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Gallery 839 at The Animation Guild

On Friday night, my husband and I went to an art show at this wonderful gallery in Burbank. It featured work by 4 artists: Michael Cedeno, John Cataldi, Danielle Powers, and Russell Calabrese.

I am proud to say, I bought a Cedeno to add to my always growing art collection. I love this man’s work. He is truly one of my favorites. The woman below is gorgeous, don’t you think? I love her pose and gracefulness. I love the pencil

or rather, charcoal strokes. Michael has a real command of his abilities. Being that he has been a supervising directing animator and had worked at Disney for 27 years, this piece makes me think of Tinkerbell, in the nude! Something about her face makes me think that. Of course, most guys probably aren’t looking at her face. HA!  I look at all parts of this beautiful woman and it actually makes me feel younger. I love the shape, curves, and even the stretching makes me FEEL.

If money were no object, I would have walked out owning a whole wall of his works. Another I loved was this : the Colorado St. Bridge. I spent a large part of my youth riding over this bridge, with my father. We would be going to the one and only Standard Brands in those days. I loved going there with him. 

In my childhood, we would always go to Pasadena from Eagle Rock to shop at various places. This evokes memories of that.

I do, however, own a painting of this same fantastic bridge done by Ken Kaylor. He’s another of those extremely talented artists that I know. In fact, Ken and Mike are the best of buddies and go painting together when they can.

It was a fun time with fun people. If you have the chance, you should go. The show runs  through Sept.30th.

We are happy this is ours!

                                                          Ken Kaylor, Michael Cedeno, Dennis Calaba.

We had the best time with everyone!

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