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Rev It Up! With Intention

I often ask someone their intention.  In NLP and hypnosis, INTENTION is an important concept.  Before a class, a session, a discussion, it is often helpful to set your intention.  This week, I set the intention for my new office. I’m happy to say that the other’s who rented from me have all agreed and we have set our intention! Here’s what we agreed to:

It is our intention to build a practice and place of wellness and healing.  While the law clearly states that we as mental health practitioners can not “promise to heal or cure, we can all agree that this is our life purpose.  We believe that miracles can happen here.  We choose to help others design their lives to be the magnificent human beings that God created.  We strive for perfection, and understand and love life’s imperfections.  We choose to avoid diagnosing (unless required by the legal bounds of our position to do so) or labeling and instead lead our clients to their highest potential.   We choose to support each other in creating a harmonious space to work and be.


Have you thought about your life’s purpose and intention?  Need help in knowing your purpose and intention?  Give me a call 661.209.2632

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The Oxymoron of Holiday Stress

I caught some great examples this long weekend.


Seems some folks went BBQ hopping to the extent of exaustion.  Others went somewhere else to party, like a lake or camping, and spent the whole weekend “having good old American weekend” of drinking, playing hard, over eating etc.  But they forgot one thing.  Relaxation.  So off they go to work this week, more tired than when they began.  They feel just plain “yucky”.

So how about we plan some real relaxation soon.  Like a  Saturday spa day?

Sunday afternoon nap.  Read a book.  Go to a movie.  Chill!


Need some advice on stress relief, relaxation, better sleep, or better health? Call

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