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City of Lancaster Furthers Partnership with International Company, US Topco Energy, Inc.





Press Conference

 WHAT:           City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris and representatives of U.S. TopCo will sign a Memorandum of Understanding and a Master Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), to further develop this public/private partnership, allowing for the development and construction of a number of solar energy facilities.


WHERE:        Michael D. Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse

42011 4th St. West
Lancaster, CA 93534

WHEN:         Wednesday, July 20, 2011


WHO:             L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich

City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris
City of Lancaster Council Members
City of Lancaster Deputy Mayor, Kit Yee Szeto

Mr. Joshua Chang, Chairman, US Topco Energy, Inc.                                                
Mr. Chung-Chen Kung, Director General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles                                                                                                         

Mr. Charles Lee, President, Topco Scientific Co., LTD.                                                                        
Mr. Simon Chang, Chairman, PowerCom Co., LTD.                                                                             
Mr. Jackson Torng, Chairman & CEO, Ligitek Photovoltaic Co., LTD.             
Lancaster Deputy City Manager Jason Caudle   


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Destination Lancaster July

Enjoy Destination Lancaster and the Events of the Antelope valley!

DLNewsJuly.pdf Download this file

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Business Advisory Council Meeting Tomorrow

The Antelope Valley business community is invited to join the South Valley WorkSource Center (SVWSC) for their next Business Advisory Council (BAC) Meeting, scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, July 6 from 8:30 to 10 am at the Center, located at 38510 Sierra Highway in Palmdale. 

The BAC provides information regarding services that may enhance local businesses while networking with other groups throughout the community. The July 6 meeting will focus on the City of Palmdale’s Economic Development Department services and resources.

Organizations are encouraged to RSVP at 661/265-7421.

BAC meetings are held the first Wednesday of the every month, with the exception of blackout dates.

The South Valley WorkSource Center (SVWSC) brings job seekers and employers together in one place and offers no cost, vital workforce development programs and services to the community. Job seekers receive career counseling, assistance securing interviews and employment opportunities, and access to workshops, skills training, computers and tools. Businesses receive specialized screening and recruitment services. The center functions to reduce unemployment and positively impact the community through the power of work.

The no-cost services offered at the SVWSC are provided through the Federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and the City of Palmdale. The WIA provides the framework for a national workforce preparation and employment system. Programs authorized by WIA are provided at the local level to individuals in need of those services, including job seekers, dislocated workers, youth, incumbent workers, veterans, new entrants to the workforce, persons with disabilities and employers.

The City of Palmdale has contracted with Goodwill Southern California (GSC) as the operating agency for the South Valley WorkSource Center. Last year, GSC served 92,353 individuals with disabilities and vocational disadvantages, including 5,581 businesses, and placed 7,490 in new jobs through programs and services offered at three campuses and 24 job service centers throughout Los Angeles (north of Rosecrans Ave.,) Riverside and San Bernardino counties. GSC supports its mission of “Transforming lives through the Power of Work” through operations at 65 retail stores and 44 attended donation centers.

To find a Goodwill location near you, please call 1 (888) 4-GOODWILL or visit

For more information, call 661/265-7421 or visit our Web site at

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Aven’s 4th of July Thomasville Sale!…Wow it’s hot out…

Beds and Dining tables are just the beginning pieces to some really great roomsand the most expensive pieces!

Now save extra money on the pricey parts and get special pricing on everything else from Thomasville!


Clearance Items in every department.

Some at a fraction of their original Sale price.

Come see what has made Aven’s leader in style and value for the past 74 years. All Clearance items are limited to stock on hand! Special July 4th Hours!

We will be closing at 4 on the 4th!

Hope to see you this weekend!

Thanks for your business and support for the past 74 years!

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Tickling the Keys

We have a fantastic piano right outside our store that is attracting a fan club. As we go about our busy day, all of a sudden, WE HEAR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC ! People, young and old, of all levels of talent, stop to play. We hear jazz, rock and roll, simple pecking, and everything in-between.

