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MY DOG HAS EAR MITES ! Maybe not ?

From the Desk of Dr. Erin.Sanders Smith Veterinary Hospital

Ear infectionsin dogs and cats can be caused by numerous agents: Bacteria, yeast, ear mites, foreign bodies (foxtails), and/or allergies. Many people tend to see an ear infection and treat for ear mites. Here is some information on ear mites and treatments.

Ear mite infections are more common in cats than in dogs. Dogs can develop ear mites, but more likely they have an ear infection due to bacteria or yeast.

Ear mites are microscopic arthropods resembling ticks. Diagnosis is made by microscopic examination of the discharge from the ear. Infections usually produced a dry black ear discharge commonly said to resemble coffee grounds. The discharge is composed of ear wax, blood, and the ear mites themselves.

The life cycle of a mite lasts 3 weeks from hatching from an egg to reproductive age.

Ear mites are passed from one animal to another through direct contact. If one cat in the household is diagnosed with mites, all cats need to be treated to prevent re-infestation. Outdoor cats are the most susceptible to infestation, followed by cats in multiple cat households. Ear mites are highly contagious from pet to pet, but not to humans.

Signs of ear mites in cats are dark, gritty debris in the ear, itchy ears, wounds from scratching at the ears, constant scratching at the ears. However, these are some of the same signs seen in dogs with bacterial, allergy, or yeast ear infections.

If you think your cat (or dog) has ear mites, please bring them in to be examined by a veterinarian. Misdiagnosis at home can lead to ear infections which are harder to treat and often over the counter medications for mite treatments are being used for infections caused by bacteria or yeast.

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Attention Pet Owners ! Summer Hazards

Take a look at these summer hazards for your pets. Being aware is being prepared.

Give Karen and Cassie a call today 661.948.5065 and let us help your pet be prepared for the summer.

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Local Veterinary Office seeking the clients who love their pets.

Our goal as your other family doctors is to ensure the happiest, healthiest, and longest life for your pet.

On Sunday evening around 9:30 pm I received a email from a client of another local clinic, a great clinic in fact, I would take my pet there if Smith Veterinary Hospital was unavailable. In this email the client explains that she had her dog in for vaccination over the last three years and and see a doctor only briefly while giving the quick vaccination – the doctor did ask if her pet had been in good health since his last visit in 2005. The client stated yes and they went on their way . Next the client states in this email that today her dog was really feeling down. She states that she is not wanting to move or eat or drink. She states to me in the email that the dog is current on vaccination and has never been sick.

She tells me that her pet is 6 years old and maybe a little overweight. But has always been healthy. She was looking information up on the internet and came across an article about Wellness examinations. She was surprised to learn about the fact that pets like people should be seen at least once a year to prevent illness and allow the Veterinarian a chance to examine them and to be proactive against the unknown.

So on Sunday night I respond to her email-

Dear Client

Thank you for your email I am sorry that your baby is not feeling well.  I highly recommend that you get her in to your veterinarian and have them check her. If you do not think she will be ok until morning please take her to the local av er for animals on ave M.

I know this must be scary for you and her.  I hope everything works out.

Please let me know.

Smith Veterinary Hospital


Monday morning I received a call – The client indeed had taken her beloved pet into her doctor and they found that she had a mass the size of a baseball causing her heart not to function well. She was crying and said – the doctor said”I sure wish we had caught this earlier.”  She stated to me that her beloved pet had to be Euthanize. I expressed my condolences and she said to me I wish I had been a better pet owner. I did not know that she should have been seen yearly.

We ended the call with a high note – She stated she would be getting  new pet someday and they would see the veterinarian yearly.

This broke my heart.  We as a hospital spend every moment we can trying to educate how important wellness examination are.  

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Foxtail !! Not your dogs best friend.

With the summer fast approaching pet owners are battling the dreaded foxtails.

 This pest of a weed that grows all over the Antelope Valley finds its home in your pets ears, feet, underarms, vaginal opening, and a few other odd spots. Pets that are caught shaking their heads or chewing at their feet may very well be dealing with the dreaded Foxtail.

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