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One of the things that separates those that age well from those that become bitter and disheartened as they age seems to be the ability to get away from it all on occasion.

Taking a vacation or even a staycation from technology and our routines often provides just the refreshment and perspective that we need to bounce back with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

I’ve been thinking about travel the past few weeks as I determine how to use my timeshare this year. I’ve gone to Paris and Ireland, Greece, Mexico and various areas in the U.S. in the past. I’ve saved up my miles for a trip to New Zealand where I plan to hike the Milford track, which several of my experienced traveler friends have described as the most beautiful place in the world. An excursion through Italy, Canada or parts of South America all sound particularly intriguing to me.

In truth, it doesn’t matter where I go. The fact is I will be getting away from the daily routine and all the technology that entails. Travel keeps us curious. It helps our minds remain active and engaged. We meet new people. We evolve our perspectives of ourselves and those around us. In short, we keep growing and developing no matter how old we are.

I have friends that are avid hikers. They get back to the serenity of nature. There’s no way this is not good for the soul or your health…unless, of course, you fall down a crevasse like James Franco in the recent movie, 127 Hours (OK, probably not a good reference for an article promoting the wonder and beauty of travel!). So hike in groups and only go spelunking if you know what you’re doing. And bring a cell phone. You never know, sometimes they work. I was able to make a call on mine from the top of the Angel’s Landing monolith in Zion National Park in Utah when my girlfriends and I did a day hike there several years ago.

Travel affords us quality time to spend with loved ones, either those we live with but never get to really relax with, or those we rarely see. It’s a great socializer in this respect, and social contact is THE #1 way to stay happy and healthy as we age, according to various government research.

Lastly, travel gives us the opportunity to do unique things or take on new challenges. You can scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, finally lean to spelunk properly (but be careful!), or spend a week at a yoga camp. I finally accomplished my dream of swimming with the dolphins three years ago in Quintanaroo, Mexico, a true highlight in my life. I could not take that stupid grin off my face the entire time (exhibit A above).

Taking on new challenges and living new experiences is what makes life worth living. Now it’s your turn to tell us all about your favorite trips and excursions. And hurry, I’m still looking for recommendations on how to spend my timeshare week this year!

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AVslimbiz Gratitude for Good Health

I woke up today and felt gratitude for good health and the beautiful weather.I looked outside at the beautiful sunshine and felt very energetic and happy for a new day. Lately I have become more and more appreciative of the good things in my life. I’ve learned that gratitude is a habit worth cultivating because it contributes to health and happiness. Some people spend a lot of time complaining about the weather, the traffic, their aches and pains,you name it, instead of focusing on the good in their lives. About a year ago I had back surgery. The surgery took longer and was more difficult than the doctors had anticipated. As a result I ended up in significant pain and bedridden for over a week. I was glad to be able to walk with a walker but disappointed that it took two months to walk on my own. Before surgery I was walking 3 miles a day. It has taken a long time to build back up to a mile but at least I am now normal and active again. My doctor said I recovered really fast but I had even faster expectations. The whole process has made me very grateful for my health and being normal again. I have been able to resume the AVslimbiz business with my husband. We are both taking the OPC supplement which is loaded with antioxidents and I feel it has contributed to my health and sense of well being. I am grateful for what I have learned by going through the surgery which was patience,compassion for others and appreciation for my health. May your day be healthful and enjoy the good weather. Leona Byrne

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Mona Vie Angels Health and Wealth

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10 Quick Tips for Adding Years to Your Life

  1. Eat less. Fewer calories can increase life expectancy.
  2. Eat more fruit and veggies. They’re loaded with protective antioxidants.
  3. Eat fresh, not processed foods. Fresh foods are higher in nutrients, while packaged foods tend to
    contain a lot of additives.
  4. Exercise regularly. Physical activity enhances metabolic activities.
  5. Practice optimism. Having a positive outlook on life is associated with longevity.
  6. Read books. Stimulating the mind helps keep it sharp.
  7. Learn new things. Like reading, learning to do different things creates new neural connections in the
  8. Enjoy creativity. Being creative or appreciating the creativity of others, such as their art and music,
    enhances brain function.
  9. Get married. Men who are married tend to live longer than those who are single.
  10. Watch your weight. Excess weight increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer—diseases that
    shorten life.

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