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Florists For Change 888.948.6006 As the summer season of 2011 began, a group of about 30 florists began discussing issues centered about how imbalances in sending and receiving wire orders are impacting their customers and their businesses. Most expressed frustration with the current system, namely:
– the typical 80/20 split,
– the 7% wire service fee,
– declining wire-out orders relative to wire-in orders,
– the lack profitability of wire-ins,
– the loss of market share to non-traditional “florists”, many of whom aren’t florists ,
– the recognition that the current system is not only unfair, but unsustainable for the brick and mortar (“B&M”) florists

In the initial email flurry, there was widespread consensus on a common goal, the need to address the existing commission structure in the floral industry. Questions were asked:


– Do florists today need wire services at all?
– Can a solution be crafted that improves value for the consumer and the florist and heightens the relevance of the florist to the consumer should florists abandon wire services?
– What exactly are the common interests shared by florists and wire services?
– Where do they diverge, and why?
– Can florists and wire services restructure their relationships to their mutual benefit, or is that simply impossible?

In the discussions, all felt that if we do not address these issues now, we will revisit them again next year under worse industry conditions. Some would say that if we can’t or won’t answer these questions and solve the problems they engender, our inaction will hasten the deterioration of our industry.


Following the initial discussions, a smaller group of us continued working behind the scenes to assemble a meeting of like-minded florists that for now we call Florists For Change. We are independent florists. We are NOT working with ANY wire service. Perhaps they can be part of the solution, and we are willing to discuss our concerns with them, and we will listen with open minds, but we recognize that we may have to solve these problems on our own. Time will tell, but we’re under no illusion.
WE REALLY WANT AND NEED YOUR INPUT! We believe that florists are intelligent, hard-working business people that are adaptable, and used to change. If that weren’t true, you’d probably have been out of business long ago! So, join us in Las Vegas on August 17. Let your voice be heard. Be impactful! Let’s induce positive change! Thanks for your consideration. Please contact any of us for info:
Dirk Lorenz, Fremont Flowers, Fremont, CA: — 510-378-8195
Betsy Hall, Hall’s Flower Shop and Garden Center, Stone Mountain, GA: — 404-292-8446
Keith Hill, Beaverton Florists, Inc, Beaverton, OR: — 503-849-2626
Mike Fiannaca, Sparks Florist, Inc, Sparks and Reno, NV: — 775-690-7120

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