This guy was pretty great and really enjoyed himself. I did too ! The City of Lancaster had a great idea! Many others have joined the ranks of piano players on this great piano!

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Meet at Lancaster City Park – Park & Ride on the South/West corner of 10th Street West & K-8 @ 7:00pm.
Start pedaling promptly At 7:30pm.
Average ride speed is 12 mph for a 20 to 25 mile street lit route that takes a little over 2 hours. The ride is designed to be social and efficient. Fixed, Mountain and Road Bikes make up the majority – with an occasional Cruiser and Comfort Bike making the journey.
Tour Lancaster with us!
Helmets, headlights, and tail lights are strongly recommended.


The Lancaster Ride is designed for a group of cyclists to ride socially and safely around Lancaster. It is not a race although we have been known to stop and throw events in the middle of the ride. It is designed as a no drop ride meaning that if you have a problem the entire group stops and waits. We advise all riders to show up with their bikes in good working order (meaning tuned up) so as to know disrupt the progress of the group. We also ask every rider to carry a spare tube, inflation device and tools in order to handle problems as the arise. The most common problem is flat tires. Even if you cannot change a flat tire yourself there will be someone in the group to assist you quickly and efficiently. It is not the groups responsibility to provide you with a spare tube so be prepared. If you elect not to bring a tube – bring a cell phone for your ride home.
We ask that everyone who shows up for the ride to be experienced in the ability to ride 20 miles. The group is slow and social but it is not designed to be your Everest. If the furthest you have ridden a bike is 5 miles than this is probably not the ride you are looking for. The wind can make sections seem miserable for a few minutes then we turn and the ride becomes effortless – that is the AV… We do the best we can with what we’ve got. All in all CYCOLOGY – The Lancaster Ride is the most fun cycling event in the valley. Come join us it promises to be a good time!!!

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Lancaster Acupuncture And Chinese Herbal Medicine

44808 Elm Ave. Lancaster, Ca. 93534


Acupuncture And Chinese Herbal Medicine


What can Chinese Herbal Medicine help?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a vast but mostly unused treasure house for health care in the United States. Chinese Herbal Medicine is used as the main form of treatment to treat many serious diseases in

China and other countries. Unfortunately very few people have the training to take advantage of this incredible health care. Michael has recieved extensive training in and specializes in Chinese Herbal Medicine. His main specialties include:

OB/GYN (Female Issues), and Pediatric

(Infant/Children’s issues).

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Specialties Include:

Female Bleeding & Pain

Female Fibroids/Cysts

Menopausal Syndrome


Morning Sickness

Infant Colic/Diarrhea/Cough

Heart Pain/ High Blood Press.

Colitis/ Irratable Bowel

Digestive Bloating/Pain etc…

Allergies & Sinus Problems

Urinary Problems

Anxiety & Panic Attacks


Treatments usually begin with a hot pack on the injured area to relax the muscles. After the hotpack, disposable, high quality needles about the size of a hair are inserted at very specific points with a virtually painless technique. They are left in place for about 20 to 30 minutes. Many patients fall asleep during this time because they are so relaxed. Some people feel energetic after a treatment but most people feel very calm and pleasantly tranquil.After the needles are removed the patient usually recieves a 5 to 10 minute complimentary massage with one of many special herbal linaments on the injured area. The whole treatment usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the problem.

Most patients feel much better after their first or second treatment. Length of treatment usually depends on the length of illness. Acute problems require less treatment than chronic problems.

ACUPUNCTURE ? What can it Help ?

Acupuncture, being over 2500 years old was originally used in China to treat all disease. However there are some conditions it treats more effectively than others. Pain is the most common condition, but there are many other conditions it treats with great results.

Orthopedic injuries, migraines and arthritis are specialties that our clinic has excellant results with.

Acupuncture Specialties Include


Neck/Back Spinal Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Muscle/Ligament Sprain/Strains

Post Surgical Pain & Recovery




What does it feel like ?

