written that I often pick it up and read tidbits from it. The book is funny and makes me laugh out loud, but the author is so insightful while being amusing. I HAVE TO SHARE just a bit from it :

“We cannot possibly get to this point of our lives without having fulfilled a few dreams, forgotten about some, and still be hanging onto a few others.
Perhaps in our youth we had aspirations of becoming a rock star. But now, the only rock we talk about is the one they removed from our gall bladder. Maybe we dreamed of becoming a Wall Street broker, but never made it out of our hometown, much less all the way to New York.
So what happened? How did we get off track?
The answer is simple – life.
Funny how life has a way of forcing us to reassess our dreams, adjust our sails, and chart our new courses. Perhaps that business degree we were working toward had to be postponed because we lost our job and were forced to drop out of college. Or that art scholarship had to be forfeited because we needed a job to help support our aging father. Our dreams may have been to become a police officer, an attorney, a minister, or any number of other career choices. But we had to abandon them. Perhaps we made the right decision for the wrong reasons, or maybe it was apathy that snuffed out our dreams. Or it could be that we were to afraid of the risks and played it safe.
God has designed a life plan for each one of us. It was custom-fitted to our talents and personality, and it usually involves a step of faith. But that step, the first one, is always up to us, because along with his plan, he has also given us the freedom of choice. We can decide to pursue our dreams and be satisfied in the attempt, or we can simply exist, accepting life as it comes and never quite live up to our potential. We can pursue the best, or we can settle for less. It’s our decision.
If you’ve done the latter, if you’ve settled, the good news is, it’s not too late. There are plenty of middle-aged and senior adults who did some of their greatest work and made their biggest impact on society during the second half of their lives- Mother Teresa, Grandma Moses, Colonel Sanders, Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill,Franklin D. Roosevelt, just to name a few. As Yogi Berra said,”it ain’t over ’til it’s over.”
There is nothing sadder than an unfulfilled life. Someone who is well past the halfway point of life, convinced that they missed out on their true calling. Dreams don’t come with expiration dates. Take advantage of the years that lie ahead of you and do what you were created to do, whatever that to be. Whether it’s in education, politics, science, medicine, arts, or any other field, the world needs what you still have to offer.”

This book is totally geared toward women and I think all WOMEN SHOULD READ IT ! You will thoroughly enjoy it’s wit, humor and insight. Martha Bolton is a full-time comedy writer and the author of more than fifty books. I can hardly wait to get my hands on another book of hers, then another and another.

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