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Friends at ilivetodayav

Friends at ilivetodayav.


To think this all  started for me back on May 1st 2010 with about 10 people and Jim Greenleaf talkin about cloud computing at Butlers Coffee.   There are close to 500 members and over 100 local businesses that belong to ilivetoday. there is a weekly U stream show, lots of videos and pictures showing and telling about Antelope Valley.

We watched as The Blvd. progressed day by day. We had coffee with Ron Smith and listened to his passion for Lancaster. We saw one of the biggest days on The Blvd. on Halloween.

We lined the Blvd for the Christmas parade. What a great time with the Magical Christmas on the Blvd. If you missed any of these things in person they were all here on

I made some new friendships and rekindle some old ones. It is so nice to see the community we are all apart of here on ilivetoday. Chris C. at Graphic Experience we go back a few years. It was nice getting back in contact this past year. And I love when you leave me comments on my videos and pictures.

getting to know Chris Spicher from A.V. Florist, this guy is always  upbeat and I never hear anything negative from him he always greets you with a sincere hello and how are you doing? Stokley from Kings Photo another all round nice guy. Benjamin Andrews, if you dont know this guy, he is one of the hardest working young guys I know..And be watching in the future he will be winning awards for directing or something to do with films. Last but not least Jim Greenleaf aka. Santa or is it Santa aka. Jim Greenleaf. This guy is always willing to share whether its computer stuff, acting stuff, business talk or just hey hows it going. these are just a few of the fantastic people that i have had the honor to call my friends and be apart of here at  ilivetoday.

Thank you to all of them. May

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ACADEMY OF STYLE 661-951-7727

(661) 951-7727 or E-mail Tonia:

Yes, it’s THAT easy!

New classes began in twice per year, in Lancaster. Classes are on-going, and can be joined at any time, provided there is space available. We are currently accepting new students for modeling, tv commercials, music videos/ singing, show hosting, and sword fighting in action films. No experience is neccessary, and training is available to perfect audition techniques.

Our affiliates in the industry are recording producers, musicians, fight choreographers, photographers, and television producers. We are currently producing two projects in the Antelope Valley area, for television and film. We frequently help with casting on projects in Hollywood with our affiliate agencies through S.A.G. (screen actors guild), and local non-union productions. If producing, directing, writing, or casting is on your list of jobs in the future, you cannot miss our valuable training programs. Those with experience may join our database of available talent in the AV by registering for FREE with Thompson Talent Mangement. Also accepting stunt day players, hair/ makeup artists, stylists, and directors. Meet us at the Met! (Metropolitan business center is located in Lancaster, on Avenue L, between Sierra Hwy and 10th Street west.) See link for directions and photos:

Academy of Style walks-ins are welcome Saturdays at noon, appointments are weekdays after 6.

Bring a snapshot or school photo and get a FREE evaluation of your potential, on the spot!

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