The majority of patients do not feel anything except a light tap. Many times the patient does not know they have needles in them until the insertion of all the needles is completed. Some patients do feel a sensation like a mosquito bite, but it is not painful as most people imagine.

Michael McNeal L.Ac. QME

Licensed Acupuncturist Qualified Medical Evaluator Professor of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Lancaster Palmdale ‘Area


Michael McNeal L.Ac. QME

Licensed Acupuncturist

Qualified Medical Evaluator

Certified in:

Acupuncture Orthopedics

Qualified Medical Evaluator

Ca Workers Compensation System

Professor of Chinese Herbal


Kyung San University Garden Grove, Ca

Specializes in:

Acupuncture Orthopedics

Chinese Herbal Medicine

OB/GYN (Female Issues)

Pediatric (Infant/Childrens Issues)

Qther services available at our clinic:

Allergy Elimination: (NAET)

Nutrition/ Organ Analysis (ART)

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)


By: Eileen Alexander R.N.




44808 Elm Ave. Lancaster, Ca. 93534

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It’s time to talk The BLVD.

It’s time to talk The BLVD.

I spend a lot of time on the BLVD these days. I co-host a weekend Ustream poscast on socialnomics 101  at the BLVD today Cafe, my wife and I own a (soon to be open) Vintage Clothing store on the BLVD, our extended family owns Caramel Pasties, and we just enjoy spending time on the BLVD. The two biggest complaints I hear day in and day out are that the traffic is terrible and parking is a nightmare. Well think about this from both sides of the coin; more people are visiting the BLVD, but the City still has some work to do.
Rather than just bitlog (bitch + Blog )about I have a 10 suggestions that may help ease some of the frustrations.

1. Post signs on all streets entering and exiting the BLVD that it is closed to through traffic.
– a. This way when people see the signs they will be compelled to react like they are in a parking lot and not a city street.

2. Add signs on and around the BLVD that point out all public parking lots.
– a. Every “downtown” epicenter has public parking signs all over the place so drivers know where to park.
– b. Including signs on side streets that designate “PUBLIC PARKING”
– c. Make them Big Large and In Charge not black on white public notice signs

3. Get all BLVD business owners to remove any “PRIVATE/CUSTOMER” parking signage.
– a. Some businesses in and around LPAC are very territorial about parking and it puts customers off.

4. Lock in a parking structure agreement and make it publicly known.
– a. Everyone may be more willing to deal with parking issues today knowing a better solution is just around the corner. (I have heard rumor that a structure is in the plans, but when?)
– b. Tell us in months not the year. People stopped counting in 2000 so if you say 2012 or 2013 that sounds like forever, just say “14-16 months”.

5. Market the BLVD as a single destination like a mall or open air promenade.
– a. Once the public understands that the downtown district is a park-and-walk destination the parking issues will be a non issue.
– b. Visually overlay the AV Mall on the BLVD and it’s easy to see that the overall walk is about the same from vehicle to store. (Especially during busy times)

6. Close the BLVD to vehicle traffic on the weekends.
– a. When it’s busiest for pedestrian and vehicle traffic it would prevent any incidents by only allowing pedestrian traffic.
– b. Then kiosk vendors, musical entertainment and the community can fill the streets  between businesses.
– c. Car show vehicles could also be the only traffic, especially on a Friday night.
– – a. Light up the BLVD, open up the stores, and let the classics cruise the BLVD.
– d. Add equestrian and green powered taxi’s for people who want to go from one end to the other.
– – a. Horse drawn carriages (open for Budweiser and closed for Wells Fargo)
– – b. All electric shuttle vehicle that goes up and down the BLVD stopping at a few places along each side.
– – c. Officer patrols on Electric scooters and horses during busy times.

7. Assign multiple foot patrol officers to the BLVD.
– a. The AV Mall does exceptionally well at controlling the flow of minors by always being alert to gathering crowds and mischief.
– b. Even if they are off duty officers having someone stop in a business to say “hi” especially during the later evening hours is VERY comforting for both the public and businesses.
– c. A foot patrol officer can flag down a speeding  motorist and at least issue a verbal warning.
– d. Increased presence by police decreases the presence of criminals and graffiti.

