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It’s time to talk The BLVD.

It’s time to talk The BLVD.

I spend a lot of time on the BLVD these days. I co-host a weekend Ustream poscast on socialnomics 101  at the BLVD today Cafe, my wife and I own a (soon to be open) Vintage Clothing store on the BLVD, our extended family owns Caramel Pasties, and we just enjoy spending time on the BLVD. The two biggest complaints I hear day in and day out are that the traffic is terrible and parking is a nightmare. Well think about this from both sides of the coin; more people are visiting the BLVD, but the City still has some work to do.
Rather than just bitlog (bitch + Blog )about I have a 10 suggestions that may help ease some of the frustrations.

1. Post signs on all streets entering and exiting the BLVD that it is closed to through traffic.
– a. This way when people see the signs they will be compelled to react like they are in a parking lot and not a city street.

2. Add signs on and around the BLVD that point out all public parking lots.
– a. Every “downtown” epicenter has public parking signs all over the place so drivers know where to park.
– b. Including signs on side streets that designate “PUBLIC PARKING”
– c. Make them Big Large and In Charge not black on white public notice signs

3. Get all BLVD business owners to remove any “PRIVATE/CUSTOMER” parking signage.
– a. Some businesses in and around LPAC are very territorial about parking and it puts customers off.

4. Lock in a parking structure agreement and make it publicly known.
– a. Everyone may be more willing to deal with parking issues today knowing a better solution is just around the corner. (I have heard rumor that a structure is in the plans, but when?)
– b. Tell us in months not the year. People stopped counting in 2000 so if you say 2012 or 2013 that sounds like forever, just say “14-16 months”.

5. Market the BLVD as a single destination like a mall or open air promenade.
– a. Once the public understands that the downtown district is a park-and-walk destination the parking issues will be a non issue.
– b. Visually overlay the AV Mall on the BLVD and it’s easy to see that the overall walk is about the same from vehicle to store. (Especially during busy times)

6. Close the BLVD to vehicle traffic on the weekends.
– a. When it’s busiest for pedestrian and vehicle traffic it would prevent any incidents by only allowing pedestrian traffic.
– b. Then kiosk vendors, musical entertainment and the community can fill the streets  between businesses.
– c. Car show vehicles could also be the only traffic, especially on a Friday night.
– – a. Light up the BLVD, open up the stores, and let the classics cruise the BLVD.
– d. Add equestrian and green powered taxi’s for people who want to go from one end to the other.
– – a. Horse drawn carriages (open for Budweiser and closed for Wells Fargo)
– – b. All electric shuttle vehicle that goes up and down the BLVD stopping at a few places along each side.
– – c. Officer patrols on Electric scooters and horses during busy times.

7. Assign multiple foot patrol officers to the BLVD.
– a. The AV Mall does exceptionally well at controlling the flow of minors by always being alert to gathering crowds and mischief.
– b. Even if they are off duty officers having someone stop in a business to say “hi” especially during the later evening hours is VERY comforting for both the public and businesses.
– c. A foot patrol officer can flag down a speeding  motorist and at least issue a verbal warning.
– d. Increased presence by police decreases the presence of criminals and graffiti.

8. Increase the number of LED speed limit displays and/or add signage and video cameras that designate that all traffic is monitored by closed circuit T.V.
– a. Radar signs are expensive, but video camera signs are not. It’s been shown that the mere presence of a sign is enough to control traffic.(Speed Checked by Radar..)
– b. Cardboard cut outs or mannequins of people entering the street or police officers are known to effectively control traffic.

9. NO SPEED BUMPS. Under no circumstances should speed bumps be considered for controlling traffic on the BLVD.
– a. They are destructive to vehicles, make it harder to drive slower and will prevent most custom car/ classic cars from ever driving down the BLVD.

10. Add flashing yellow lights to every intersection so that all directions know to proceed with caution.
– a. Foot Patrol officers should be trained and authorized to asses possible road blocks and control traffic to clear them up. More than a few times I have seen the cross traffic freak out over the street and back up traffic all together. A traffic officer with a whistle and white gloves could have solved this kind of matter in 1/2 the time it took 5 people (all making independent decisions) to.

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