8. Increase the number of LED speed limit displays and/or add signage and video cameras that designate that all traffic is monitored by closed circuit T.V.
– a. Radar signs are expensive, but video camera signs are not. It’s been shown that the mere presence of a sign is enough to control traffic.(Speed Checked by Radar..)
– b. Cardboard cut outs or mannequins of people entering the street or police officers are known to effectively control traffic.

9. NO SPEED BUMPS. Under no circumstances should speed bumps be considered for controlling traffic on the BLVD.
– a. They are destructive to vehicles, make it harder to drive slower and will prevent most custom car/ classic cars from ever driving down the BLVD.

10. Add flashing yellow lights to every intersection so that all directions know to proceed with caution.
– a. Foot Patrol officers should be trained and authorized to asses possible road blocks and control traffic to clear them up. More than a few times I have seen the cross traffic freak out over the street and back up traffic all together. A traffic officer with a whistle and white gloves could have solved this kind of matter in 1/2 the time it took 5 people (all making independent decisions) to.

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ilivetodayav LIVE! From Butler’s Coffee

Recorded on 11/2/10
Every Tuesday ilivetodayav broadcasts live over Ustream from Butler’s Coffee in Palmdale. The Show runs from 8am to 10:30 am and features community business owners and leading community members. If you have an event, service or cause you’d like to share about come to Butler’s for an interview. The show also highlights events and people around the valley with original video content and commercials from local sponsors.

Check out the video here —>

Today’s Special Guests:
David Byrne
Chris Spicher
Chris Calaba
Mike Hernandez

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Home Winterization Tips for the High Desert! From Goodwill Plumbing

No doubt about it, as much as I love fall it is one of our shortest seasons here in Central Oregon. I can’t remember more than one Halloween where my daughter’s costume wasn’t buried under a parka. (At least the fairy wings fit outside one year!) So, before it get’s too cold to care, here are a few things to do to winterize your home in the High Desert.

If you have gutters, clean out any debris and clear the downspouts.Where necessary seal corner joints to prevent unnecessary damage to the fascia board and trim. In this climate clogged gutters can lead to ice buildup and eventually ice damns if we get enough snow. Not only is this bad for the roof it’s not so hot for the inside of your home when the ice starts to thaw!
Blow out your in-ground sprinkler lines and insulate the valve box. This is a cheap fix with most landscaping companies charging $35-40 to do this for you.
Remove hoses attached from outdoor spigots. The Frost Free Feature does not work if there is a hose attached! Insulate spigots that are not frost free!
Clean and seal deck surfaces. Pressure wash or clean the surface with a good deck cleaner andseal with a reliable product. (Ask your local hardware guy what he recommends.) A little effort here goes a long way in preventing costly refurbishing later!
Caulk exposed joint corners and openings at exterior beams and windows; when re-touching these areas with paint don’t forget to touch up any other areas that may have missing paint or exposed wood. Cracks at joints and seams as well as exposed wood eventually can allow moisture to accumulate under the surface leading to an eventual breakdown of the product through dry rot or mold. Also, if moisture does get trapped in these openings and freezes it can cause expansion which is usually not good.

Have a licensed professional service your heating system to be sure it is running optimally, and don’t forget to change the filter. With energy costs on the rise this is one place where an ounce of prevention is well worth it!
Close foundation vents when it gets cold. Keep the wind and damp out from under your home and decrease energy costs by closing the ventilation to your foundation.
If you have perennials, now is a good time to add an extra dose of winter fertilizer and mulch. This should protect the roots from freezing and give them an added boost of nutrients for the winter.
This is the “short list” and I’m sure there is more that I’ve left out! Please feel free to add your comments and to-do lists here and I’ll update the list!Need help locating a contractor? Call your local Realtor, they’re happy to help and generally have a list of icensed professionals in their community!

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